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Picture of Stacy as a child.

Stacy R. Wood, Jr., was born in Modesto, California, on January 10, 1946, to Stacy and Evelyn Wood. His church beginnings was within the womb of his godly mother and after birth he was raised in church on a “Pentecostal pallet.” The church minutes record his having whistled in a church business meeting at the age of six months and he has whistled for the Lord ever since. He does not remember a time in his life that the love and presence of God did not permeate his being.

At 13 years of age he heard the call of God to preach “The Good News of God’s Kingdom.” However, the Gospel he heard from week to week was not all Good News. Doom and gloom was the threat for all who listened. The promise of eternal torment in the hot fires of an endless hell for the disobedient. Then, at twenty one years of age he understood his commission was contained in the words of the apostle Paul. “Faithful is the Word, and worthy of all acceptance. For to this we both labor and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Savior of all humanity, especially of those who believe. Command and teach these things.” (1 Timothy 4:9-11)

In the 70’s Stacy preached among the Hippies in the Haight & Ashbury district of San Francisco, California. He also proclaimed the Good News among the Black Panthers in the Oak Park area of Sacramento, California. In the mid seventies he heard the Lord say, “Teach my Church to come to maturity.” Dick Mills ministered a word into Stacy preaching the Word.Stacy’s life during this time. Dick was known to quote Bible verses over a persons life, but this night he quit in the midst of the flow of verses and began to prophecy. Later he came to Stacy and told him that was very unusual for him to do, but he felt there was a very important call on Stacy’s life. He prophesied, “God is opening a door of utterance, for you to speak the mystery of Christ. God will open these door and not man. God opens and no man shuts and he shuts and no man opens. I see many open doors.” This prophecy was the beginning of a traveling ministry that would take Stacy and his wife throughout the United States, Canada and 21 foreign locations for the next 35 years. Stacy and Pamla travel as a prophetic teaching team to the body of Christ.

Stacy has a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education. He served as Dean of Directed Studies at Florida Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida, from 1994 through 1996.

My ancestors settled in California back in the late 1800’s so I was bred, born and raised Californian. My Great Grandma owned a 3-acre piece of property with 3 houses next to a beautiful lake on which we all lived. For most of my childhood. My family was 4 generations strong, at one point in time 5 generations, living in our own homes on this property. My four siblings and I grew up swimming in the lake and playing in the mountains. My Dad, who is half Apache Indian and half Irish, taught us how to fish and hunt. Jesus had introduced himself to my Mom when she was a young child so I can never remember a time when I did not know about God & Jesus. I remember Mom telling me how wonderful it was to sit on her grandmother’s knee and hear the stories about Jesus and how much He loved her. Mom said when she was about six, she told Jesus that she was going to place a penny on the fence post in the back yard and if the penny were gone the next morning, she would know that He was real. Well, to say the least, the penny was not on the fence post when she went back to check, and she’s had a relationship with Him every since.

As children, living at home, we attended a Southern Baptist church about 30 miles from our residence. During the summer months all the kids in the neighborhood would load up in the back of my Dad’s Chevy pickup, before seat belt laws, and we would go to Vacation Bible School. Sometimes up to 14 kids riding in the back of a truck without a cover and never an accident or even a close call.

A picture of Pamla & Stacy 2005I asked Jesus into my heart at the Baptist church when I was 14. It was many years later when I started attending a charismatic church that I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. At that time I started teaching Sunday School, working in the nursery and giving flannel graph lessons to the church. I became prayer group captain and later became a member of the church board. Although I spoke in tongues and saw the sick healed through the laying on of hands, I never experienced the power of God’s unconditional love. It was after the small charismatic church fell apart that I joined the Assembly of God Church. This church had a school where I worked as teacher’s aid to the Principal. I volunteered my time for 4 years and then went on for the next 3 years to teach Math and P.E. to 6-9 graders.

My life as a church member was mostly one of believing I was a failure and not good enough for God’s love and acceptance. It seemed that no matter how much I served in the church and no matter how hard I tried to keep from “sinning” the more I gave place to sin. I finally came to a place in my life where I prayed for death daily, for I knew that if I could just die after asking for forgiveness for my faults, I would make it to Heaven.

It was not until I met Stacy, at age 45, that God opened my understanding to sonship and His incredible love for me. I thank and praise him for this revelation and for opening my understanding to my acceptance in the Beloved. No longer a outcast and failure, I am a son of All Mighty God! For this I am truly thankful and filled with joy. Now I spend my time demonstrating to the world Father’s love. I am filled with happiness. I no longer consider myself a Californian, but now I am an heir to God’s Kingdom!

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