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FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 1, “End-Time Prophecies-Truth Revealed’ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY





“Teaching the things concerning the kingdom of God…”


The mark of the beast. Armageddon. The Four Horsemen. The false prophet. Babylon the great. Falling stars,

stinging locusts, and giant hailstones. The seven last plagues. The bottomless pit. The lake of fire. These

images of terror and catastrophe from the book of Revelation have greatly influenced the thinking of millions of

Christians through the ages. Even the secular press uses images such as “Armageddon” and “four horsemen

of the Apocalypse” to describe calamities in our world. Despite 1900 years of fascination with the book of

Revelation, John’s letter to the seven Churches of Asia continues to be misunderstood. And badly


One misconception shared by some is that the Revelation has nothing of importance to say to us. It’s

considered to be merely a bizarre piece of first-century writing with no relevance for today. Another wrong idea

is that the Revelation is a code book describing a specific outline of history written in advance. Countless

interpreters have tried to “decode” the book from a historical perspective to find all the major world events of

the past 1900 years. Others interpret it more literally as a handbook for predicting the cataclysmic events that

will bring the final wrath of God and the end of the world. The claims of Christian groups from the early church

to the present — that the Revelation pinpoints the events, personalities, and time periods of “the end” — have

all failed. This should be a caution to believers for using the book of Revelation as a predictive handbook.

Other people’s interpretation of the book of Revelation is based on the “Pan Theory” — it’s all going to pan out

in the end! Beloved brethren, the fact is, it’s not panning out the way the end-time prognosticators are


Through the years I have ministered the Word in Bible studies, seminars, and church services of various types.

When there has been a question and answer session, or when opportunity was granted for people to request

teaching along a particular line, the most often requested subject has been — THE BOOK OF REVELATION! I

have met people who were babes in Christ, carnal Christians whose lives were a mess, they had incredible

problems and needs, including deliverance, and instead of prayer or counsel or messages that would help

them overcome and grow up in Christ, they wanted me to teach them the book of Revelation! “Yeah, brother,

that’s for me, lay it on me, I want the book of Revelation!”

In retrospect, in the early days of my walk in God, my desire was no different. I was young, both naturally and

spiritually. I knew little about the word of God or the purposes of God, but a call was in my heart. Being

unlearned and immature, my very first dream was that I wanted to be a “prophecy” teacher. I imagined that I

would be able to so eloquently expound the mysteries of the book of Revelation that great crowds would flock

to hear me teach. After all, where do you start when you’re brilliant and young in the Lord! Thank God, very few

of those who read these lines had to suffer through some of the things I taught out of the book of Revelation!

The old adage was surely fulfilled, “Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread.” Today it seems to me that the

dumber a person is spiritually, the more determined they are to teach the book of Revelation! Those who know

nothing are convinced that they know everything, and the first place they head is for deep water. There are

depths in God, and heights of revelation and reality far beyond anything that the carnal mind can conceive. The

reason people who are spiritually illiterate jump into it with such gusto, and people who have some idea of the

majesty and meaning of its message are more hesitant, is because the book of Revelation is the most

dynamic, powerful, awesome, devastating book of the Bible! Those who have caught glimpses into the

transcendent glories of its deepest mysteries often shy away from it in the light of its loftiness and eminence.

What Christians are normally exposed to are the radio and television preachers, the “good ol’ boys of religion”

who think they know all about it and parrot and elaborate on all the absurdities they have been taught by their


FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 1, “End-Time Prophecies-Truth Revealed’ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


Today, many Christians are confused. They are tossed too and fro with every new book that hits the market or

every new fad end-time scheme introduced by some celebrity preacher. The popularity of the Revelation today

is due to man’s insatiable curiosity regarding the future, the interest in the unknown tomorrow, which

characterizes the restless human soul. To claim that in the pages of the Revelation we can see the signs of the

present times and thus predict the tomorrows; to pull back the veil and claim to lay bare the future is to attract

an audience, for that is the nature of man — fascination with the future! And that is the thrust of the scores of

books always appearing, almost all of them claiming to be able to unravel and accurately predict the great

world events about to unfold. Man reveres the past, but he is intoxicated by the heady wine of prophecy. The

very claim, then, of these many books — that they can reveal to us things which are soon to come — helps to

explain the popularity of those books on the Revelation.

The most popular of the apocalyptic entrepreneurs undoubtedly is Hal Lindsey, the author of the sensationalist

book The Late Great Planet Earth and other more recent titles. His combination of literalist biblical

interpretation and outright scare tactics have resulted in gaining him an extremely wide readership. But — his

predictions have continually needed readjustment in the light of deadlines which have come and gone without

fulfillment! Also, according to the February/March 1980 “special report to the members of the 700 Club,”

entitled “Pat Robertson’s Perspective,” the beast of Revelation was to have been the Soviet Union, which he

believed was about to attack Israel “to gain unrestricted access to Middle East oil plus a land bridge to the

mineral wealth of Africa.” The economy of Western Europe would be doomed by this and the world would then

see the rise of a “counterfeit Messiah,” a satanic figure “more malevolent than Adolph Hitler,” who in 1980 was

“approximately twenty-seven years old” and was being groomed for his sinister task. His nightmarish sevenyear

reign is the time of the “Great Tribulation,” which supposedly will come to an end with the second coming

of Christ, who will destroy the Antichrist at the battle of Armageddon. I do not hesitate to tell you that all such

speculation, which purports to unravel the immediate future of world events out of the prophecies of the book

of Revelation, are doomed to failure. None of them will come to pass! Church history is full of these schemes.

Every generation, from the early church to the present, has been impacted by prophecies of that sort. I could

write page after page, and go on and on, about all the end-time predictions that have been taught out of the

book of Revelation that weren’t worth the paper they were written on, and often times were proven wrong

almost before the ink was dry on the paper!

I am wearied and my spirit vexed with all the newspaper eschatology and comic book theology, with everybody

talking about everybody and everything except what Jesus Christ is doing! I’ve had my fill of preachers trying to

figure out what the European Community, the Russians, the Chinese, the Israelis, the United Nations, the

Illuminati, the Moslems, Saddam Hussein and everybody else is doing, while they have not the foggiest notion

what the firstborn Son of God is doing! Alive today on the face of this earth are more people than have lived in

a hundred previous generations. Don’t think for one moment, precious friend of mine, that God is going to walk

away from the greatest harvest, the grandest opportunity to pour out His love and grace and make known His

power and glory, released for man at Calvary. Don’t let it even enter your mind that God is about to turn this old

world over to the devil to tread down, torment, enslave, ruin, destroy, and damn into judgment and hell. The

Antichrist is not a world political leader, the Antichrist is the false religious spirit in the church that has

everybody looking at everybody and everything except Jesus Christ!

Go to these so-called “Prophecy Conferences” and all you hear is newspaper clippings, world events, and wild

speculations about conspiracies of doom and gloom. My God! It’s time to bow the knee, fall upon our faces,

and rend our garments, until we receive a revelation out of the heavenly realms about the triumph of our Lord

Jesus Christ in the earth in this great and glorious Day of the Lord! God has an elect people in the earth in this

very hour who have done, and are doing, just that! We know by the spirit of wisdom and revelation that God is

not up in heaven building some kind of Christian Resort for His saints while the world rushes madly onward to

hell and damnation. Oh, no! Calvary was for real — the Lamb slain to take away the sin of the world, the

sacrifice made to reconcile all things to God, the Christ who came to draw all men to Himself will not fail!

The book of Revelation is THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST. Revelation is a book that teaches who and

what Jesus Christ is. It reveals Him in all of His glory, unveils Him in all of His fullness. You will find Jesus the

Christ in every chapter of the book, for it is the revelation of Himself. When we read the message of the

Revelation with a heart that seeks after Christ, we see in every page His face and hear from every line His

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 1, “End-Time Prophecies-Truth Revealed’ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


voice. If we do not see Christ in the pages of the Revelation, then all we see is vanity. By drawing near to this

book in the power of the Holy Spirit, we draw near to Christ. How beautiful that is! May the elect of God receive

much grace to see more and more of Christ in the pages of this book!

The book of Revelation is the Sixth Gospel of Jesus Christ. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote what they

saw of Jesus Christ on the earth in the days of His flesh. Luke, in the book of Acts, wrote of the revelation of

Jesus that came by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost and throughout the in-part realm of the earnest of

the Spirit during the church age. But John, in the book of Revelation, wrote what he witnessed of the full and

complete revelation of Jesus Christ that comes to and through “him that overcometh.” It is the revelation of

Jesus Christ in sons upon mount Zion, in the manchild on the throne, and in the New Jerusalem come down

from God out of heaven. John the Revelator wrote what he saw of the ascended and glorified Christ

manifesting out of the heavens of God’s Spirit. This book releases the mind of Christ out of celestial realms.

We must by the Holy Ghost get on the horse, put our feet in the stirrups, take hold of the reins and ride through

this book experientially in the anointing from on High. We must be in the Spirit on the Lord’s day to understand

it, just as John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day to receive it. And when we do — we see Jesus!

Walk in the Spirit of the Lord, and you’ll see Jesus,

Walk in the Spirit of the Lord, you’ll see the King;

Walk in the Spirit of the Lord, and you will find Him:

He’s resurrected in His body, He lives in me!

As dew distilling from the heavens comes the revelation of Jesus Christ from every page of John’s vision. It is

the drama of God’s great plan of the ages wrought out first in the saints, then in the nations, and finally in all

the vast creations of God. Everything is viewed from the divine perspective. It is not the history of Satan’s

activity in men, but the all-conquering power of God’s Christ! It is the spiritual drama of Father’s dealings in our


In chapter one John gets his first view of the exalted Christ. He sees Him not with the hair, eyes, hands, feet,

voice and clothing of the prophet of Galilee. Now he hears a voice as the sound of many waters and, turning to

see the voice, he sees God’s Christ, God’s complete Christ, Head and body, dressed in the garments of a

king-priest, with hair like a lamb, eyes of fire, his countenance as the brightness of the noonday sun, with a

two-edged sword flashing out of His mouth, and feet like glowing brass.

In chapters two and three John sees the Christ in the midst of the seven churches, representing the whole

church realm throughout the present age while God is calling out and forming a people for His purpose. And

it’s not a pretty sight — for as well as faith and love and patience and good works and the word of the

Kingdom, there is also carnality, sin, heresies, apostasy, ceremonialism, false prophets, fleshly control, satanic

activity, lukewarmness and abominations of every kind. Who can deny that this has been precisely the history

of the church world for all of the past 2,000 years!

In chapter four John sees a door standing open in the heavens. With holy astonishment he beheld an open

heaven and a voice bidding him to “come up hither, and I will show thee things which must be hereafter” —

after the candlestick realm! John was invited spiritually to ascend from the horse and buggy age into the space

age! That, I know, is the testimony of a vast company of saints in this generation who are journeying from the

natural to the spiritual realm. We have heard within our spirit the voice John heard on Patmos in that long ago,

and standing in the midst of the seven-churches-realm we have turned to see a glory high above the

candlestick realm, even the surpassing glory of Christ promised to him that overcometh. Do not our hearts

rejoice within us, for we have seen the opened heavens, we have seen in the heavens of God’s Spirit a throne

set, we have seen One sitting upon the throne, and the sovereignty and glory of God’s Kingdom realm has

shed its transforming light upon our earth, dispelling the mists of natural understanding and religion, making us

glad partakers of the mind of Christ, raising us up into the heavenly places in Christ Jesus!

The book of Revelation reveals the centrality of Jesus Christ upon the throne of the universe and upon His

throne within our hearts. It gives us centeredness. It gives us something to build our life around. It gives us our

proper orbit in the heavens of God’s Spirit. In 400 B.C. the philosophers and scientists thought the earth was

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 1, “End-Time Prophecies-Truth Revealed’ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


flat, and the planets were wandering stars. They had no comprehension of any order of the universe. It was in

340 B.C. that Aristotle first introduced the concept that there was order in the universe and that the earth was

the center of the universe. He saw the sun and the stars as lights in the canopy of the heavens that moved

around the earth. But for 1600 years they struggled to make sense out of the times and seasons with any

predictability. Then, about 400 years ago, Copernicus discovered that the sun is the center of our solar system.

As this knowledge expanded it gave stability and predictability to all the events on earth that are controlled by

the order of the heavens.

If one does not have the right center, his life will be out of order and out of orbit. There are people who have

their job, business, or money as the center of their life. There are others who have their husband, their wife, or

their children as the center of their life. Some have amusement and pleasure as the center of their life. Many

Christians have their church, their pastor, or their ministry as the center of their life. Some in this Kingdom walk

even have “revelation” as their center! Men have different things as their center, but not HE who sits upon the

throne! Then all it takes is for their center to be shaken, and their whole world falls apart — their orbit becomes

erratic, world’s collide, and destruction overtakes them. All it takes is for their center — the preacher — to be

caught in adultery or a homosexual act; they lose their job, their business goes under, their spouse leaves

them, their children get into drugs and crime, or are tragically killed in an accident, and their lives go out of

orbit, emotionally and spiritually they fall apart, go haywire, and self destruct. But when the resurrected,

ascended, glorified, exalted Christ upon the throne of our hearts is truly our center, no matter what comes or

goes, we will not spin out of orbit! When the mighty Christ within is the sovereign center of our lives, when the

One who sits upon the throne sits upon the throne within, heaven kisses earth and heaven and earth intersect

within us! And it is just there that there is a mighty REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST!

In the early chapters of the book of Genesis we read that Abel went out and took of the firstling of his flock to

offer in sacrifice to God. “The first of his flock” indicates not merely the firstborn, but the very best, a lamb

without spot or blemish. But Cain, his brother, took of the fruit of the ground for his offering. In Abel’s sacrifice

we find a beautiful picture of our Lord Jesus Christ, for Christ was the firstling of the flock, the firstborn of many

brethren, the beginning of the creation of God, and out of the whole family of mankind He was the most

excellent specimen, unsurpassed in purity of character, excellence of mind and body, and all attributes of

divine nature. But then again we still have the same scenario of Cain, people are still offering to God out of the

fruit of their human efforts, the best the flesh can produce. It is a great fact, however, that the best we can

produce of ourselves is Adam, and old Adam is not good enough, he’s not acceptable. In the living out of the

life of sonship, which is the life of Christ, we are not talking about modifying the carnal mind, we’re not talking

about overhauling Adam. The carnal mind is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be! You can

make Adam memorize as much scripture as you can, go to church every Sunday, sing in the choir, learn all the

doctrines, do every kind of good work, lay the law on him and force him to act like a saint, but he’s still not

acceptable in the sight of God. Just as the dog returns to his vomit, and the hog to his wallowing, so the

corruption of the Adam man will eventually break out, revealing him to be exactly who he really is. Sonship is

not about modifying the behavior of the old man, the man of earth. It’s about putting on the life of Christ, the

firstling of the flock, a new creation in the image and likeness of God! Don’t struggle, dear one, with old Adam

with his weaknesses, failures, limitations and corruption. Give yourself to the putting on of Christ and the more

you put Him on the more the Adamic nature will disappear as the snow before the noonday sun.

These beautiful representations of divine truth appear in the opening chapters of Genesis and follow through

all the wonderful types and shadows of the Old Testament. The Word of God is replete with pictures of Christ

— in Genesis He is the seed of the woman. In Exodus He is the lamb whose blood is on the door post. He’s

the manna that fell in the wilderness, He’s the rock that was smitten. In Leviticus He is our great High Priest. In

Numbers He is the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. He’s the glory over the mercy seat, and He’s the

mercy seat as well! In Deuteronomy He is the prophet like unto Moses. In Joshua He’s our heavenly

Commander who is going to take us across this Jordan of death to old Adam and into our inheritance in the

Kingdom of God. He is, furthermore, the ark in the middle of the river, He’s the ram’s horn that’s blown to

introduce us to the beginning of our inheritance in Jericho, where you don’t even have to fight in the battle, all

you have to do is blow on the ram’s horn, march around the city, and send up a loud shout. All you have to do

is sound forth the message that comes from the throne of God, march forward in the consciousness of the

presence and covenant of God, and then shout the victory, and God will give you the city! It’s not based on you

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 1, “End-Time Prophecies-Truth Revealed’ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


and me, my beloved, it’s rooted in HIM, and HE is the one who will lead us into the fullness of our inheritance

in God!

Everywhere in the word of God, matters not where you go, it is a revelation of Jesus Christ! There are

thousands of experiences of the people of Israel with their journeys, their battles, their kings, their priesthood,

their temple, their offerings, their laws, their rituals and infinitely more in which the work and glory of God’s

Christ is shown forth. So why is it, when we get to the book of Revelation and read where the Holy Spirit says,

“This is the revelation of Jesus Christ,” the preachers then proceed to preach everything but Jesus!

It never ceases to amaze me that people read the Bible and never get a glimmer of these mysteries. The

reason the Holy Spirit arranged for the book of Revelation to become the last book in the Bible is so that after

you have finished reading the other 65 books you should have at least an idea of what some of the types are

about, so that when you get over to the book of Revelation and read about a temple being measured, you

won’t be over in the Middle East somewhere carrying around a measuring stick! Over the past several years a

number of people have sent me books and letters and they are all excited because men are raising red heifers

to take over to the land of Israel to sacrifice for the purification of the priesthood. I see them as they read these

reports and get all excited about these red heifers. As Lynn Hiles has said, I, too, want to shake them and say

to them, “If your theology brings you to the place where you go back to outward temples made with hands, and

the ashes of red heifers, and the blood of bulls and goats — somewhere you missed the point! There are few

things that I will argue with anyone about, but I tell you, if your theology ends with the blood and ashes of bulls

and heifers, someone has hoodwinked you and pulled the wool over your eyes! If you think the blood of red

heifers will ever purify a priesthood to serve in a temple in Jerusalem, or that some Antichrist will one day sit

and reign from a Jewish temple, you haven’t learned your ABC’s of spiritual truth and divine revelation. I can

hear the Holy Ghost saying, What! Are you mad? You mean to say that after 65 books of the Bible you didn’t

get that point?” “And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living

God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my

people.” (II Cor. 6:16) “Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go

no more out.” (Rev. 3:12)

We might fill this whole article with illustrations of the futility and limitation of the natural mind in comprehending

things spiritual, but that is not our purpose now. Our purpose now is to show that the book of Revelation is the

revelation of Jesus Christ to, in, through, and as the glorious many-membered son of God! So many truths are

in this hour quickened by the Spirit that it seems several lifetimes would be required to expound in depth upon

them. It seems to me that for centuries our eyes have been kept holden to the truth and greatness of God’s

purpose in earth, in His people, and in the universe. We have diligently studied the scriptures, burning the

midnight oil, pouring over musty volumes and reference works about the Bible, grasping with the natural mind

the superficial, surface meaning, taking for granted that we understood what was written, yet missing

completely the deep kernel of truth concealed within. There is no need to mourn this lack of understanding, for

the great truth is that God never reveals anything to anybody until He is ready to reveal it, and He is never

ready to reveal anything until the time has arrived for a people to appropriate and enter into that truth within

themselves, becoming partakers of, participators in, and the very manifestation of that which He is prepared to


This is nowhere more true than it is in regard to the book of Revelation! George Hawtin penned words that are

still instructive for all today who follow on to know the fullness of God. “No, we need not worry about our

ignorance of things. Our only concern should be that when God does send us light that we receive it, for if we

reject it, the light we have becomes darkness and we can understand nothing. The moment the Spirit of God

begins to shed light on a truth, it is time to begin to ask Him to instruct us in it. Do not submit God’s revelation

to the criticism of some dead church member or preacher, for they like the birds of the air will steal away the

seed of the truth before it has a chance to sprout or take root within you. We are looking for the unveiling of the

sons of God. We are looking for the revelation of Jesus Christ. The revelation will reveal what is hidden. The

unveiling will reveal what has been kept veiled. As the lightning flashes forth from inky clouds, so the

manifestation will disclose that which has been hidden in darkness. ‘Let us therefore fear, lest a promise being

left us of entering into His rest, any of you should seem to come short of it.’” — end quote.

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 1, “End-Time Prophecies-Truth Revealed’ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


The prophetic word of the Lord is perceptive to the Initiated. The book of Revelation is God’s unique deposit of

ultimate truth. There is no part of scripture richer or more bounteous in rewards for those who hear and see by

the spirit. It is a garden of flowers and nuts, a jewelry box of wondrous pearls and dazzling diamonds. It is a

vast and varied landscape of the realm of earth, the depths of the sea, and the glory of the heavens of God’s

Spirit, filled with beauty and grandeur, the horizon of which is fringed with the bright dawning of eternal Day.

Here, and here alone, we can see the real scope and magnificence of God’s working and purposes in His sons

and in His kingdom. Here, and here alone, we can trace God’s redemptive, reconciliative, and restorative plans

to their ultimate consummation, and behold the depth and power of the counsels of His love. At every step

there is something to encourage and instruct God’s elect as we pass through our present trials, testings,

purgings, and dealings on to the glory of manifested sonship.

Consider this, dear saint of God — if the limits of our earthly knowledge can be extended and increased by the

study of rocks and bones, and beasts, and birds, and stars, how much more profitable in our spiritual life will be

the enlightened understanding of those heavenly, divine things set forth in the book of Revelation in the

prophetic language of voices, seals, trumpets and vials; of suns, moons and stars; of beasts, scorpions,

dragons and colored horses; of horns, crowns, thrones, rainbows and glassy seas; of angels, thunders,

lightnings, arks and temples; of earthquakes, meteors, fires, odors, olive trees and candlesticks; of lewd

women and chaste women, of a manchild on a throne, of a great city of evil and a beloved city coming down

out heaven full of the glory of God. All these things sound very wonderful: but what do they really mean? Can

we unravel the story? Can we decipher the strange symbols? Can we unlock the treasures of this book? And

what does it mean to us in our journey into sonship in this great Day of the Lord? As in the natural world we

must have eyes to see the beauties around us, so in the spiritual world of God’s kingdom it is the Holy Spirit’s

illuminating power that sheds upon our pathway the light of the heavenly realm. My heart sings a thousand

hallelujahs, for this is the hour of THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST!

There is no benefit in any knowledge if it merely builds your intelligence, satisfies your curiosity, or inflates your

ego. Hear me! I am neither writing nor teaching for the purpose of merely increasing knowledge, of simply

putting facts into men’s heads. If that was all we could accomplish, I would forever lay down my pen today. It’s

not that we shouldn’t have knowledge, but the point of the knowledge is to define in understandable terms the

deeper and higher reality of our relationship with God and the working of His purpose within our lives.

Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is vain, pointless, and powerless. “Knowledge puffeth up,” the apostle

pointedly wrote. To fill our heads with mere information will bloat us like the pompous frog, allowing us to croak

loudly, but accomplish nothing. The word that will transform us in this hour does not come by the seeing of the

outer eye or the hearing of the outer ear. But just as a warhead is carried by a missile to its target, so is the

living word of the Lord borne by that which is communicated in the outward as a written, spoken, or acted

word, borne to pierce into the innermost part of our being, that we may be quickened by the spirit of that word

in the deepest part of our life. If we receive that word only in our mind, if it never penetrates by the Spirit into

our heart as a living power, then it is just knowledge and will never bear any fruit in our experience.

There are levels to understanding the word of God. There is the plain and literal surface meaning; there is the

symbolic, figurative, or representative meaning; there is the spiritual or mystical meaning; and these meanings

are on an ascending scale in that order. The highest of all meanings is the spiritual meaning, for that is where

we meet and touch and experience the reality of God who is Spirit. The beloved apostle John referred to these

three levels of truth in these significant words: “I write unto you, little children, because your sins are forgiven

you for His name’s sake…I write unto you, young men, because ye have overcome the wicked one…I write

unto you, fathers, because ye have known Him that is from the beginning” (I Jn. 2:13). It is the same word, but

on different levels to each realm. The word of God will meet you at a different place depending upon where you

are in the progression of your spiritual development from babes to young men to fathers. And one can tell

where people are in their spiritual stature by the level of the word they are feasting upon! The called-out elect

of the Lord today is able to appropriate the truth of God in higher and higher dimensions of reality as we grow

up into Christ in all things! We are continually thrust into deeper applications and experiences of God’s living

word by the renewing of our minds from realm to realm!

Praise God for the last book of the Bible, the book of Revelation! It is entirely different from all other books. It is

altogether a new book — everything is new! It is a revelation from the Throne! It is a book that carries us

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 1, “End-Time Prophecies-Truth Revealed’ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


beyond the church age! It is a book of Ultimates! Just as the book of Genesis is the book of beginnings, so is

the Revelation the book of consummations! In this book is revealed a new name (nature), a new song

(revelation, message), a new Jerusalem (people), a new heaven (government), a new earth (order,

expression), and finally it is proclaimed, “Behold, I make A-L-L T-H-I-N-G-S NEW!” (Rev. 21:5). Hallelujah! The

whole purpose of God in this book is to declare the eternal passing of all that is old, and the establishment of


In addition, every utterance to the body of Christ in this book is the utterance of the seven-fold Spirit of God. It

is always the Spirit who is speaking! “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the

churches” (Rev. 2:7). Seven times in chapters two and three we read that it is the Spirit who is speaking to

the churches. “Yea, saith the Spirit” (Rev. 14:13). How different from the prophecies of the prophets who

through the ages have prophesied, “Yea, my people, thus saith the Lord…” And how different from the writings

of the apostles in their epistles to the churches! “This I (Paul) say” (I Cor. 7:6), or “I (Peter) exhort” (I Pet. 5:1).

Here in this superlative book of Revelation it never says, “Thus saith the Lord,” or “This I say.” Rather, it is,

“The Spirit saith, the Spirit saith, the Spirit saith!” Seven times — the number of completion and perfection —

the admonition sounds forth, “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches.” Why is

this repeated seven times? Because of the seven-fold Spirit! He who hears the seven-fold Spirit will be an

overcomer! He who overcomes will be a son! He who is a son shall inherit all things! He who inherits all things

receives the fullness of the seven Spirits of God! Oh, the wonder of it!

Because the seven-fold Spirit is bestowed upon the overcomers, eventually the entire book is concluded in this

way: “And the Spirit and the bride say…” (Rev. 22:17). We read in the beginning of this book that the Spirit is

speaking to the churches. But by the end of the book, through the dealings, quickenings, purgings and

processings of the Spirit, the soul and spirit of the elect have been brought into union, the masculine nature of

the regenerated spirit has wooed and won the affections and obedience of the feminine nature of the soul, and

the marriage of the Lamb has come, for His wife has made herself ready. I shall not attempt to develop this

thought at this time, for that is not our purpose now, but the Spirit and Bride have BECOME ONE — they

speak together! They speak with one voice! The Spirit and the Bride in this passage are a compound subject.

The two have been integrated — the two have become one within God’s elect. God is making us as

overcomers one with the seven Spirits, and the seven Spirits are being fully inworked into the overcomers. This

is God’s great work! It is experientially taking place within those who follow the Lamb in this great Day! This is

the consummation of His eternal purpose within us!

The book of Revelation is a book that is written for kings and priests. It is not intended for the world to

understand, neither will it be understood by carnal Christians. To be a king-priest doesn’t mean that we will

strut around in splendid robes and all who meet us on the street will bow their heads and genuflect,

acknowledging that we are great and mighty ones. God is not interested in carnal recognition, neither are those

to whom is given the kingly spirit and the priestly nature. At the very outset the book is addressed to a peculiar

class of people: “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him, to show unto His servants things

which must shortly come to pass.” (Rev. 1:1) The term “servants” here does not indicate servants as

contrasted with sons, but sons who are servants even as was the firstborn among many brethren, our Lord

Jesus Christ. There has never been a greater servant than King Jesus! “Behold, my Servant shall deal

prudently, He shall be exalted and extolled, and be very high. As many were astonished at thee; His visage

was so marred more than any man, and His form more than the sons of men: so shall He sprinkle many

nations; the kings shall shut their mouths at Him; for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that

which they had not heard shall they consider.” (Isa. 52:13-15) What a servant!

When you read the book of Revelation and the book begins to speak to you, that is a good indication that it is

for you! The book cannot and does not speak to the individual it is not intended for. Even then, the

understanding of the book does not come all at once. You don’t open the book at chapter one, verse one,

following on to verse two, three, and so on, trying to figure out the meaning of each verse as you go. If you

think the message of the book will instantaneously be revealed in your spirit by that method, each event

systematically falling into place, you will be greatly disappointed. It doesn’t work that way! As you seek the Lord

in the book different parts will speak to you that are for you at that appointed time. The book will be revealed in

your experience as you grow and progress into the stature of sonship to God. The wisdom of man is

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 1, “End-Time Prophecies-Truth Revealed’ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


foolishness with God. The wisdom of man would seek an understanding of the book of Revelation verse by

verse in the letter of the Word, but the wisdom of God teaches it experience by experience. Don’t try to

understand it, but pray for obedience, that you might apprehend the ways of the Lord. Seek that your mind and

heart (soul) will come into that relationship with God where the Spirit of God in your spirit can reveal. Then the

book will commence to speak to you out of your relationship with the Father! Instead of mere head knowledge,

the message of the book will begin to apply to your life in the power of kingship and priesthood.

Most of the book is rooted in the symbology of the Old Testament. You will find there the temple, the sacrifices,

the worshippers, the ark of the covenant, the candlestick, the city Jerusalem, mount Zion, the prophets, the

priesthood, the king and the throne, the archangel, the serpent, trumpets, feasts, and many more. Now by the

spirit of wisdom and revelation all these things begin to relate to your experience, your life, and your walk in

God. You cross the thresholds of spiritual reality where all that was natural and external to Israel in the Old

Testament now becomes spiritual and internal as the revelation of Jesus Christ in the elect. The symbols of the

Revelation appear to be highly complicated, and they are to the carnal mind! How crude and presumptuous is

the darkened carnal mind that would lift its voice in pretentious wisdom to understand the deep mysteries of

God! We must consider such mysteries with reverence and godly fear, remembering above all else that our

Father has willed that we be partakers of His mind. I have no hesitation in saying that just as surely and truly

as the mind of the Father dwelt in the firstborn Son, Jesus Christ, so also that same mind that dwelt in Him will

dwell in all that blessed company now becoming sons of God. The deep mysteries of God and the

unfathomable wisdom and knowledge hid in Jesus Christ cannot be discovered by the natural man or the

carnal mind, but God reveals them unto us by His Spirit. The secret then is not in studying, burning the

midnight oil, pouring over vast volumes searching out information and understanding, but the divine secret that

unlocks all the divine depths of divine things is walking in the Spirit and hearing what the Spirit saith. The same

Spirit that inspired the book reveals the book, opening the precious storehouse of truths of the Kingdom of

Heaven to the sincere and seeking heart.

The visions of the book of Revelation are well-ordered and each of the keys to the book testifies of itself. The

idea that the body of Christ is a company of kings and priests, so graphically set forth in chapters four and five,

suggests that our ministry is to bring people out of an old world order into a new world. Noah was

commissioned by God to bring his family out of an old world into a new world. He passed through the

destruction of the flood, stepped out of the ark, and established a new age and a new order in the earth. When

we come to the book of Revelation there is so much that looks like judgment, destruction and retribution upon

mankind and the earth — the grass, the trees, the rivers, the seas, the mountains and valleys, the cities,

nations and peoples — but these are mere figures for the passing away of a realm of life, a sphere of existence

and a state of being — old Adam with all the systems, order, society, culture, institutions and ways of the

fleshly mind and life. The Spirit is speaking of the coming into being of a new heavens and a new earth within

ourselves. God is raising up in the earth today a new people with a new mind, nature and heart, a new spirit, a

new temple of God, a new order of priesthood and kingship, a new habitation of God, a new revelation of God,

a new city of God, a new government of God, a new order of God within men. Hallelujah!

The book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ. The word “revelation” means to unveil, uncover or

take the cover off. The unveiling of Jesus Christ — that’s what is happening in God’s elect! That is what is

taking place in the earth today! That’s what the book of Revelation is all about! As that which has been hidden

in Jesus Christ is revealed, uncovered, brought out into the open and exhibited, the glory of Jesus Christ is

shining forth from His body in all the earth. Christ is in us! The revelation of Jesus Christ must be within us!

Christ in you IS the hope of glory, the apostle wrote. There is no hope for creation in a rapture. There is no

hope of glory to be revealed in the earth through dying and going to heaven. There is no hope for a new and

bright future for the world in understanding world events. There is no hope for the raising up of Christ in our

lives by a Great Tribulation out there upon the nations of earth. Oh, no! Our only hope is Christ in us. Until we

grasp the eternal significance and transcendent importance of this wonderful truth, the carnal mind and its silly

interpretations of the book of Revelation will lie and cheat and deceive. CHRIST IN US is our hope of glory!

And it is the world’s only hope! Furthermore, God has now delivered His true elect from the foolish notions of

the church systems that God’s glory has something to do with some far-off heaven somewhere, streets of gold,

walls of jasper, gates of pearl or fluttering around in white nightgowns playing harps! Glory is nothing more or

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 1, “End-Time Prophecies-Truth Revealed’ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


less than the expression of God’s nature through a human vessel. That’s what glory is! Christ in us is the hope

of God expressing Himself through us to creation.

The book of Revelation gives us the keys that unlock the necessary events within ourselves to bring forth this

manifestation of God. Before there can ever be a new heaven and a new earth in all the power of them there

will be some mighty dealings of God that will burn up the grass — those surface coverings and masks in our

lives; they will destroy the trees — those deeply rooted things that grow out of our earthly nature; they will

shake the mountains — those high and exalted kingdoms we have built up from our carnal minds; they will turn

the seas to blood until every living thing in them dies — the raging passions, surging emotions, relentless,

unsatisfiable desires, and foaming agitations of the Adam nature which we must pass through to get to the

other side. When John said that he beheld and there was no more sea, he meant that there was no longer

anything within us preventing the pure and full expression of Christ in our earth. The reason there is a new

heaven and a new earth is not because there is coming a great cataclysmic destruction in the outer world, but

rather, all the walls and barriers that religion has built up in us, that have separated God from the earth, are to

be obliterated so that there shall be an expression of God’s Spirit through us to creation. Religion has taught

people that they have to die to obtain God’s fullness, while others have taught that we will fly away to some faroff

heaven somewhere to get it while the world suffers the horrors of the damned and untold billions of

humanity are consigned to eternal torture in the unquenchable fires of hell. We have been told a thousand

things that aren’t true and have been used, beaten, threatened, controlled, bled of our money, time and peace,

brain washed and deceived by the carnality of the harlot system that calls itself the church. Oh, how men have

been tossed to and fro upon the violent waves of the sea of the doctrines, laws, methods, schemes,

promotions, gimmicks, deceptions, fraud and foolishness of the church systems! Thank God, the day is coming

when there will be no more sea! And for many of us, blessed be His name, it has already become a glorious

fact that within ourselves there is no more sea!

God has in these days powerfully spoken to His elect that there is an inner working of His Spirit that leads to

the full expression and manifestation of His glory. There must be a new heaven because heaven represents

the realm that is invisible, the dimension of spirit and the mind of Christ. We can never change our outer world

until we change our inner world. There will never be a new earth (visible expression) until there is a new

heaven (inner, invisible reality), for one cannot change what he is outwardly until he has been changed in what

he is inwardly. And that’s where vast multitudes of the Lord’s people are missing it. They are trying to obey

some set of rules, the traditions of religion, be faithful to the programs and please the church which makes

them appear godly, but works no change or transformation of the nature. These things give no life nor do they

in any way help us grow up into the power of the life of the Son of God.

Ask a crop farmer what he does, and he’ll say, “I’m a grain farmer,” or, “I raise cucumbers,” or, “I grow grapes.”

No farmer sums up his work by saying, “I plow up weeds,” or, “I get rid of bad bugs.” Although farmers do

those things, their main focus isn’t what they plow up or get rid of; it’s what they produce. God is a farmer! He

is working to produce a good crop in His people! We sometimes think of God only in terms of what He is

against, but that’s a mistake. Of course, God is against carnality and various sins and works to rid us of them,

but His main focus is PRODUCING A RICH HARVEST OF CHRIST’S NATURE WITHIN US. For all who are in

step with God’s Spirit, that is their main focus too!

What’s the use of being against things if we’re not for anything? If a farmer plows under every weed but

doesn’t plant good seed, and properly care for and nourish them, he won’t get a harvest. In fact, if he plows but

doesn’t plant, he’ll soon have more weeds than ever! Once he plows, a good way to prevent more weeds from

taking over is to plant good plants. So, too, God has planted within His chosen elect the good seed of the

Christ life and the book of Revelation is the symbolical, illustrative, figurative, metaphorical, and allegorical

teaching of how God deals both positively and negatively in His garden to bring forth the harvest of Christ

within us!


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FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 2, The Revelation Of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 1





“Teaching the things concerning the kingdom of God…”



The book of Revelation is without doubt one of the most important and wonderful books ever written. It is a

work of art, marvelous art, divine art. This remarkable book is written in the form of a drama and is skillfully

divided into seven acts with seven scenes each. Scenes of glory surpassing fable are unveiled before us in this

book. No other book takes us at once, and so irresistibly, into another sphere. Long vistas are here opened

before us that carry us into other worlds and urge upon us the realities of our call into the high places of God’s

Spirit and purpose. There is one revelation and one only in the whole book — the revelation of Jesus Christ. It

is not the book of Revelations as many refer to it. The simple adding of an “s” totally distorts the true meaning

of the book! It is not many revelations. Although many things are said in this book, there is only one thing that

God is revealing, and that one thing is JESUS CHRIST! John did not reveal many revelations, though there

were many visions shown him and many things spoken to him. All together made but one revelation.

I further exhort all who read these lines to never call this book the Revelation of Saint John. It is in no sense

the Revelation of John! John’s part in this is that of a third party. The revelation is given to Jesus Christ by the

Father as His very own state of being — Jesus is the revelation of the Father! The glory of this revelation of

God in Christ was communicated to John through a very wonderful messenger, who was so wonderful that he

showed John all these marvelous truths and realities in the form of dramatic symbols. It is a powerful series of

spiritual revelation unrolled in pictures which John saw in spirit, and which he recorded, and to which he was

led by the prophetic spirit. The messenger who showed John these things is none other than the spirit of

prophecy which is the testimony of Jesus! (Rev. 19:10). This book is preeminently the revelation of Jesus

Christ, for that is precisely what the true title of the book is!

The book opens up the unveiling of Jesus Christ in His person, in His church, in His sons, and in His kingdom.

The book can be very confusing unless we find some sense of direction and guidance in it. To help in our

meditations, let us take a look at the word “revelation” itself. It is more than a book in the Bible! It is more than

a vision given to a man nearly two thousand years ago! Eventually it becomes an inner discovery, an activity

within our very own consciousness, in the reality of our own experience, and this is the revelation that we are

concerned with! It is not intended to be an outline of outer-world events because it is the revelation of a person,

the God-man, the firstborn of many brethren, the beginning of the creation of God, even our Lord Jesus the

Christ! Within the lives of those called to sonship Jesus Christ is now being raised up unto a revelation in and

out from our inner-world, and I do not hesitate to tell you that it is from there that the prophecy will be fulfilled!

All of creation groans, waiting for this glorious unveiling of THE SON in THE SONS!

One of the reasons that the book of Revelation has been so misunderstood is because men have thought it

was the unveiling of external events that are in the future. It is not the unveiling of world events but the

unveiling of a Person who has not yet been seen in all of His glory, beauty and majesty! Today He is like a

statue that has the veil put over it, awaiting the day when the veil shall be removed and He shall be seen in all

of His glory. Another reason people do not understand the book is because they read it looking for “a

revelation.” When it is “revelation” we are seeking in place of the REVELATOR, we will no doubt get our

revelation but will miss the reality altogether! It is not a revelation, it is THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST!

Should I send you a book titled SPANISH MADE SIMPLE, how many would expect to read in that book how to

cook Hungarian Goulash? If the title says SPANISH MADE SIMPLE, what will you expect to learn out of this

book? Why, how to speak Spanish, of course! Since the book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ,

why is it that when theologians teach from it they teach about the beast, the mark of the beast, the antichrist,

world wars, great tribulation, woes, sorrows, pestilences and devastations, but they never seem to come to

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 2, The Revelation Of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 2

THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST! Ah, yes, there are beasts and woes and tribulation in the book, but

these are not the message — they are merely the things exposed by the unveiling of Himself — exposed to be

dealt with and brought to nought! And sometimes they are the very instruments used to bring forth the


When you uncover a thing you don’t have to bring it from some other place, you only need to remove the

cover, because what is under it is already present. This book reveals to our wondering spirits that Jesus Christ

doesn’t have to come crashing down through the clouds from outer space in order to be revealed! He is

covered up, His glory is concealed in this world by a fleshly, religious mind; His grace and mercy are concealed

by a harsh, legalistic mindset that thunders right out of mount Sinai, and is full of death; His love is concealed

by false church doctrines of divine vindictiveness, judgment, damnation and eternal torture for billions in hell

fire; His righteousness is concealed by human good works, self effort, and outward laws and regulations; His

truth and purpose are concealed by natural, carnal understanding; His power is concealed by soulish religious

exercises, rituals, ceremonies, programs and promotions. To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually

minded is life! The Lord is the Spirit! The Lord, the Spirit, dwells within us! To uncover the real Christ has

nothing to do with Christ coming from heaven, or us going to heaven — He must be UNCOVERED WITHIN

US! “But… it pleased God, who separated me from my mother’s womb (the old-order religious system), and

called me by His grace, to reveal (unveil) His Son in me…” (Gal. 1:15-16).

The veil that hides Him is upon the mind. It is not something apart from us or away from us. The veil must be

removed from where the Christ is concealed from us within ourselves, for we are the body of Christ, the

fullness of Him that filleth all in all. The Lord is not hidden in some far-off heaven somewhere, He has already

come within us, for Christ is in us, except we be reprobates — counterfeits (II Cor. 13:5). Those who are

walking with the Lord in the light of this new Day know that it is not Jesus coming down from heaven that shall

reveal Him, but the uncovering of the full reality within ourselves of Him who is our life. The veil has been upon

our minds, when we saw Him we looked through all the trappings of religion, the traditions, creeds, doctrines,

forms, and concepts of men who know Him only after the flesh. But when you know Christ after the flesh, as

He was two thousand years ago, you can never see Him as He is.

Every believer should seek that God would open his eyes to see the glorious Christ of God as He is. The sad

truth is that the hope of the Christians in the church systems today is to again see Christ as He was. They

cannot conceive that they can see Him, that they can look upon His face, unless they see the form of the man

who walked the shores of Galilee. Like Thomas the doubter, they stubbornly refuse to believe that it is the Lord

unless they can see the nail prints in His hands, thrust their hand into His side, and gaze intently into His

piercing blue eyes. Not having this Jesus of Nazareth to see and know, they focus on the baby in the manger.

But if you return to that every December 25, and make Him a baby again, you will never know Him as He is.

Christmas is an invention of the carnal Babylonian religious system! Furthermore, it is a commercial season,

sponsored and kept alive by the heaviest retail advertising campaigns of the year. The so-called “Christmas

spirit” is created each year, not to honor Christ, but to sell merchandise! That is not the path that leads to

sonship. It is the path that leads to spiritual foolishness and spiritual stalemate and infancy.

How many who read these lines would appreciate if your friends and loved ones, would every year on your

birthday, put you back in the bassinet, dressed in baby clothes, and remember you as an infant? What if every

birthday was a celebration of your infancy instead of a celebration of the stature you have attained during the

years since you came into the world. Think of it! I do not doubt that most of us would be offended, if not

incensed, by such a celebration! Yet religion plays out this drama every December 25 of the baby Jesus in the

manger all dressed in swaddling clothes, and that is the level they know Him on. Christians of nearly all

traditions today relate to Jesus on the purely human level. They know Him not as He appeared in glory to Saul

of Tarsus on the Damascus road, nor yet in His glory as the resurrected, ascended, glorified Lord who lives

and walks in His body upon the earth.

When Jesus trod the pathways of earth He called twelve men to be His disciples. They followed Him, heard His

wonderful teaching, saw the mighty signs and wonders, and enjoyed communion with Him as no other man or

woman on earth. Yet Jesus said to these men, “No man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any

man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal Him” (Mat. 11:27). Surely these men

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 2, The Revelation Of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 3

knew the Son! No, not at all! Not one of them knew the Son of God. “No man knoweth the Son, but the Father.”

These men knew Jesus, but they did not know the Son of God. Even in the days of His flesh He could only be

known after the Spirit! To know Jesus after the flesh did not qualify as knowing Him at all. One could walk with

Him, talk with Him, eat with Him, share His most intimate human experiences, and yet never know Him!

It was many years afterward that one of these disciples, John the beloved, was granted the revelation of Jesus

Christ. Only then did John truly see Him as He is! Through the book of Revelation John has shared, in the

limited measure any writing can convey reality, that revelation of Jesus Christ. What he really has

communicated to us is the way, the manner, the process by which the revelation of Jesus Christ takes place.

But it must become our very own personal experience just as it did to John. This revelation doesn’t come out of

the manger, this revelation doesn’t come out from the shores of blue Galilee, this revelation doesn’t come from

the resurrected One who appeared for forty days to His astonished disciples, this revelation doesn’t come from

the pages of a book. A mere glimpse of this revelation came to Peter one day when Jesus asked, “Whom do

men say that I, the Son of man, am?” And Peter replied out of an illumination that burst forth from his spirit,

“Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God!” In that one brief moment the veil came off of Peter’s mind and

he saw the man in front of him as He actually is. He glimpsed in that inspired moment the glory of His sonship

in all that it means. It was A REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST!

After the Lord Jesus ascended into the heavens, He remained hidden behind the cloud that had received Him

on the mount of Olives. When He came back in mighty spirit-power on the day of Pentecost to indwell His

people on earth, He still, for the most part, has remained hidden behind the veil of the carnal mind, behind the

selfhood of our natural life, and behind the traditions and forms of religion. But on Patmos, to John, there

comes THE REVELATION to unveil Him! From this we understand that all that pertains to this writing of John

is to reveal, to uncover Jesus Christ. All that has been hidden or obscured to our thinking, consciousness,

understanding or experience of Him is to be plainly grasped and made a glorious and eternal reality. As the

scenes depicted in the book are experienced truly and spiritually within our lives, Jesus Christ emerges within

our reality demonstrating in and through us the fullness of His nature, character, love, wisdom, power and

abilities. Understood as the revelation of Jesus Christ in and through His body, immediately the book is

changed from a prophecy of apocalyptic end-time events, to a progressive unfolding of the very life, victory and

triumph of Christ in His elect and unto creation! With the increasing light of the Holy Spirit of Truth shining upon

its pages, we are entering into more and more of its hidden truths, howbeit, we have much yet to learn of the

full and complete vision. But be assured that in very truth every scene within the book, of the woes, thunders,

trumpets, earthquakes, conflicts, vials, beasts, etc., in all their sundry manifestations, serve but one purpose,

and contribute but to one end, namely, to bring forth THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST IN ALL THE


As this revelation comes to its magnificent conclusion in this great Day of the Lord, HE shall stand revealed,

uncovered, seen, touched, experienced, expressed and manifested unto the unbounded heavens! “We don’t

know what we shall become in the future. We only know that, if reality were to break through, we should reflect

His likeness, for we should see Him as He really is!” (I Jn. 3:2, Phillips). Reality shall break through! And we

shall be like Him! “Wherefore, gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is

to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” (I Pet. 1:13) Paul writes of “waiting for the coming

(revelation) of our Lord Jesus Christ: who shall confirm you unto the end, blameless in the day of our Lord

Jesus Christ.” (I Cor. 1:7-9) There is a grace that is brought to us by the revelation of our Lord, it is a grace

which will climax all the processings and travail, bringing us into the ultimate realm of His glory — the fullness

of His abundant life. God is faithful! He is confirming unto the end all those blessed ones who have received

the call to separation unto Him, to follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth, to be conformed to His image, to

put on His mind, to be sons who reign with Him in His kingdom. He has confirmed you, precious called one,

unto full redemption of the purchased possession — complete salvation in spirit, soul and body — the unveiling


The Greek word for revelation is, as I have mentioned previously, APOKALUPSIS. This word has been

translated in the Bible by various English words such as lighten, revelation, manifestation, coming, appearing,

and revealed. We can easily understand how the translators could use such a variety of word-meanings to

describe the word APOKALUPSIS, but it was not really because APOKALUPSIS held various shades of

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 2, The Revelation Of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 4

meaning in the original tongue. To know the past of an individual helps us to understand him better. To know

the life history of a word makes its present meaning clearer and more nearly unforgettable. In English, for

instance, the word rostrum is defined as a place where one stands in giving a speech. But originally this Latin

word meant “a bird’s beak,” such as the beak of a hawk or sparrow. But now this meaning does not even enter

one’s mind when he hears or reads the word. In the days when Rome was a world power naval vessels were

constructed with long, sharp prows for ramming enemy ships. Because of the appearance, it came to be

known as “the bird’s beak,” and this portion of the vessel was considered a trophy of war. The captured

rostrum was taken to the Coliseum at the time a victorious commander went there to receive the acclaim of the

people, and he would stand in the rostrum to receive his trophy and to give his speech.

The Greek word APOKALUPSIS is a derivative of APOKALUPTO. APOKALUPTO is a compound word

composed of APO, meaning “off” or “away,” and KALUPTO, meaning “to cover up.” Thus APOKALUPSIS

means to take the cover off, to uncover, unveil, reveal or disclose. It implies the drawing away or removal of

everything that veils or hides, and therefore it is always opposed to concealment or secrecy. I know

experientially that the process to remove the things that prevent the life of Christ from shining forth in glory and

power through our lives sometimes requires the heavy dealings of the Lord in severe purgings, deep prunings,

extreme chastisements, uncompromising judgments and the blast of refining fires. God will make war against

the carnal mind, God will make war against the religious mind, God will make war against our pride,

selfishness, self-will, self-sufficiency and self-righteousness, God will make war against the flesh, the world and

the devil in us, until He has melted all arrogance into humility, and all that is self has died in the bloody sweat

and all-conquering cross of Christ which will never give up its redeeming power until all that stands between us

and the purpose of God in our sonship has no more a name among the sons of God.

I warn you that the heights of sonship, the kingdom, and all the fullness of God are not attained by merely

hearing about them. Neither are they inherently ours as a result of the “finished work” of Calvary. Calvary takes

care of your past, but your future demands a heart-absorbing, soul-consuming quest. IF we suffer with Him, we

shall also reign with Him! It has always been a vicious trait of man to want everything handed to him on a silver

platter. Thousands love to hear about manifested sonship and reigning with Christ, but never raise a finger to

attain because they expect it as another of God’s gracious “gifts.” Salvation is indeed a gift, and there are a

great many wonderful gifts of God that are ours merely for the taking, but the high calling of God in Christ

Jesus requires a pressing toward the mark for the prize. There is a world of difference between a gift and a

prize! A gift is given because of the goodness of the giver, not because of the merit of the recipient. But to

obtain a prize one must qualify. Oh yes, there are qualifications to be met for sonship and rulership in the

kingdom of God! That is why we read in the Revelation again and again, “To him the overcometh will I give!”

The “finished work” of Christ did not secure the throne for you, my beloved! Don’t try to persuade me that all

we need do is believe. If that were the case all of us would have been manifested sons of God a long time ago!

It is still true that “whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth.” (Heb.

12:6) God does not scourge every sinner whom He saves — scourging is not a part of forgiveness and

regeneration. One does not need to be scourged in order to receive what is freely given because of Calvary.

But chastening, discipline, scourging, purging and refining are a vital part of the process of growing up into the

character of God!

With these thoughts in mind we should better grasp the significance and meaning of the woes, earthquakes,

burning mountains, hail storms, vials, and judgments in the book of Revelation! These are poured out upon

men (Adam, flesh), upon the earth (carnality, soulishness), upon the sea (wickedness), upon the rivers and

streams (doctrines, creeds, philosophies, mind-sets), upon the beast (natural constitution), upon the harlot

(religious systems, spirits), upon the mountains (strongholds, dominions, kingdoms within), and a number of

other realms. You will understand a great truth when you understand that all of these things are as truly within

us as they are without! These are the very things that must be purged and eradicated once and for all and

completely from our lives if we are to share the glory of Christ’s kingdom! And what earthquakes shake our

lives as God brings His dealing hand upon the citadels of self and flesh and worldliness that dwarf and conceal

the Christ-life within! What fires are ignited in our souls as the Lord comes to His temple and sits in His temple

as a refiner’s fire and as fuller’s soap, purging and purifying His Royal Priesthood! What hailstones of a “hard

word” fall from the heavens of God’s Spirit into our land as He smashes our religious idols and all the things we

treasure more than His will and way! Oh, yes! There is an uncovering, an unveiling, a revelation of Jesus

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 2, The Revelation Of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 5

Christ! “We greatly rejoice…that the trial of your faith…might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the

appearing (apokalupsis, disclosure, uncovering, revelation) of Jesus Christ.” (I Pet. 1:6-7) Prayerful pondering

of this scripture is all that is needed to grasp the meaning of the honor and glory that shall be ours, not in being

caught up into the starry skies out of the trials, testings and provings which produce the honor and glory, but


from the bondage of sin, sickness, fear, pain, limitation and death to all men and all realms through the outflowing

of His love, grace, glory and power.


There is a wonderful act of God that transcends by far anything that has ever been known. It is the unveiling of

the sons of God. Early in the opening verses of the Revelation we read that Christ “hath made us kings and

priests unto God and His Father.” (Rev. 1:6) As the revelation progresses with the Christ always as the central

figure, we next find Him standing in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks with a special message and call

to the overcomers out of these various churches. It is significant to note that in the letters to the seven

churches hardly one promise is made to the churches themselves — the promises are made to the

overcomers! To the overcomer He says, “I will write upon him my new name; he will walk with me in white; I

will grant him to sit with me in my throne.” Thus, in the unveiling of Jesus Christ, we also come to the

UNVEILING OF THE OVERCOMER — those who eat with Him of the tree of life, live with Him free from

corruption and death, share with Him a new name, rule with Him over the nations and all things, walk with Him

clothed upon with the dazzling brightness of the light of God’s glory, dwell with Him in the city and the temple of

God, stand with Him on the pinnacle of mount Zion, come with Him to smite all nations with the irresistible

sword of the living Word of God, and sit with Him upon the Father’s throne from whence He rules over all the

vastnesses of infinity for evermore! And so, through the book, again and again, we see this many-splendored

unveiling — THE SON and the sons, THE OVERCOMER and the overcomers, THE LAMB and those with Him

on mount Zion, THE WORD and they that are with Him who are called, chosen, and faithful, THE KING and

those who reign with Him, THE HIGH PRIEST clothed in the priestly garment and those who are in Him made

a kingdom of priests unto God.

There is coming a day — and it is the next major event of God’s program of the ages — when all the glories of

the Son of God will be revealed and manifested in the sons of God. As one has written, “Let us open our

hearts that God may speak to us and show us what a son of God really is, for the greater works (Jn. 14:12) of

which Jesus spoke are not to be performed by ordinary believers, but by that vast family of sons who are now

nearing the hour of manifestation. They are that chosen company, selected from many ages, who through fires

and furnaces of affliction have been brought into that same glorious image of Jesus Christ. These sons of God

are like Him. They are exactly like Him. They are in His image (Rom. 8:29). They are in His image and after His

likeness. They are so completely sons of God, and so completely like Him, so completely born of Him, so

completely of His mind and will and purpose their one difference is that He (the blessed Jesus) is the eldest in

that vast family of sons and they with Him are the bridegroom, the last Adam in all His completeness” — The


With all emphasis I must declare that we are now hastening toward the hour of the long awaited unveiling of

the sons of God! That is the word used in the Greek — “For the earnest expectation of the creation waiteth for

the apokalupsis, the unveiling, the revelation of the sons of God!” (Rom. 8:19). For millennia creation has

groaned under the thralldom of sin, sorrow and death, and who among us does not in some measure groan

with it even now? But our heavenly Father had a purpose wonderful and glorious beyond words to express, for

He in hope subjected creation to futility, condemned it to frustration, placed it under the yoke of sin, pain, and

death. His hope was that out of this realm He would bring forth sons — tried, tested, proven sons — who out of

the crucible of experience with all the negatives, would grow strong and bright and holy, overcoming all the

darkness of this dread realm, to stand tall and victorious in the image and glory of their Father. They would be

holy, not because they were created holy with no knowledge of sin and death, but out of their experience with

sin and death would chose the wisdom and life of their Father, by it throwing off the shackles of weakness,

waywardness, limitation, error and mortality. They would then know as God knows! They would understand the

true nature of all things! They would perceive the deep mysteries of creation and redemption! They would

become incorruptible in mind, heart and nature! These firstborn sons would be the hope of all creation! “For the

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 2, The Revelation Of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 6

creation itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the sons of

God.” (Rom. 8:21) And because God subjected creation to this gross material realm with all its sorrows in

hope of His sons who would first overcome within themselves, and then deliver all creation, we read of that

hope which springs perennial within the bosom of every man and all things, because it was placed there by the

Creator, “the whole creation waits expectantly and longs earnestly for God’s sons to be made known — waits

for the revealing, the disclosing of their sonship!” (Rom. 8:19) (Amplified).

Understood as THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST, immediately the book is transformed from a history

book into a spiritual book showing forth the victory and triumph of the Christ of God, Head and body. The

saints have heard the term “apocalypse” and it conjures up ideas of the wrath and vengeance of God,

tribulation, destruction, and the end of the world. Yet the word apokalupsis from which our English word

“apocalypse” is derived, carries no negative connotation in the Greek! The whole book of Revelation is the

Apocalypse that is so important to us! Whatever is happening, good or bad, sweet or painful, is a part of the

unveiling of Jesus Christ! By that unveiling many things are made to appear in their true light. Thousands of

God’s elect who read these lines today see the church system for what it is — the harlot, Mystery Babylon the

Great. Truly we have come to loathe the carnality, shame, self-righteousness, spiritual fornication,

uncleanness, lewdness and wanton haughtiness of this corrupt system! Was it not the light of the mind of

Christ arising within our lives that caused us to see it as it is? And oh, what struggles and dealings and

strippings we passed through as God purged our hearts from the love of Babylon and our lives from its fleshly

ways! What earthquakes shook our world, what hailstorms fell in our land, what fires of God burned in our

souls! You see, beloved, the vengeance of God is not against His creation, nor is it against men of any nation,

ethnicity, character, or religion. “God so loved the world.” The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against

every evil that pollutes, enslaves, distorts, and destroys His creation and men’s lives! That is but one small

example of what we see in the Revelation. By the pure and true revelation of Christ within our hearts many

things are made to appear in their true light. That means that all the evil things which appear do so because of

the true light, and in that light they are made to appear in their true character: JUST WHAT THEY ARE! It is the

light of the Lamb which makes this so! As in the holy city, so throughout the book the Lamb is the light thereof.

For He is the true light which lights every man, coming into the world.

Let me say again, as I may say a hundred times more, one can never understand correctly the book of

Revelation so long as his eyes are fastened on events in the outer world. The understanding of “the beast” and

“his image” and “his mark” comes only by the inner illumination that the Spirit brings. That is, they are revealed

by the flooding light radiating forth from the indwelling Christ! In that true light of God all that is not born of God

appears as it truly is, that it may be duly brought to judgment, dealt with and eradicated from our lives. The

fiercest beast I have encountered in my years upon this earth is the beast of old Adam’s nature, the carnal

mind, the seed of the serpent slithering about within my very bosom. The heart of our natural life is still

deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it? How I praise God with joy unspeakable

and full of glory for the penetrating light of God’s Christ which uncovers the subtleness and deceitfulness of this

wild beast, the bestial nature lumbering about in OUR EARTH.

It is not getting rid of the “old man” that enables us to blissfully live the Christ life. It is the unveiling of Jesus

Christ as the glorious light of life that chases away the darkness of the carnal mind, exposing the flesh with all

of its corruption that it may once and for all be dethroned from mind, heart and action. As the dawn dissolves

the night, so the light and life which Christ is swallows up the darkness and death within us. The daylight fills

the world just as truly as the night darkness ever did! Even so, the light of God shall fill the world, our world,

and the world outside of us, as truly as the darkness of sin, fear and death has done. And when it is all over

every creature in heaven, earth and hell shall have had a REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST!

Once we see clearly the great spiritual principles in the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the wars that take place,

and all the judgments, vials, earthquakes, etc., begin to make divine sense! It is not unlike the conflicts that

arise in a home as parents raise their children. There are problems, commotions, disciplines, and sometimes

open warfare! There is also love, mercy, forgiveness, admonition, counsel, blessing and sacrifice. What makes

it all worthwhile is the finished product — children that grow up with love and respect for their parents, and with

purpose, maturity, ability, judgment, and responsibility in the world. God is raising up and bringing forth a new

life in the land, a new creation in Him, a new family of sons. And what conflicts, chastisements, counsels, and

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 2, The Revelation Of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 7

corrections, with love, faithfulness and blessings, take place within us as the old passes away and all things

are made new!

God makes war because He loves us. All that appears in the book of Revelation as destruction and

devastation is but a picture of God’s love, correction and instruction that is consuming the ignorance, self-will

and foolishness within the heart of a child. The more you love your children the more you will meditate upon

how to confront them and deal with them in order to change them from their immature and rebellious state of

being to bring them to a higher and wiser state of being as mature and responsible citizens. Your purpose is

not to destroy them, but to bring their childish ways into the captivity of obedience that leads to wisdom and

knowledge. The childish mind sees instruction and correction as its enemy — the child will huff and puff and

chafe under the chastisement, because in his inexperience and ignorance he cannot see the overall purpose.

Children can’t see why they have to go to bed, why they have to take a bath, why it is necessary to share, why

they can’t go here or there and do this or that, why they can’t hang out with their friends, why the homework

must be done first, why there are chores and responsibilities that cannot be shirked, why they must keep their

room clean, obey their parents and a hundred other things.

Children fail to perceive the beauty and blessing and purpose of the life you are preparing them for or the

realm you are bringing them into. The reason you make war with them is to bring them into a wonderful adult

life that will be rich and free and abundant. You are shaping their characters to be honored among men, to be

leaders, to have and provide for their own families, to hold their heads high with accomplishment, purpose and

dignity. When the course is finished they will rise up and call you blessed and always thank you and honor you

for your steadfastness, faithfulness, and persistence in wisely guiding them to that delectable world. But before

that comes, there are mighty conflicts— and so it is in the family of God — the Lamb is warring against the

beast! The Lamb nature makes war with the beastly character of the carnal mind. This is the supreme

message of the book of Revelation! It is the story of God’s dealings with sons to bring them to perfection and

maturity, to the status of overcomers, to the throne of God and of the Lamb!

How do I know this? I know it because the subject of the book is KINGSHIP and PRIESTHOOD! All the

promises to the overcomers, set against the backdrop of the problems, sins, corruption, disobedience,

fleshliness, and abominations of the seven churches, speak of this great truth. It is the mind of man that keeps

the world in continual turmoil. It seethes and bubbles and boils and erupts like a vast cauldron and the wisdom

of man is powerless to help it. The earth abounds in forms of godliness, yet justice and equality have taken

wings and righteous judgment is scarcely known. In spite of plenty, hunger stalks the earth because of the

misrule and greed of ignorant and covetous men. Men in the church and out of it are lovers of pleasure far

more than lovers of God. For six thousand years man has struggled to bring about a sort of Utopia, but the

human mind and the fleshly nature, prone as they are to self-interest, self-will, greed, lust, arrogance and

violence have filled the earth with corruption and evil. The natural man can never deliver the world or bring in a

reign of righteousness!

The world must be delivered into the hands of a new and different and higher race of men! The message of the

Revelation concerns the dealings of God by which He raises up that superior race of men, men in the image

and likeness of God, men filled with the mind and the wisdom of Christ, men impregnated with the nature and

spirit of the Father in heaven. These are the manifested sons of God! These are the overcomers of whom the

Lord Jesus testifies in the closing chapters of the Revelation: “He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I

will be his God, and he shall be my son.” (Rev. 21:7) The book of Revelation is the drama of God’s dealings

with His sons to make them kings and priests for the deliverance and salvation of the whole world and all men.

We must never overlook that fact!

The great truth that is wide open to our understanding is this: No trial that we pass through is merely a trial — it

is a battle with God! You will understand that if you are truly called to sonship! The only problem we have is our

problem with God. If there was no issue of our will and our ways versus God’s will and God’s ways, the test

would cease to be a test, for there would be no doubt, no hesitation, no struggle, no conflict, no controversy.

The issue would not exist or would at once be resolved — swallowed up in the blessedness of obedience! We

would all be sons qualified to rule and reign with Christ, delivering creation, just as soon as we truly embraced

the “finished work” of Christ!

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 2, The Revelation Of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 8

There are areas of our lives where many who treasure the bright hope of sonship still obey God because of the

fear of punishment. That is the knowledge of good and evil! In those areas we are still under the law,

untransformed in spirit and nature. There remains a struggle between our will and God’s will. Is there, then, no

punishment? I tell you, my beloved, the Lamb will make war with us! The wrath of the Lamb will be revealed

from heaven — the redemptive judgments of God. It is His all-consuming love revealed in Christ. It works in us

a new nature, the divine nature. It creates within us a new mind, the mind of Christ. It puts within us a new

spirit, the spirit of the Lord. It makes us the sons of God with sonship understanding, sonship wisdom, sonship

love, sonship maturity, sonship power, and sonship responsibility in the beauty of His ways, no longer trapped

in the childish mind that still wonders if God is going to spank us. “Behold! I make all things new! Behold! The

tabernacle of God is with men, and He shall dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself

shall be with them, and be their God!” (Rev. 21:3,5).

As you read the book of Revelation with the illumination of the Spirit it will speak to you! You will find yourself

experientially in one of the seven churches, with its characteristics either positive or negative; or you will see

yourself in the seals, the trumpets, or the vials of wrath; you will discover yourself in the glory of the bride, or in

the judgments of the whore; you will lie in the bed with Jezebel, or stand with the 144,000 on mount Zion; you

will be cut to pieces by the sword of God’s Word that proceeds out of His mouth, or you will ascend to the

throne of God to rule the nations with a rod of iron; you will be refined in the burning inferno of the lake of fire,

or you will have pouring out of the throne of God within you the invigorating waters of the river of life; your flesh

will be served up as food for the vultures (spirits), or you will be clothed in fine linen, pure and white, and sing

the song of Moses and the Lamb. Oh, yes! You are there, my friend, in every verse and every line. Only the

Spirit of God can show you to you, and finish the work, that you may become THE REVELATION OF JESUS

CHRIST in the earth!

You are writing a gospel,

A chapter each day;

By deeds that you do;

By words that you say;

Men read what you write,

Whether faithless or true.

Say, what is the gospel

According to you?

The church today is full of energetic and sincere preachers and teachers who are just full and bubbling over

concerning things that are going to happen. Almost daily I receive across my desk their dire prophecies of

doom and terrifying predictions of the coming antichrist, economic collapse, world war, assassinations,

earthquakes, famines, conspiracies or that this or that is the mark of the beast, often complete with dates and

timetables, none of which ever come to pass. It should be very humiliating to have world events continually

follow a course exactly opposite to that which has been mapped out by one’s prophetic teaching, and to have

one’s predictions proven false almost before the ink is dry on his paper. But not these false prophets! They are

masters at glibly side-stepping their repeated failures with the assertion that they said merely that such-andsuch

“might” happen or “could” happen, or enough people prayed so that it didn’t happen, or their vision of the

date involved was a little hazy so that it may have been 2012 instead of 2002! With feigned words and deceit

they dupe and delude their sensation-seeking followers.

The world pays no attention to the modern day preacher when he always cries “Wolf.” By that I mean that the

world today pays no attention to all this “calamity howling” being broadcast by the preachers. It is just

something to joke about, or to be endured by the world at large. Prophecies and sermons are given in the

thousands of words. Books are published by the hundreds of thousands, giving dates and times and cycles

and calamities that are to take place and never do they come to pass. Think of all the prophecies that were

written about what the Soviet Union was going to do, and now the Soviet Union doesn’t even exist anymore!

And it will not be revived! So the world scarcely notices, and goes on about its business of trying to make ends

meet and keep up with the demands of daily living in a technological world. People sell or give away all their

possessions and loudly proclaim the end of the world or the second coming of Christ, and many times

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 2, The Revelation Of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 9

assemble themselves in various places to await the supposed coming events. And some, even in this word of

sonship and the kingdom, secretly wonder, “Could they be right? Maybe it will come to pass!” But the time for

their happening comes and goes, and the disappointed and disillusioned people are left destitute. Yet there are

countless others waiting to be duped and disillusioned by someone else! Ah, it is high time for all the preachers

and teachers and would-be prophets to leave their ignorance of God and His majestic purposes and

acknowledge publicly their desperate lack, forsaking forever the delusions of their dead letter-of-the-word

interpretations of prophecy, and turning to the Lord for true spiritual wisdom and understanding. Thank God!

He is thoroughly delivering every one of His chosen elect from all this carnal tomfoolery, replacing it with the

glorious mind of Christ in the Spirit. The change is taking place in some even as they read these lines!

Thank God! The “apocalypse” is a thing of rarest beauty and divine majesty rather than a frightening, dreadful

and fearful time as the preachers of Babylon proclaim. True, not all the uncovering is glorious at the time, the

woes and thunders are fearful experiences, and the occurrences of the beast and the dragon, with their rise

and fall, are shuddering to the natural mind; but viewed from the position that all is the consequence of HIS

UNVEILING, and results in a new heaven and a new earth within us, indeed all things new, so overwhelms us

and enthralls us that we can but respond in glad unison with the revered Seer of Patmos, “Even so, Come (be

revealed), Lord Jesus!”

The book of Revelation sets before us a glorious Person, with the veil removed from Him, and with the veil

removed from our eyes so that we may look upon Him and see with the beloved John that the important things


1. The Judge — not the judgments!

2. The Lamb — not the dragon!

3. The Seven Spirits of God — not the spirits of devils!

4. The Rider on the White Horse who has Four Names — not the four horses!

5. The Throne of God — not the seat of the beast!

6. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah — not the beast out of the sea!

7. The Faithful and True Witness — not the false prophet!

8. The 144,000 Sons of God on Mount Zion — not the beast out of the earth!

9. Those who have the Father’s name on their forehead — not the mark of the beast!

10. The New Jerusalem — not Mystery Babylon!

11. The Bride of the Lamb — not the harlot!

12. The Manchild on the Throne — not the dragon cast out of heaven!

13. The Glory of God — not the darkness that covers the earth!

14. The Overcomers — not the churches whose candlesticks are removed!

15. The Unveiling of Jesus Christ — not the antichrist!

There is a dimension of the revelation of Jesus Christ that transcends the speaking of words, the writing of

books, and the preaching of sermons. The unveiling of Jesus Christ is the need of the hour, the purpose of this

Day, and the hope of creation! If God does not give a special ministration of the spirit of wisdom,

righteousness, and power to meet the need of creation, it will not be met. There are no buttons to press that

can deliver mankind from the power of sin and death, or solve the complex and frightening problems that exist

in the world today. The “name it and claim it” theology which says that Jesus has done it all, and all we need

now is to just believe it, has not and will not produce this manifestation! The further we move in God the more

helpless and totally empty we become, for our nothingness is met and satisfied only in the surpassing light and

power of HIS GLORY!

The whole earth and all creation is waiting for the glory of the Lord to be revealed in sons. The dealings of God

in your life and mine are fraught with divine purpose. There is something far greater ahead of us than walking

on streets of gold or flitting about in white night gowns strumming harps! This was the mentality installed in me

as a young man. Thank God there is a heaven, yea, there are many heavens, but I want to tell you something.

All the dealings of God us-ward, the cross, the suffering, the processing, the blessing, the glory — are intended

to put something of His nature and character into us! And this is not to make us holy enough for heaven, but to

enable Him to be made manifest in all the fullness of Himself right here in this old dark world in which we live!

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 2, The Revelation Of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 10

God has purposed that righteousness, glory and power shine forth before the face of all nations! This will be

accomplished through those who are now being transformed into the likeness of His Son! We are being

changed now! A new order is arising in the earth! The kingdom glory of the Lord shall be revealed from the

living, completed temple of His body! His righteousness and life shall fill the earth! His power will shake the

nations and all nations shall come and worship before HIM! The harvest of this age shall be gathered! All

things shall be made new! Creation shall be released from the bondage of corruption! Sin and death shall reign

no more! God’s elect is being prepared for this even as I pen these words!

The following words by Paul Mueller are so very true and encouraging that I choose to close this message with

them: “Although darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness the hearts of the people, Christ is being

revealed in a great light to His Brethren — to those who are of like calling and spirit. Were it not for the present

unveiling and manifestation of Christ within us, the darkness would overwhelm us and cover us in its stifling,

oppressive mantle of doom. But Christ is being revealed! Because of Him, the darkness shall not overwhelm

us, for the night is light around us (Ps. 139:11-12). We are being sustained by His presence. He is giving us

the strength and fortitude to press on to the utmost heights in Him. Christ is the Light; He is the Day Star rising

in our hearts, filling us with hope for the greater glory that is to come. While others may be surrendering to the

darkness or to anything else that might detract from the kingdom of God, the elect are walking in solitude with

the Lord, singing through this night with gladness of heart. Why do we sing in the midst of this darkness?

Because we have become the answer and have been given a fore-taste of the restoration to come! We are

singing because we are ascending the mount of the Lord, resulting in spiritual growth that brings forth a joy that

passes understanding (Is. 35:10)” — end quote.



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FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 3, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 1





“Teaching the things concerning the kingdom of God…”




The first thing we should note about the wonderful book of Revelation is what it is about. We’re told what it is

about! It isn’t about the devil, or demons, or hobgoblins. It isn’t about the antichrist. Now, you can find antichrist

there, if you really want, and you can find the devil described in many shapes, forms, colors, and sizes. But the

book isn’t about him! Nor is it about Nero, the Jews, Charlemagne, the Roman Catholic Church, the Moslems,

Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler, Mussolini, Communism, the New World Order, the European Community, the Arabs,

Saddam Hussein, or laser tattoos.

The very first line of the very first verse tells us precisely what it is about! It is “the revelation of JESUS

CHRIST.” It is the unveiling of Jesus Christ. It is the presentation to us of the Lord Jesus Christ in all His

beauty, majesty, power and glory. That’s what the book is about! If you read the book and fail to see Jesus

Christ unveiled, magnified, glorified and revealed in all His glorious and eternal reality, then you have missed

the whole message of the book!

In the Gospels you have the Lord Jesus as He walked the earth. You see Him not only in His marvelous

ministry of teaching and miracles, you see Him in His humanity, in His weakness, in His humiliation, in His

reproach, in His rejection, in His suffering, and in His death. But the Gospels aimed at the resurrection and

ascension. The last view you have of Jesus in the Gospels is of Him ascending in a cloud, and He was

received out of their sight. What happened after that? That is where the book of Revelation begins! It is the

unveiling of Jesus Christ as He is! We don’t need a revelation of Jesus as He was. That is history. That story is

chronicled in the Gospels and has been trumpeted by the church systems for two thousand years. That Jesus

is forever gone, never to walk the paths of earth again. “Yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet

now henceforth (from this time on) know we Him no more” (II Cor. 5:16). What we need is a revelation of the

present glory of Jesus Christ! Where is Jesus now? What is He doing now? What is He like now? This book

begins right at the beginning with Jesus alive, Jesus incorruptible and immortal, Jesus ascended, Jesus

glorified, Jesus crowned, Jesus enthroned, Jesus formed in His body, Jesus reigning in and through His many

brethren, Jesus manifested, revealed, and unveiled in His people, the corporate Son, and Jesus coming and

coming and continuing to come from one degree of glory to another, Jesus triumphant as Lord of all!

The revelation of Jesus Christ is also the revelation of the body of Christ, for it is impossible to have a

revelation of Christ the Head apart from a revelation of Christ the body. We are members of Christ, bone of His

bone, flesh of His flesh, mind of His mind, will of His will, nature of His nature, and spirit of His spirit. The book

of Revelation is about Jesus Christ raised up in, and revealed in, HIS BODY! That should not surprise us, for

“when Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall we also appear with Him in glory.” (Col. 3:4) Wherever

the Head is, there is the body. If you want to find me, look for my body — I’m usually there! If you want to find

Jesus Christ, look for His body! Wherever Jesus Christ appears, His body will appear. In whatever degree of

glory Jesus Christ shall be revealed, His body shall be revealed in that same glory, for we are the fullness of

Him that filleth all in all. (Eph. 1:23) Christ dwells in fullness in His body, just as you live and move and speak

and act in and through your body. A revelation of Christ apart from His body would be a travesty, an incredible

absurdity. So in the book of Revelation there is the revelation of Christ in His body. It cannot be otherwise!


We speak too carelessly of the deep and sacred things of God. One of the greatest truths ever kept hidden

from the eyes of men is the truth about the revelation of Jesus Christ. I must hastily add, the revelation is not

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 3, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 2

the revelation of “Jesus” — neither is it the revelation of “Christ.” It is the revelation of JESUS CHRIST!

Although Jesus and Christ are forever one and inseparable, yet there are distinct revelations and

manifestations of each one. Jesus simply means Saviour. “Thou shalt call His name Jesus (Yashua, Yahweh

is Salvation), for He shall save His people from their sins.” (Mat. 1:21) This was the word of the angel Gabriel

to Mary! The name Jesus reveals His Saviourship. Jesus asked His disciples one day, “Whom say ye that I

am?” And Simon Peter answered and said, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God!” And Jesus

answered and said unto him, “Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto

thee, but my Father which is in heaven.” (Mat. 16:16-17)

The disciples knew that they had been walking, talking, and eating with Jesus of Nazareth. But it took a

revelation of the Spirit for them to see that this same Jesus of Nazareth was also “the Christ, the Son of the

living God.” When Jesus was born, heavenly angels announced His birth to the startled shepherds, saying,

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” (Lk. 2:11) You see,

despite the fact that a large percentage of present day believers frequently use the word Christ to refer to the

Lord Jesus, very few people even know what the word means, much less understand the message behind it.

Christ is not Jesus’ last name! Christ is not an English word — it’s a Greek word. Why translators have

neglected to translate it for so many years, I don’t know. But because they did not translate it, but merely

brought it over into the English virtually in its Greek form, generations of Christians have missed out on its

great meaning and significance. For hundreds of years western believers have ignorantly used the word Christ

merely as a religious title!

The plain truth is the word Christ means Anointed. Although we generally think of the word anointed in a

spiritual context, the word in and of itself isn’t spiritual. Anointed simply means to pour over, smear on and rub

into. When you go to the beach, you anoint yourself with suntan lotion. So there’s nothing particularly special

about the generic word anoint. But when you begin to talk about Jesus being The Christ, the One who has

been sent by God and anointed with God’s reconciling, quickening, saving, transforming power, the word

becomes very, very special. It takes on great significance, not just because it’s some kind of mystical, religious

term, but because of the powerful, practical nature of what the anointing of God is, and can do!

Christ is the transliteration of the Greek word “Christos,” which simply means one anointed with holy oil. The

Hebrew “Mashiach,” from which we get our word Messiah, has the same meaning as the Greek word

“Christos,” which is the anointed. It comes from a root word which simply means to smear or rub with oil. The

first time we meet with holy oil in the scriptures is in the narrative of Jacob’s experience at Bethel. “And Jacob

awaked out of his sleep, and he said, Surely the Lord is in this place! … And Jacob took the stone that he had

put for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil upon the top of it. And he called the name of that

place Beth-el.” And from that memorable morning, all through the Old Testament, wherever there was a spot of

common earth to be separated unto God and consecrated, or a common object to be dedicated to holy use, or

a common man to be set apart and sanctified as a priest, or a sovereign to be enthroned and crowned, Jacob’s

holy oil was always employed for that sacred purpose. Holy oil became one of the most impressive and

important, as well as one of the most universal, of all the sacramental signs and seals in the Old Testament


It continued to be so, till all consecration, and all sacrifice, and all priesthood, and all sovereignty came to their

consummation in Jesus, the Christ of God — the Anointed of Yahweh! And thus it is that His Old Testament

name, The Messiah, and His New Testament name, The Christ, and His English name, The Anointed One,

contain and convey to us the whole heavenly history of His election from everlasting, His predestination, His

incarnation, His calling, His consecration, and His complete equipment, in every way, for all the position and

ministry and glory and dominion He now fills as the Son of God. When our Lord first announced Himself to

Israel, He opened the book of Isaiah, and found the place where it was written of Him: “The Spirit of the Lord is

upon me, because He hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor: He hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted,

to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, and to set at liberty them

that are bruised.” This, then, is the true Messiah, the true Christ, the true Anointed — the Christ of God! Even

as Peter opened his mouth, and began to preach Christ to Cornelius, and to all his house, in these very words:

“How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost, and with power: who went about doing good, and

healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him.”

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 3, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 3

And this is how this great name, “The Christ,” came to be given to the man, Jesus of Nazareth, above all other

men. Almighty God took that chosen man and anointed Him, as man had never been before, with the Holy

Ghost. That is to say, God filled the man Jesus of Nazareth as full as human nature could hold of the mind,

and the spirit, and the grace, and the glory, and the power of the Divine Nature. And having so anointed Him,

God then presented Him to Israel, and through Israel to the whole world, as the Son of God in human flesh.

Some say that Christ is the anointing, but that is not quite the truth. Jesus the Christ is the anointed, the

anointed one, and Christ is the one anointed, not the anointing. The oil typifies the anoint-ing, but the one upon

whom the oil was poured was the anoint-ed. Others teach that Jesus “had the Christ” or that “the Christ was in

Jesus.” Those terms are foreign to scripture and make no sense whatsoever. The Christ is not something that

came upon Jesus or that dwelt in Jesus — the Christ is who and what Jesus was and is! “Thou art the Christ…”

(Mat. 16:16). “God has made this same Jesus both Lord and Christ.” (Acts 2:36). “Whosoever believeth that

Jesus is the Christ is born of God.” (I Jn. 5:1) Jesus was not the oil — He was the prophet, priest, and king

upon whom the oil was poured! He is not the anointing — He is the anointed!

While we rejoice in the wonderful fact that Jesus is the Christ, the deeper truth is that as Jesus is the Anointed,

or the Christ, even so are we! Contrary to popular teaching Christ is not only the one man, Jesus — not merely

one person, but many. “For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one

body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ!” (I Cor. 12:12). In union with Jesus Christ, the anointing

which made Jesus the Christ now makes you and me the Christ. It is because “the Anointed” is in us, and we

are in Him! We have received of HIS ANOINTING. “But the anointing which ye have received of Him abideth in

you…and ye shall abide in Him.” (I Jn. 2:27) According to this passage the anointing which we have received

from Him has now become our anointing because we abide or dwell in Him. Jesus Christ is THE ANOINTED

ONE and we are members of His body — therefore we are IN THE ANOINTED ONE and share HIS

ANOINTING. It is not Christ as the anointing that makes us the anointed, it is our participation in the very

substance of Christ — the Anointed One — that makes us anointed! He is not our anointing — the anointing

which He received from the Father is now also our anointing!

The spirit of sonship from God is the holy oil and Jesus Christ is the Head that was first anointed with that oil.

Many do not understand this simple truth! Therefore they try to separate “Christ” from “Jesus Christ.” Jesus the

Christ is the Head of this body, and the very life and reality of this body which we are. The same anointing that

is poured upon the Head-Christ flows all the way down to the feet of the Christ-Body, so that every member of

the body is anointed with the same anointing as the Head. The Head is not the anointing! The Head is the

Anointed, and as members of His body we have received from Him the same anointing! It is impossible to

separate Jesus from the Christ, or Christ from Jesus Christ, just as it is impossible to separate ourselves from

the Christ of God. When we are truly apprehended of the Father as sons of God, in the same family and order

as Jesus, we receive the same spirit of sonship from the Father, which is the anointing that makes us THE

ANOINTED SON! Flesh and blood cannot reveal this truth to our hearts! The Father, from whom issues the

spirit of sonship, must reveal it within ourselves by the Spirit! It is the Spirit that searches out the mysteries of

the kingdom of God and all the deep things of God, and that same spirit must reveal these truths to His

apprehended ones! As I write these lines and make a feeble attempt to set forth to the Lord’s precious elect

what I see in the Spirit, I sense the presence and power of the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead!

There is no point in over emphasizing this fact, but we want to clearly establish the truth that “Christ” is not

something Jesus possessed, but it is who and what HE IS. It is not “Christ” as something or someone separate

from Jesus that we have received, and in whom we live, but it is JESUS CHRIST who is our very own reality.

Let us note but a few of the many passages that make this truth plain. “Know ye not, that so many of us as

were baptized into Jesus Christ, were baptized into His death?” (Rom. 6:3). “There is therefore now no

condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.” (Rom. 8:1) “But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ” (Rom.

13:14) “Unto…them which are sanctified in Christ Jesus.” (I Cor. 1:2) “But of Him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of

God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption.” (I Cor. 1:30) “Know ye

not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?” (II Cor. 13:5). “For ye are all

one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal. 3:28) “And hath…made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” (Eph.

2:6) “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works…” (Eph. 2:10).

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 3, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 4

Christ means THE ANOINTED! It will be very helpful if in every place in the New Testament where the word

Christ appears we would read it with the understanding that it means the Anointed or the anointed One.

Anointed with the spirit of sonship we shall overcome in every area, triumphing gloriously in every situation,

and will come forth in His victory over all things! Our lives have been foreordained by the Father to walk this

path unto sonship. It is a path that was predestined for us in Christ Jesus before the world began. This path

was established in Christ for all who are apprehended of the Father to the glory of manifest sonship. It is not

“Christ” as something other than Jesus that energizes us, but it is the risen, ascended, glorified, spiritualized,

and universalized Jesus Christ who is the genetics of our very own sonship! Therefore we are assured that we

shall be able to attain to the same fullness of sonship as it is fulfilled in our Lord Jesus the Christ! What a word!

What a hope! Hallelujah!

With this exhortation fresh upon our minds, let us think a little further about the book of Revelation as THE

REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST. Again I say, it is not simply the revelation of “Jesus,” nor is it merely the

revelation of “Christ.” It is the revelation of J-E-S-U-S C-H-R-I-S-T! Nothing more, and nothing less. There is

“another Jesus” and “another Christ” that is proclaimed today by the New Age movement, and the concept of

some who call themselves kingdom people and sons of God is not far removed from this other Jesus and this

other Christ.

The New Age terminology can be mistakenly taken for Kingdom Truth. They speak much of the kingdom of

God within man, of Christ within man, of love, mercy, goodness, and spiritual perfection and oneness with God.

The ancient serpent is wise, shrewd, crafty and subtle, and he knows that the most effectual way to instill error

into the minds of the unwary is to use old and precious words and put a new meaning into them. So when his

messengers, masquerading as “ministers of righteousness,” seek to lead, if possible, the very elect astray,

they use the old precious words, but put an entirely different and false meaning. When they talk about God and

our heavenly Father they don’t mean the God of the Bible, the personal God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. They mean the impersonal energy that is resident in all things

animate and inanimate. They talk of atonement, but they do not mean at all the redemptive death of Jesus

Christ on our behalf by which we are reconciled to God by His blood. They mean the at-one-ment in which we

recognize our oneness with all things, a cosmic unity, not with the Creator, but within ourselves and with the

creation. Jesus has nothing to do with it at all, except as a great Teacher, a Way-shower, revealing to us the

divine potential inherent in every man. They believe there are many ways to God — Jesus is merely a way

given to Christians — one of many ways to God.

What do the New Age people look to for salvation? A complete or perfect union with this “inexorable principle”

or “divine energy” permeating all things, which is their god! It is the same thing as Nirvana of the Buddhist,

Brahma of the Hindu — an imaginary god-consciousness, into which all will finally be absorbed. And this is

attained by discovering and developing your “inner self” — which “inner self” is the corrupted soul rather than

the regenerated spirit! And when they talk about Christ, they do not mean at all our Lord and Saviour Jesus

Christ, the actual historic Jesus who lived and died for us, who rose from the dead, ascended up to the right

hand of God, and came back again in mighty spirit-power. Oh, no! They mean an “ideal Christ, or a “Christ

principle” that is in every man! They mean the “inner self” of the soul! They see God as the life principle of

every man and Christ is the name that is given to man once he has awakened to his godhood. Now, it is true

that the seed of God is in every man! But no man is “Christ,” that is, an anointed one, until the seed of God in

him is quickened, germinated, and empowered by the infusion of God’s Holy Spirit! Jesus, in the New Age

view, was no more the Son of God than the drunk in the gutter. He was simply a good man, a highly developed

man, a “Master-Spirit” who developed the Christ principle within him and showed men how to awaken to their

true inner self. According to their teaching Jesus was a man who went through many incarnations. These

incarnations of Jesus took the form of Confucius, Buddha, Moses, David, and many others. These lives were

his days at school, and he arrived at a state of consciousness, while manifesting as Jesus of Nazareth, where

he remembered his past lives. They see no need for Jesus as the Lamb slain, for redemption, justification,

regeneration, new birth, sanctification, baptism in the Holy Spirit, or any other New Testament experience. Men

don’t need to be saved, reconciled to God, or cleansed by the washing of regeneration — just awakened to the

god within! What the New Age movement has done in America and other western nations is to combine

Christian terminology with the tenets of various eastern religions, wrap them all up in a new package, and put a

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 3, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 5

label on the package which guarantees everyone salvation without a Saviour! And what some in this Kingdom

walk have done is create their own hybrid strain of sonship, speaking Kingdom truth deadly laced with pagan

New Age concepts!

The New Age movement is a modern form of eastern pagan religion — mingled with the darkness of the

occult. While they do espouse some principles that contain truth, these are at best but half-truths, which are

more deadly than the outright lie! All true reality of the living Jesus Christ is missing — they know not the Lord

Jesus as Saviour, nor the cleansing power of His blood, nor the quickening, regenerating work of the Holy

Spirit, nor the authority of His name, nor the baptism in His Spirit, nor the fellowship of His body, nor the truth

of the Holy Scriptures — in short they are at best bastard sons, subtle counterfeits, and there is no light in them

for the light they do have is darkness, merely their own supposed inherent godhood, unquickened and

unregenerated, which is the godhood of the self, old Adam — not the true and living God! This “inner self” of all

men is the “Cosmic Christ” of the New Age!

No truer words have been penned than those by Bob Torango wherein he writes, “I don’t care how much it

grieves some to think about having a Lord over themselves, no matter how much it makes their flesh to rebel,

there is only one Lord over all heaven and earth, and that is Jesus Christ. It is not your perceived higher self,

your I Am-ness, your shifted consciousness, your universal oneness, your metaphysical self, neither is it your

egotistical, sinless, Adamless, fleshless self. Let me go down on record and say that there is only One worthy

of honor and glory and adoration, only One to be worshipped and exalted, and it is not YOU. It is Him. If you

cannot see Him beyond YOU, then you have a problem, and we need to talk. We don’t have to exalt ourselves

to feel better about our status in the kingdom. If we would only exalt Him, then He would lift us above our

woeful self and bring us into His glory and crown us with everlasting joy. Isn’t that enough? Do you really need

to lower Jesus in rank and file in order to set yourselves up as kings? Must you continue to try to find another

door, another way into God? He is the door, and it is wide open for all. Walk through Him, sit down with Him

and drink the new wine and eat the bread of the kingdom. It is enough.”

The book of Revelation is not the revelation of this Cosmic Christ, nor of a Christ principle, nor of the old inner

self of unregenerated men — it is the revelation of the crucified, risen, ascended, glorified, spiritualized,

universalized JESUS CHRIST who is Saviour of all men and Lord of all! It is the revelation of Jesus Christ as

Head and body in the earth by the power of the spirit of His sonship! Remember, dear ones, that there is no

truth beyond Jesus Christ! He has been given the name which is above every name in the heavens and in the

earth! To Him has been given all power and all authority in heaven and in earth! Neither is there salvation in

any other, for there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved! He is the Head of all

principality and power! He is the prince of the kings of the earth! He is the firstborn among many brethren! He

is King of kings and Lord of lords! He is the Mighty God and the Everlasting Father! In Him dwelleth all the

fullness of the Godhead bodily! We are the body in which His fullness is revealed! Those who seek an ultimate

truth beyond Jesus Christ, an ultimate reality beyond Him, will discover to their dreadful dismay that they have

taken a fearful detour into the realms of outer darkness!


As I write these words I am aware that God’s love, wisdom, glory and power are undefinable. No one can

estimate or express the limitless love, the unmeasured goodness, or the unbounded power of God in His

universe. As I pen these paragraphs I am reminded of the story related by Fred Barlow about what Will Snow

did the first time he saw the Pacific Ocean. Will Snow, a Zyante Indian from Northern California, forty-three

years of age, in the early part of the twentieth century, had been chosen to be trained to a place of leadership

among the Zyantes by the late Dr. Harry Rimmer, scientist and author. Snow had never seen an automobile, a

train, electric lights, a city, anything remotely resembling civilization when Rimmer chose him for training. He

simply was a native American from the deep forests of the Northern California mountains.

One day Rimmer took Snow to San Francisco, then on to the Pacific Ocean. The sight of that sea staggered

the Indian’s imagination. He wanted to know what lake that was. The largest lake he had ever seen was Clear

Lake back in those northern mountains where Will had canoed and fished for blackfish. Rimmer replied, “Will,

this is not a lake, but it is an ocean, the Pacific Ocean.” Snow nodded. “How big is it?” Dr. Rimmer knew the

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 3, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 6

answer — its area, its width, its depth; but how could he explain these figures to an illiterate Indian. Those facts

would mean nothing to a man who had known only lakes, rivers, streams, forest.

So he suggested, “Will, you know Clear Lake?” “Yes.” “Will, can you imagine ten Clear Lakes in one place?”

“Maybe.” “Will, can you imagine one hundred Clear Lakes in one place?” “Too much,” replied the Indian. “You

got that much in this ocean?” Rimmer responded, “That much would only be a drop, Will, if you took it out of

the ocean.” The Indian shook his head. Then he asked, “Who drinks it?” “No one; it is salty.” The Indian

stooped down, tasted it, spat it out with a wry face. He walked further down the beach and tasted it there. The

result was the same. He waded out in it and tasted it there. Again he spat it out. By now he believed his


Later in the day Dr. Rimmer was watching Will. Fascinated, amazed by that ocean, and the scope of it, he

studied it, waded in it, thrilled to it. About time for them to leave, Rimmer saw Snow go to the ocean again. This

time he had a pint bottle. He bent over, filling it with water. “What are you going to do with it, Will?” The Indian

held up his filled bottle. “I’m going to take it home. My people will never believe what I’ve seen today. I want

them to see for themselves!” We smile at the ignorance of this poor Indian who thought that pint bottle could

capture the vastness, the limitlessness, the surging surf, the thrilling, stirring emotions, sights, smells, and

sounds of that greatest of the oceans!

Ah, can we not see by this how it is that not any single one of us contains all the greatness, vastness, glory

and majesty of God, but together all the perfected and matured members of the body of God’s glorious Christ

do contain all the fullness of God! You cannot put all the vastness of the ocean in a pint jar of sea water, yet,

within that pint jar of sea water is contained the essence of all that the ocean is. All the ingredients that make

up sea water are within that jar! You have the essence of all the ocean is, but you do not have all the ocean. In

like manner, every son of God contains within him all that God is, although he does not contain all of God. But

there is a majesty in the whole that cannot be known in the measure! That is why Jesus Christ has purposed

the increase of Himself, the enlargement of Himself, into a many-membered Son!

There can be no doubt that this is the very truth the apostle Paul was opening to the hearts of the believers

when he wrote of Jesus Christ, “God…gave Him to be the Head over all things to the church, which is His

body, the fullness of Him that filleth all in all” (Eph. 1:22-23). “And He is the Head of the body, the church: who

is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things He might have the preeminence. For it pleased

the Father that in Him (Head and body) should all fullness dwell” (Col. 1:18-19). “That Christ may dwell in your

hearts…that ye…may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and

height; and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye (plural, you all together) might be

filled with all the fullness of God.” (Eph. 3:17-19)

When you walk through the dramatic, poetic and prophetic book of Revelation looking for Jesus Christ, the

symbols and signs literally jump out on the stage of your mind to see a risen, ascended, victorious, conquering,

triumphant Christ — Head and body. This Christ is being formed in the life of every son of God, the reality of

our life, and here within His temple which we are He reigns and reconciles, transforms and matures, to be

revealed in all His glory. Capture the deeper meaning of Jesus Christ. Open your spirit and eyes to see! The

earthly body of Jesus of Nazareth cannot contain the magnitude of God’s Christ! Let’s now see Him no longer

after the flesh. We now see Him as He is! Celebrate His awesome presence! Bow within yourself in honor and

humility before His majesty! God hath made this Jesus both Lord and Christ! And He is now revealed through

the many-membered heavenly man of new creation people! This, my beloved, IS THE REVELATION OF


I am reminded of the story I read once that related how one day on their way home from a gathering of saints,

a little girl turned to her mother and said, “Mommy, the message this morning confused me.” The mother said,

“Oh? Why is that?” The little girl replied, “Well, brother Smith said that God is bigger than we are. Is that true?”

The mother replied, “Yes, that’s true honey.” “And he also said that God lives in us. Is that true, Mommy?”

Again the mother replied, “Yes.” “Well,” said the little girl, “if God is bigger than us and He lives in us, wouldn’t

He show through?” Ah, dear ones, that is just the whole matter of the revelation of Jesus Christ — that He

might show through!

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 3, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 7

Charles Weller once illustrated this truth from another perspective. He wrote, “I heard a story once of a brother

who God told to cross his legs and sit facing a wall. When he did so, God knocked the wall down. The brother

rejoiced that he could see a whole new world out there (outside of himself, for the wall was his body of the

outer man holding in the inner man). God rebuked him, for it was not for him to see out that the wall was

knocked down, but rather for those people who live in their outer man to see in and see the man who resides

inside! How carnal we can be! I, too, identified with the brother and his idea of seeing out, which I, too, thought

was spiritual; but it really was a carnal thought when viewed from God’s perspective. We aren’t to reveal Christ

to release ourselves from corruption, rather we are to reveal Christ that creation may see Him and live!”

A missionary in China was telling of Jesus for the first time to a group of people in an inland town. When he

had finished, someone spoke up and said: “Oh, yes, we knew Him. He used to live here.” Surprised, the

missionary said, “No, He didn’t live here. He lived centuries ago in another land.” Insisting that he had seen

Jesus, the man said, “Not so. He lived in this village. We knew him.” Then the simple country folk took the

missionary out to the village cemetery and showed him the grave of a missionary who had lived, healed,

served, and died in their community. And they thought he was Jesus — and he was!

When this experience of the Lord’s indwelling truly becomes life to us, the world sees the difference in us. They

begin to see Christ shining forth through our vessel. God has purposed from the beginning that He would live

inside of man, and be glorified from that place. Christ is beginning to appear on the scene in a greater way in

His saints! He is appearing as the dawning of a new Day, and will increase in glory until He is seen as the

brightness of the noonday sun from the east to the west. This is the revelation of the Lord to which we are

committed to attaining! This is the coming of the Lord to be glorified in His saints, to be admired in all them that

believe into this Day! This is the tabernacling of Christ with man! This is the experience of the elect in this hour

that is so transforming them that the glory of the indwelling Lord is showing through to the exterior!

We are standing in the hour of a unique revelation of Jesus Christ. The mystery of it is that the revelation of

Jesus Christ does not mean the bringing of Christ to maturity and fullness within us, it’s not adding something

to the Christ that is within us. That must take place before the unveiling, but it’s not the unveiling! The unveiling

is an uncovering. It doesn’t speak of the production or formation of the Christ, but it’s the uncovering of the

Christ who is already formed within!

Some centuries ago, in the city of Florence, Italy, there was a very famous man who erected a little shack

down in the central plaza. For two years, he labored in secret, behind the confines of that little shack. Nobody

in the city of Florence had an inkling of what was going on in that shack. Everyone knew who was in there, but

they did not understand what was being accomplished there. Most people in the world are aware that there is a

God, and they are sure that God is working, and most Christians would admit today that God is in us, and that

God must be doing something in us, but very few of them have any idea of what is taking place! So this man

labored for two years, and then announced to the citizens of Florence a day of unveiling. All the city gathered

into the central plaza and with bated breath, with ardent curiosity and intense expectation, stood waiting for the

unveiling. The great painter and sculptor, Michelangelo, began to tear apart the little shack. When it was all

removed, there was a veiled object standing in the center. Michelangelo lifted the veil, and the whole city

beheld with astonishment and wonder his marvelous statue of David.

I have stood in the museum in Florence, and I have looked upon that statue, and I tell you it’s magnificent!.

You can see every vein running down the legs of David, every ripple of the muscles, every detail of that

exquisite body. You discern the handsome character of the man. Now then, the wonder of the revelation, the

unveiling of that statue, was not in the making of it. That work was wrought in secret! When the day of the

unveiling came, the work was finished. Every detail was accomplished. Every chip of the chisel had been

made. Every sound of the hammer had been silenced. All the majesty and the glory of it had been produced by

the skill of one of the world’s greatest artists! But on the day of the uncovering, there was a revelation of that

which had been accomplished! Can we not see by this that the revelation of Jesus Christ does not mean the

production of Christ within us. The revelation of Jesus Christ is the unveiling of the Christ fully formed and

matured in every son of God!

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 3, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 8

I want to share something with those who read these lines today that God has been speaking deeply within my

heart. I, together with all God’s called out ones who have been pressing on into the kingdom of God in this

hour, have been greatly concerned with ministering to the Lord’s people, to bring forth an increase of the Christ

within us. We have wanted to see growth, we have desired to see change, we have sought to see

development and yearned for maturity to come within every member of the Christ body. We have known that

God is working, but our testimony has so often been that of the apostle Paul, in which he said, “Not as though I

had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I

am apprehended of Christ Jesus” (Phil. 3:12). We have confessed our lack, we have admitted our faults, we

have always felt that we come short of the glory of God. And we have looked upon the Lord’s dealings with the

trials and testings as the work of God to mature the Christ in us, to bring us to the full stature of the Son of

God. But I am hearing a word, and the word is this: GOD IS FINISHING HIS WORK! God is putting the

finishing touches on the image and likeness of God in our inner man!

I know some, in reading these words, will exclaim, “Who — me? You mean God has done everything in me

that He is going to do? Is this all there is? You mean I’m mature? You mean I’ve got all the mind of Christ? You

mean all the changes are in place? You mean I have received unlimited power? You mean I’m a son of God

ready to be revealed?” It seems incredible to us! But listen, my beloved, the work of God in sonship is first and

foremost in the inner man, the hidden man of the heart! It is the spirit, the deep inward life that God is raising

up into His mind, heart and nature. And I do believe that God has a people, gathered out of the ages, and a

people walking the earth in this very hour, in whom Christ is formed! It is not the outer man, it is not old Adam,

it is not the natural life that God is rehabilitating and perfecting — it is Christ in you the hope of glory! We need

to get our eyes on who we are and what we have attained in the spirit, not on how good and perfect the flesh

has become!

Let me make one thing very clear. When I talk about “the finished work” I don’t mean the same thing that we

often hear taught today. I’m not talking about the so-called “finished work of Calvary.” There is no finished work

of Calvary! When Jesus cried out on the cross, “It is finished!” He wasn’t proclaiming that the whole work of

redemption and restoration was finished. Not at all! Nothing was “finished” at the cross except His death, the

shedding of His precious atoning blood. But that’s not all there is to God’s great redemptive, restorative, and

transformative work! Paul stated it this way: “For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the

death of His Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by His life” (Rom. 5:10). You see, we were

reconciled by His death, but our full salvation comes by the working of His life! His life is His resurrection.

Without His life you have no finished work!

I would never belittle nor depreciate any aspect of the great work of Christ on behalf of man. I am extremely

thankful for Calvary and for the death of Christ. But if the work done at Calvary is the finished work, then we

are all still lost, doomed sinners. This fact is articulated so powerfully by the apostle Paul in I Corinthians

15:14-18 wherein he writes, “And if Christ be not risen, our preaching is vain, and your faith is also vain. Yea,

and we are found false witnesses of God: because we have testified of God that He raised up Christ: whom He

raised not up…and if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins. Then they also which are

fallen asleep in Christ are perished.” If Calvary finished the work, then there was no need for Christ to be

raised! But if Christ be not raised, we are still in our sins, and those who sleep will remain silent in their graves

forever! If the work was finished when Christ died on the cross, then our old man died with Him but we

received no new man by the power of His resurrection! “God…when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us

together with Christ…” (Eph. 2:6). “If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above.” (Col.

3:1) If redemption was finished at Calvary our old man is passed away, but our new man, the new creation,

has not been raised up in His life, so we are left in limbo, in the twilight zone of spiritual unconsciousness! Oh,

no, Calvary did not finish the work! Christ had to be crucified, buried, and raised from the dead in order for us

to be fully redeemed and made a new creation in Christ Jesus! But even His glorious resurrection did not

“finish” the work! He ascended! He was enthroned! He poured out the Holy Spirit that He might come and dwell

within us as our very life! So without Pentecost there is no “finished work.” And now we are coming to see that

only in the feast of Tabernacles is there truly a finished work!

What, then, did Jesus mean when He cried, “It is finished!” It is my conviction that He could not have meant

that redemption was finished! Rather, it was the whole course that He was given to fulfill in the flesh, from the

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 3, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 9

moment of His conception to the hour of His death that was finished. His walk in this earth realm as a son of

God in the flesh, with His life, obedience, and ministry, was brought to an end by His death on the cross. When

He arose He would be the Son of God on a higher plain! The sorrows, tears, pain, limitation, and humiliation of

mortal existence would be forever over. He finished His course, He kept the faith, He was obedient to the end,

and now, dying, He cries, “It is finished!” It wasn’t what He was doing for us that was finished, but His own

walking out of the Father’s purpose for Him in the flesh was finished. The term “the finished work of Calvary” is

but a play of words on that cry of Jesus as He died, but it is scripturally unsound and incorrect. But a particular

work that God had appointed His firstborn Son to accomplish in the flesh was finished at the hour of His death.

And, beloved, we have come to that very point in this hour as we await the manifestation of the sons of God!

The seed of Christ has grown within us, we have answered the Father’s call to follow the Lamb, we have

obeyed the word of the Lord birthed within our hearts, we have endured through the years of testings and

provings, we have overcome from realm to realm, and the word I hear in this hour is that same wonderful word

— IT IS FINISHED! I feel I cannot be too strong in my earnest exhortation to all who read that God in this Day

is finishing His work in a people who are now the sons of God.

I am not interested in eternal processing. Fifty-four years have passed since the revelation of sonship and the

kingdom of God burst forth in glory upon the called out of God. Thousands upon thousands have walked with

God in separation, dealings, obedience, growth and experience for many years. I have no desire to be among

those who are ever learning, but never coming to the experiential knowledge of the truth (II Tim. 3:7). It’s not in

my heart to forever be a child, to spend all my days on this planet confessing that I have not attained, neither

am I perfect, nor have I apprehended that for which Christ Jesus has apprehended me, nor yet have I grown

up into Christ. Am I saying by this that I am now a manifested son of God? No way! Manifested sonship is the

unveiling, the uncovering. But at some point there must be a work of God, a maturity of the Christ within,

worthy of being revealed! That is what I am saying. I do believe that a people has come to a high place of

attainment in sonship to God!

Through the years of our walk in the kingdom we have lived in various parts of the country, traveled

extensively, fellowshipped with groups of God’s elect and listened to tapes of ministry from a great many

brethren. There is one thing I hear that has been disturbing. And it troubled my spirit for a long time before the

mind of the Lord came clearly to me. I hear brethren saying, “Well, you know, I admit that I still have problems

in my life. I still get mad. I fly off the handle sometimes. I say things I shouldn’t say. I think things I shouldn’t

think. I do things I shouldn’t do. I struggle with habits and lusts and weaknesses like all of you do. But God is

still working on me!” Someone asks, “Well, brother Eby, what’s wrong with that? Don’t we still have the flesh to

contend with? Isn’t God still working on all of us?” Listen! Here’s the problem. Some of those preachers I was

listening to thirty years ago, and they were saying the same thing! I’m not talking about preachers out in the

church systems or in some revival realm. I’m talking about kingdom preachers, sons of God, Melchisedek

kings and priests, men who proclaim that they will conquer death, by-pass the grave, and deliver creation!! But

they continue to zero in on everybody’s problems, weaknesses, difficulties, carnality and shame, including their

own, and how Christ in you is able to give you the victory. Now, that is true, and declaring it is fine when you’re

preaching to spiritual babes and adolescents. But thirty years of preaching that word every Sunday to the same

people should be enough! How many lives will God give us to attain? How many years will we need to live in

order to finally get some victory? One hundred? Two hundred? A thousand? We should not get stuck in eternal

processing! There must come a day when we can cry, “It is finished!”

We don’t perceive that it is finished because we see the chaff of the outer flesh man and we say, “Something’s

wrong — this doesn’t look right! I know that Christ lives in me, I know that Christ has grown in me, I know that

sonship is working mightily in me, I know that the glory of God is bursting within me, but what I see in my flesh

outwardly doesn’t correspond with what I know is on the inside.” Ah, you’re seeing the chaff that lies on the

surface, but you are failing to discern the fully ripe kernel of wheat that lies within! The chaff is removed on the

threshing floor at the time of the harvest. The tares are torn out of the field and burned in the day of harvest.

Don’t confuse the kernel of wheat with the chaff or the tares with the wheat! Just because we have this

treasure in earthen vessels doesn’t mean that the value of the treasure within is diminished!

The revelation of Jesus Christ is when the treasure within is unveiled, uncovered, released! The veil is the flesh

and the carnal mind. The veil is the outer life of old Adam. The revelation of Jesus Christ is when the almighty

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 3, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 10

Father comes to separate the chaff, burn up the tares, vaporize the flesh, surgically remove the carnal mind,

once and for all delivering us from the outer life and the limitations of this gross material realm, as He did with

Jesus when He raised Him from the dead! The unveiling is the removing of all those things that obstruct,

hinder, distort, hide, conceal, and frustrate the shining forth of God’s incorruptible glory. The revelation is the

removal of the outer life, swallowing it up in victory, so that what the Master Craftsman has wrought over many

years in the deepest part of our being may be revealed, released, and seen in all of its beauty and majesty!


When we say that Christ is to be revealed in His body, that revealing does not come by adding things to the

Christ within. Truly the seed of Christ does grow up within us, yet all the potential of Christ is within that seed

and cannot be added to. How could you add anything to Christ? He is the brightness of God’s glory, the

express image of His person, and in Him all fullness dwells! For those who are truly sons of God, who have

walked with Christ on this path of sonship, learning to suffer with Him and to reign with Him, it is not more of

Jesus that we need. It is no longer a matter of more and more of Jesus — it is a matter of less and less of us!

The book of Revelation is not about what is added to Christ in order for Him to radiate in fullness from our lives,

but the book is about what is removed from us so that this treasure in earthen vessels may be seen.

The type for this is found in Israel entering into their promised land. Christ Himself is our promised land! In the

Old Testament Promised Land it wasn’t raising a larger army, or giving the soldiers more swords, or giving

them special training that gave Israel the land. They entered only by faith and obedience! But they possessed

their land by removing the enemy tribes that were entrenched in the land. It is necessary for us to dispossess

some things in our lives that obscure, conceal, becloud, cover, veil, hide, hinder and prevent the manifestation

of Christ through us. Dearly beloved brethren, you cannot get these carnal, fleshly, worldly and religious things

out of your land by any self-effort or religious works! Only God Himself by His Fatherly chastenings, by His

parental disciplines, by His husbandmanly pruning and purgings, by His refining fire and redemptive judgments

can remove the veil of flesh that restricts and limits the outshining of His glory!

God’s method of dealing with “self” is the cross of Christ. The cross of Christ is not the wooden cross, the old

rugged cross of Golgotha’s hill — it is the principle and power of the cross WROUGHT OUT IN OUR LIVES.

The Lamb of God is the Man of the cross, but in the book of Revelation the Lamb is never seen on mount

Calvary. The very first view we have of the Lamb is in the midst of the throne! “And I beheld, and, lo, in the

midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain…”

(Rev. 5:6). He is not the Lamb dying outside the wall of Jerusalem, He is the exalted Lamb slain in the midst of

the throne! In the midst of the four living creatures (sonship, kingship) and in the midst of the twenty-four elders

(priesthood) — in the midst of God’s kings and priests the cross is working! It is the cross in the heart of God,

the cross in the throne, the death of the outer life that comes to God’s elect by the omnipotence of His


The next setting of the Lamb in Revelation is on mount Zion. “And I looked, and lo, a Lamb stood on mount

Zion, and with Him an hundred forty and four thousand, having His Father’s name written in their foreheads”

(Rev. 14:1). This again is the exalted Lamb, not now working within His elect, but manifesting and reigning

through the sons of God! These have the mind of Christ and the nature of the Father plainly visible upon their

foreheads — the outer life has been removed, there is the revelation of Jesus Christ.

The great truth of the rending of the veil is seen in Jesus. The veil in the temple was rent at the precise

moment of Jesus’ death. But the temple was merely a symbol, a shadow of the greater and true and eternal

temple — Christ and His body. Where was the veil rent? “Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the

Holiest by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way, which He hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that

is to say, His flesh” (Heb. 10:19-20). The true veil that was rent was HIS FLESH, for He Himself was the true

temple of God, the Holiest of all, the dwelling place of the glory of His Father. His flesh as a man was rent. His

human flesh, His natural life, was the veil that covered and concealed the Holy of holies within Him in the same

way that the veil in Herod’s temple concealed the Shekinah of Yahweh from the priesthood of Israel. His flesh

was rent that the glory of God in Him might be seen in the power of His resurrection. I do not propose to

discuss here other beautiful lessons contained in the rending of the veil of His flesh, but I would point out that

today we are the body of Christ, the temple of God, and the Most Holy Place is in the spirit of sonship within

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 3, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 11

us. The only way that the glory of God within us can be revealed in the power of His resurrection is for the veil

in us to be rent! We must have the same experience! Your veil has to be rent! My veil has to be rent! The veil

of the flesh, the veil of the carnal mind, the veil of the natural understanding within us must be rent. Jesus is

not only the truth and the life — He is the way. He is the forerunner who on our behalf has entered in to the

Holiest of all. But only the forerunner, mark you, for we must follow in His steps and enter in by the power of

His blood through the veil of our flesh. Jesus is the Pattern Son! He is the Apostle and High Priest of our

profession! He has made it possible for us, He has opened up the way, He has blazed the trail, He has set the


Every step of the revelation of Christ is an unveiling. God removes the hindrances and when they are removed

we see what God has done. Some of us were in church systems, and God began to stir us. God’s work was

already there! God had finished a work up to that point in our lives. When He brought us out of the systems of

men He burst the cocoon that we were in, so that the thing He had done in us could step out, stretch it wings,

and fly away into the heavens of God’s Spirit! The work He had accomplished in us was released from man’s

control and bondage to find expression.

We are now in the hour of the unveiling, the greatest and most glorious of all unveilings, the unveiling of God’s

sons! All those things you have struggled with and battled with, all the fears, limitations, and lack you have

sensed that have been a wall about you and a barrier to the revelation of Christ, shall be broken asunder in this

Day that there might be a manifestation of the work God has accomplished in you! The revelation of Jesus

Christ has nothing whatever to do with what is happening out there in the external world. It has nothing to do

with economic collapse, nuclear war, or bugs the size of Volkswagens. The world God is shaking is our world.

The beast God is destroying is the beast of our nature. The locusts that come out of the abyss arise from the

abyss of our own hearts, which are deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. The trees that are being

burned up are those manifestations that grow out of our own earthiness. The tree of life, on the other hand,

grows out of the river of God’s Spirit! The tree of the knowledge of good and evil within us shall be consumed.

But the tree of life will grow out of the river that flows from the throne of God within us!

Oh, Hallelujah! The revelation of Jesus Christ brings the end of the world, but the world that it ends is truly this

world of our outer life. The sign of “the end” is what God has accomplished within us! And my brother, my

sister, you will never have a work that is completed without there following an unveiling!



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FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 4, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY






“Teaching the things concerning the kingdom of God…”





Fifty-four years have passed since the revelation of sonship and the kingdom of God burst anew in glory and

power upon a people apprehended to be the elect of God. Thousands upon thousands have heard the call to

come apart with God and walk with Him in the high places of His Spirit, to experience His dealings, to learn

obedience to His voice and submission to His will and ways, to partake of His mind and His nature, and grow

up into the maturity of the fullness of Christ. Within ourselves we have seen growth, we have experienced

change, we have passed on from glory to glory into the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord, we have partaken

of the mind of Christ, we have sensed the increase of the life of sonship within, we have been taught of the

Father, we have been tested and tried and have overcome many things, and have witnessed a maturity of the

Christ coming forth in each member of God’s household of sons. I do know that God has a people walking the

earth in this very hour, in whom Christ is formed! I am hearing a word from the Lord, and the word is this: GOD

IS FINISHING HIS WORK! God is putting the finishing touches on the image and likeness of God in His

apprehended ones!

Some time ago Joyce Morris sent out a message, which bore a deep witness within my spirit. She said, “About

two weeks ago we heard the Lord say very clearly, ‘THE STAGE IS SET!’ I said, ‘Father, what do you mean,

the stage is set?’ God said, ‘I have a stage. And my stage is set. I’m getting ready to put my performers on that

stage. Just as I appointed my first Son…I appointed my Son to come forth in a particular day, at a particular

time. When that time came, I announced before man that This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. I

am about to announce again — the many-membered corporate son. I am about to announce again, not just my

first Son, but that my first Son is the Captain over these sons, in whom I am well pleased. Those who have

been faithful unto the counsel of the Lord, and are walking in the obedience of Christ.’

“Again, the stage is being set! When Jesus came forth at that time, no one had ever seen a ministry like that.

Man had never beheld such power, or miracles. It confounded religion, it confounded man; it confounded the

governments, and it confounded everything that stood around Him. They couldn’t figure it out! They said, ‘What

is this? We haven’t seen anything like this before!’ Why? Because God had set the stage! Jesus had to go

through a time of preparation. And when it was appointed by the Father, God gave Him the Spirit without

measure! And God is getting ready to give His sons the Spirit without measure — to fulfill His purpose. This

time is upon us. THE STAGE IS SET!

“The Lord began to show me that, even in the natural, a man writes his script; you have a play to put on; each

individual has their part, and nobody can perform another’s part. God has written His script! Let me tell you —

anything in the script that God has written, He is going to carry it out! He told His people, even in the Old

Testament, that there was going to be a Holy One born out of Judah, and that He would be the Messiah. God

wrote that script, and what He wrote came to pass! And when He came, they didn’t know who He was! They

asked, ‘What thing is this?’ What was happening on the scene at that time—they didn’t understand! Yet it had

been written in the script! It had been written in the script about the Son of man coming. There is a Son of man

coming again, and that Son of man is a corporate man. It is a many-membered body. It is a man who has been

conformed into the image of Christ. This Son of man is the overcomers on that side (in the invisible spirit

realm), and the overcomers on this side (in the flesh). They will be gathered from the four corners of the earth,

and they will come as the Son of man — for mankind!

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 4, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


“So we see, the stage is set. I heard the Spirit say, ‘THE CURTAINS ARE GETTING READY TO BE DRAWN!’

I said, ‘God, what do you mean, the curtains are going to be pulled back?’ He said, ‘Just like Jesus — He was

hidden for thirty years until He came to full maturity as the first Son.’ But when He came to maturity and the

stage was set — guess what God did? God opened the curtains! He let His power, and His splendor, and His

glory manifest in one man. I want to tell you, when you begin to see it’s in God’s corporate man, it will no

longer be in just the one man Jesus! That’s why Jesus said, ‘I’m limited. I have to go to the cross. I’ve got to go

back to my Father. I must make a way so that many sons can come into my nature and have the same power

and glory that I have.’ He knew that the time would come when God was going to raise up many sons, and that

He would be the Captain over all these sons. He would come again as the Son of man, as a corporate, manymembered

man, for the whole world to see!

“The whole world shall see the manifestation of the glory of the Lord! The manifestation of Christ is already

happening in the invisible realm. But the open, public manifestation to the world, has not been seen yet. You

see, the Christ has been hidden in you; and you have been hidden in Christ; in the same way that Jesus was

hidden in the bosom of the Father. The Father had a particular time for His glory to be seen. We’ve seen

miracles, we’ve seen signs and wonders. God has moved in different individuals, and He has revealed Himself

to mankind through various ministries; but that has only been a foreshadow of what is about to take place!

Some have run here, others have run afar; some have run to this miracle meeting and to that, thinking ‘This is

it!’ But this is not the ‘grand finale’! The grand finale is getting ready to take place!

“When God opens the curtains, everyone that has been faithful, that has done his part, and has not broken

rank; everyone who knows his part and stays faithful and does his part — when it’s time for the grand finale,

God is going to have that individual on that stage! The stage is the world. And God will reveal Himself to

mankind again just as He did in Jesus. He is coming as Lord, and the Son of man. That corporate man is

coming in an open manifestation! The Lord began to speak to me concerning the scripture where it says that

the whole creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God. The Father began to show me that

there are many kinds of rulers in the world. There are rulers in our government; there are rulers in our

educational systems; there are rulers of many kinds all around the world — but these governments have not

been effective. They have not worked! And there is a cry in people wanting righteousness, wanting something

genuine, something real! Nothing has worked. But let me tell you — the Kingdom of God is going to work! And

the stage is set!” — end quote.

The Christ in our spirit is a whole Christ, but the hidings of God’s power within this Christ are like the hidings of

God’s power in nature. We have always had the lightning’s flash in the heavens, but we have not always been

able to chain that mighty electrical power and make it give us light as we have in our homes and cities today.

We have not always been able to make it transmit our voices to distant lands as we do when we talk into the

telephone. We have not always been able to use it to transmit pictures from one part of the earth to another as

we do today with our satellites and televisions. The lightning was always there. The electricity was always

there, but we were not prepared to harness it, apply it and use it. And so it is with the spirit of Christ within us!

The dynamic of it has always been there, and it is there today. The almighty Christ is within us! The Son of

God dwells in our hearts! We are being conformed to His image, and we are putting on His mind and nature!

An explorer of another century said, “We lay down to sleep on beds of silver when we were starving to death.”

He meant that in the 1800’s, when they crossed the Sierra Nevada’s into California, they absolutely lay on the

top of those great silver beds. They did not know those beds were there, and it is said that they boiled their

stirrup straps to get some soup. That is the way with the church systems today, they are lying upon beds of

silver and gold, and boiling their old theological and religious program stirrup straps for food!

God has a people in this hour who are getting out of the mines of God’s Truth what is there for them. They are

going forward to receive the inheritance in God that belongs to God’s sons in this great Day of the Lord! Christ

is being revealed to us and in our lives more and more! This unveiling of Christ shall continue until He is

revealed in all His fullness. The revelation of Christ in 2002 is far greater than the revelation of Christ was to us

in 1992. The Lord has not changed. Rather, He has released out of His life within us a greater measure of the

revelation of Himself in His truth, purpose, life, nature and glory. We now experience Him in a greater and

higher degree than we did in the past. This is a wonderful hour of the greater unveiling of Christ for all the elect

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 4, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


and chosen ones. A new spirit is moving within the elect! A new power of life is being raised up within us! The

Christ of kingdom glory is disclosing Himself! He comes in secret and in the silence as a thief in the night! The

present, unseen work of the Spirit is resulting in immediate and progressive changes that are preparing us for

our full transformation in that moment of time, which is as the twinkling of an eye or a flash of lightning, when

He breaks forth out of us in full and eternal salvation. Even our body will be metamorphosed as mortality is

swallowed up of life!

Some think we are preaching a “someday” manifestation that, like the old rapture teaching, we are just waiting,

expecting to be manifested sons “someday.” That is not it at all! There is a bright tomorrow in God! And our

today will bring us to that even more glorious tomorrow! Some want “name it and claim it” sonship. They want

to believe that all the fullness has always been available and is now available, we just need to believe it,

confess it, and appropriate it. That isn’t working any better in sonship than it has worked in the revival realms

and faith churches! Of those who don’t want to wait for anything in God I haven’t seen even one moving on a

level beyond Pentecost, all their flowery oratory notwithstanding! And that’s the truth. Talk is cheap, but the

revelation of Jesus Christ is an on-going revelation, from glory to glory and from realm to realm. Nothing in this

world comes to us all neatly packaged and completed. Children must grow! Students must learn! Houses must

be built! Technology must be developed! Workers must become experienced! The sun shines from the east to

the west! As the inner glory broke through the outer form of Jesus on the holy mount, so the full radiance of

Christ shall be revealed in the hour of our unveiling. As we approach this wonderful unveiling let us then cast

off the lingering fragments of the old order and of lesser realms, and embrace the new with faith and trust in

Him who bids us to follow the Lamb to mount Zion!


The body of Christ is a mystery. It is a marvelous temple that God our Father is in the process of building. It is

a temple not made with hands! The stones of its all-glorious walls are living stones, each one born of

incorruptible seed and knowing within himself the power of Christ’s endless life. The Greek passage (Heb.

7:15-17) which speaks of Christ as a priest “made after the power of an endless life,” when traced back to its

root could also be translated, “after the power of a UNITED LIFE.” It speaks of a life that is eternal only

because of its union with God. “I and my Father are one” (Jn. 10:30). In that glorious body, that wonderful

temple of sons, there never has been any falling away or apostasy, for it is composed of overcomers, and from

the beginning of the age until now it has been steadily rising upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets

as each new living stone was readied and permanently placed within its living walls. The body of Christ is

unhindered by fire, by tribulation or persecution, unaffected by the squabblings of sects and denominations, but

rising in the power of incorruption and bound by the everlasting ties of the mind of Christ, it is builded a holy

and living temple unto the Lord!

It is from this glorious temple that Ezekiel saw the Living Waters flowing, deeper and deeper, passing through

the desolate land and emptying into the Dead Sea of humanity’s sin and corruption, bringing life where ere it

went. Would you be a part of God’s wonderful RIVER OF LIFE COMPANY? Seek, then, to be joined in eternal

union with Christ, set your affection on things above, that the things of earth may grow strangely dim in the light

of His glory and grace. Our great High Priest, the firstborn Son of God, is made after the power of a united life!

And we, too, are made after the power of a united life in Him! Seek not to flow, seek to abide! Seek not to be a

river, seek to be joined in union with the Fountain of Living Water! In intimacy of fellowship and vital union with

Him, as sure as the heavens are higher than the earth, so sure is it that YOU WILL FLOW IN HIS LIFE AND


Let it be thoroughly known that God flows as life only through those who live in union with Him in the Spirit. The

stream of the river of life has in every age flowed out through those who lived in the Spirit. God has always

accomplished His work through those who walked in the stream of His purposes. Where the stream flows,

there is the work of God! What is that kind of work which is the work of God? Is it toiling to build larger and

larger churches, bigger Sunday Schools, more attractive programs? Ah, God’s work is always in the stream of

living water! God is spirit, and God’s works are in the stream of His Spirit. “And the earth was without form, and

void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 4, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


And God said…” (Gen. 1:2-3). Where the stream flows, there is the work of God! God works by the flowing of

the stream of His divine life. On the cross of Calvary blood and water flowed forth from the side of Jesus and

redemption was provided for all mankind! On the day of Pentecost this stream of divine life flowed out of God

Himself in Christ with transforming power from the throne! It began to flow in Jerusalem. From there it flowed to

Antioch, and then from Antioch it turned west; it flowed to Asia, and through Asia it flowed to Macedonia, and

onward to Europe. From Europe it flowed to the New World, and it has flowed to every nation, and tongue, and

tribe, and people on the face of the whole earth!

This stream has continued to flow right up to this very day, it has finally flowed into you and me, and it shall

flow out through us, and from generation to generation, through age after age, until the last enemy has been

destroyed throughout all God’s vast universe, worlds without end, and there is no more death anywhere, for

God is All-in-all! Where this stream flows, there is the life of God! Where there is the life of God, there is the

unity of God! And where there is the unity of God, there is the out-flowing of God! And though the city of God is

a great and glorious city, the river flows forth from the throne of God. To the overcomer is the promise given, “I

will grant to you to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame and am set down with my Father in His

throne” (Rev. 3:21). Just as there are saints who are stones in the wall of the city, or pillars in the temple of

God, so there are those who become a throne people. These are the ruling sons of God, and it is from the

throne of God and of the Lamb that the living stream proceeds! The greatest manifestation of life the world has

ever seen shall yet come forth in the earth through a people who become the throne of God in the earth! The

glory of God fills the city, and the whole earth is full of His glory, and His glory is above the heavens — yet God

sits upon His throne — there is a unique concentration of divine life, power, and dominion from those who

make up the throne of God!

To be identified with His throne is the ultimate attainment of union with God. He is making us one with Him to

such a degree that when He acts we act, when He moves we move, when He speaks we speak, and when He

speaks all will speak because of the united life in the Spirit. It is a unity with Christ and with all who have grown

up into the measure of His stature. When God speaks from His throne, it is the voice of the many-membered

Son, the voice that is as the sound of many waters, many spirits merged into one gigantic waterfall — ONE

GREAT RIVER OF LIFE! Take the shoes from off your feet, oh saint of God, for the ground on which we stand

is holy ground! Put away all lightness and foolishness that with heads bowed down, and hearts lifted up in

worship, the Spirit of God may reveal how the life of God flowing in the exalted and enthroned Christ and the

life of Christ flowing through His many brethren is ONE STREAM OF THE WATER OF LIFE! This is the river

that flowed out of Eden’s beautiful garden, one river, the flowing out of God Himself as reality and life. As long

as Adam walked in the Spirit in the Garden, the river flowed forth out of that dominion which was his!


It should not be difficult to understand that this is the answer to all the worlds needs! For this purpose the elect

of God have been passing through all the dealings and workings of God, particularly during the past few years,

in order that Christ might be fully formed within as life. We must know Him as life within ourselves before there

can be a flowing out of that life from a state of being. We learn to know the majesty of His power within by the

crucible of experience so that God may have a people through whom He can manifest Himself WITHOUT



SALVATION, AND DELIVERANCE TO ALL HUMANITY. A people no longer seeking God’s works, wonderful

though His works are, but conscious of God Himself. A river of life people not proclaiming doctrines, creeds,

rituals, experiences, ordinances, programs, or works, but just the Lord Himself as Life and Light and Love,

GOD manifest in the flesh!

For years we have been saying, “If the world could only see the works of God!” Well, I tell you now that we

have shown them His works and it was not the answer, for far too often the works — the signs, wonders, and

miracles — fascinated the lustful eyes of the curious and blessed the people’s flesh, but failed to impart unto

them the LIFE OF THE SON OF GOD! God did not save the world by works, He saved the world by A

PERSON! This life is a Person! “I AM the life.” (Jn. 14:6) Is it not a miracle that God is bringing us to this hour

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 4, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


when there is that awareness within us that there must be an expression, a revelation, an unveiling, an

uncovering, and out-flowing of the Person of God! What a marvelous work is coming in these days! As an

evangelist years ago, I loved to travel through the country and tell people that there is a remedy for sin,

sickness and sorrow through the blood of Jesus Christ, and an energizing power in the Holy Spirit. People

were saved and delivered, healed and blessed, and miracles were wrought. The days which are before us will

excel in glory, for now there will be an emanation, a radiation, an out-shining of the very presence and glory

and person of Christ, that men may see HIM as He is and be changed into His likeness. They will find they

have the full effects of His sacrifice, atonement, redemption, resurrection, ascension, glorification, exaltation

and enthronement!

God is breaking forth unto an hour of expression and revelation of Himself. This is the revelation of Jesus

Christ! In those heaven blest days ahead at the manifestation of the sons of God the present “in part” realm of

the church age will pass away, for it will appear as a sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal, and have nothing to

offer in the light of HIS FULLNESS. The old order church system will be swallowed up in the out-flowing of the

fullness of God in His sons, and in that day people will find themselves moving into salvation and on into the

infilling of the Spirit and on into the glory of the Lord in all its majesty, as easily as a man is converted today,

because the Person of Christ is coming into focus and He Himself is coming into expression through His

chosen ones. The people’s bodies shall even be changed to be fashioned like unto His glorious body as the


There is a dimension of the revelation of Jesus Christ that transcends the speaking of words, the writing of

books, the preaching of sermons, and the manifestation of gifts and works. The revelation of Jesus Christ is

the need of the hour! Only a present intervention of the divine Mind and Will, only a present intrusion of the

divine Power and Glory, only a present interjection of the divine Spirit of Life will be able to deliver creation. If

God does not give a special ministration of the spirit of wisdom and power to meet the need of the world, it will

not be met. After two thousand years of church order it has not been met! There are no buttons to press that

can solve the complex and frightening problems that exist in the world today! The further we move in God the

more helpless we are to ourselves, for our nothingness is magnified in the light of HIS GLORY.

The hour for the unveiling of God’s sons is at hand. May God grant to each of His apprehended ones the

understanding that from this time on God is not interested in what He has done for you. From now on it must

be “When Christ who is our life shall appear…” If there is a mind in us, it must be the mind of Christ, not our

religious mind that has been cultivated through the years until it is religious and devoted and full of the Bible

and stayed on God. From now on it must not be your mind stayed on God, it must be His mind in you! What we

have witnessed to for years was a work of God, His salvation in us, His peace in us, His victory in us, how we

had become a product of the work of God; but God’s purpose is not that we shall be a testimony of the work of

God, but that there shall come a revelation of HIMSELF, that the revelation will BE CHRIST. This is what the

Holy Spirit means by the revelation of Jesus Christ! It will not be a revelation of His grace, or His goodness, or

His works, or His gifts, or His anything, but the unveiling of the Person of God in us!


All who are pressing forward into sonship are going to embody Christ as we have been embodying the works

of Christ. Christians represent the work of God: saved from this, having received that, experiencing the other,

and changed into something else; but it is still “ME.” What you see is a marvelous expression of the handiwork

of God. And I would not depreciate this one iota, for it is the handiwork of God! But God intends that the hour

should come when there shall be a revelation of GOD HIMSELF! Are you willing, precious friend of mine, to

have nothing but the Person? Are you willing to lay aside the work and forget the experience, to have the

Person? The hoary headed old prophet took up the baby Jesus in his arms and declared, “Mine eyes have

seen Thy salvation!” The salvation He saw was not a work, not a gift, not an experience, it was in the baby.

There are thousands of people living in the state of Texas and around the world today who are living witnesses

to the work of God, of His handiwork, the power of the blood, His saving grace, the gifts and anointings of God.

But what is God still looking for, what is creation yet groaning for, and what is to be ushered in by the

manifested sons of God that is any different from what we have had for two thousand years? A PEOPLE WHO


FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 4, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY





What the Spirit is saying is that God must have a people in whom the Lord is becoming rather than doing. That

is what the manifestation of the sons of God is, that is what the revelation of Jesus Christ is, and there will

never be a revelation of Jesus Christ if all I can talk about and demonstrate is of what He has done. His works

are not Him — HE IS A PERSON! His gifts are not Him — HE IS A PERSON! Paul said, “It pleased God to

reveal His Son in me,” not, “It pleased God to reveal some of the works of His Son in me and give me some

great experiences.” And when He prayed, “My little children, of whom I travail in birth again till Christ be formed

in you,” Paul did not mean that they should receive a little more cleansing, a little greater anointing in the gifts,

do a few more good works, die a little more death, and so on. Oh, no! There came an hour when Paul knew

that the works of the Lord would not be sufficient, but that the Lord Himself had to be put on in all fullness, so

that instead of having a work of peace or patience or power, The Lord Himself would be the peace, the

patience, and the power!

The scripture says, “The Lord is my strength.” It does not refer to some strength the Lord has dished out to us,

but, the Lord Himself has become our strength; not a work, not a gift, but a Person. THAT IS SONSHIP AS A

COMPLETED FACT. The revelation now is the revelation of a Person, our witness is unto Him because the

Person has become in us. It looks as though you are turning your back on these wonderful works of God, but

you needed them to bring you to where you are in God. And I do not doubt that thousands and millions of

believers need them still! But now you are “forgetting those things which are behind.” From now on, what

Christ is, becomes the expression! If at this hour we still need God to DO for us rather than for the Christ to

BECOME in us, then we are not ready for the manifestation of the sons of God! When God sends forth His

sons, He sends them forth as those in whom Christ is so fully formed that it is not a matter of needing God to

do anything anymore, but that Christ has BECOME in them, praise His name!

It is vastly more important to reveal the life of the Son of God in meeting creation’s need, than to be witnessing

to people about salvation, healing, or any other thing. We have become so conditioned to the notion that we

aren’t doing anything for God unless we are able to get out and witness and skillfully use the scriptures. That is

all good, and there is a place for it, but that is not the manifestation of the sons of God! When you are truly

helping people you are becoming a living word to them which says, “God cares for you!” That is simply Christ

living His life through you. We become a word that is alive to them, not a dead, printed word, or a testimony,

but the living manifestation of the Christ. There is something we can do, and it is more important and powerful

than witnessing, quoting scriptures, or teaching. Instead of witnessing about God, we become the witness —

the embodiment of what Jesus Christ really is!

May Christ be so fully revealed to all of us is my earnest prayer and deepest desire, that in these significant

days there will not be any longer a cry in our spirit, “O God, do something for me!” That leaves me with myself

on my hands! The secret of Jesus was that for three and a half years He did not have to be more consecrated,

He did not have to be more dedicated, He did not have to become more victorious, He did not need another

experience, or another blessing; all He had to do was let the Father live out through Him! And may it be so in

the days ahead that it will be Christ fully formed in us, Christ living out in all the glory of God, in all the fullness

of His life and love and power and victory — HIMSELF! This is the revelation of Jesus Christ!


The revelation of Jesus Christ is the appearing of Jesus Christ, and the appearing of Jesus Christ is the

coming of Jesus Christ. “Who shall abide the day of His coming? and who shall stand when He appeareth?”

Ah, Jesus Christ has come as Saviour and has appeared in saving power in the midst of all the saved ones.

He has come as Baptizer in the Holy Spirit and has appeared in the glory of the anointing in the midst of all the

Spirit-filled ones. He has come as Healer and has appeared in miracle-working wonder in the midst of all the

healed ones. But now, in the full manifestation of His Sonship, He must come as LORD, as KING, as PRIEST,

as the SON OF GOD!

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 4, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


The world will never know Him as King of kings until there are kings among whom He can stand and reveal

Himself as King of the kings. The world will never know Him as Lord, until there are lords among whom He can

stand and reveal Himself as Lord of the lords. The world will never know Him as High Priest until there are

priests among whom He can stand and reveal Himself as the great High Priest of their profession. Why is God

bringing many sons to glory? That in the midst of all Jesus Christ might appear as the pre-eminent One, THE

SON among the sons. As long as we remain children, He can not appear as the Son in the midst of children.

How are you going to have a Son who is pre-eminent among a group of babies? There is no pre-eminence at

all, that gives Him no eminence whatsoever, it gives Him no honor. You cannot say, “He is the first-begotten,

the first-born among many babies!” But as our Father brings us to maturity, bringing many sons to glory, He

appears as the pre-eminent One, as the first-born among MANY BRETHREN! Why does God want us to grow

up into the fullness of sonship? So that the Son of God can be revealed in all His glory, wisdom, virtue, and

power in and through the sons. Why does God want us to be king-priests, maturing in the priestly nature and

ministry? So that He can appear in the midst as the great Royal High Priest after the order of Melchizedek to

bless and redeem and restore all of creation to God!

As long as we remain down on some spiritual plane below this high calling, even though He is greater than we,

He has to condescend and limit His manifestation in and through us to the level we are on. It is like a father

playing ball with his three-year old! He condescends to that level and manifests on that level, and is glad to do

so, but that is not who and what he is! It is beneath him! In like manner, Jesus Christ appears in the midst of

WHAT WE ARE IN HIM! He comes as El Shaddai, the breasted one, bearing the milk of the Word in the midst

of all the babes in Christ. He appears as the gift-giver to all the children who delight in gifts. But as the sons of

God arise to the throne of the heavenlies to occupy the place God has ordained for them, in the place of

exaltation, glory and dominion, then Christ can be revealed in greater glory, in greater majesty, and in greater


The apostle Paul lived in a dark and treacherous hour at the dawn of the church age. The Roman world was

pregnant with difficulties; the Pax Romana was weakening; the barbarians were clamoring at the gates of

Rome; Herod, Pilate, and Caesar had conspired to destroy the Christ and His newly budding religion; the

religions of paganism had lost their force and were only nominally held by most of the pagan world. Even the

religion of the chosen people had degenerated until it was in a deplorable state. The world was half slave and

half free. Infanticide was prevalent everywhere. Perversion was approved by the philosophers, as well as the

masses. What hope was there for a world in such a state? Things, indeed, looked dark!

They were dark also in the heart of Saul of Tarsus, a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee. He came in religious

zeal breathing threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord. He was a man who was filled with

indignity and hostility and bitterness. If he found any Christians, men or women, he sought to bind them and

bring them to Jerusalem where they might be tortured and killed, if they refused to recant of this Christian

heresy. He went to the High Priest to secure papers to go to Damascus. As he drew near, there suddenly

shone a light from heaven so bright as to pale the sun by comparison, and it caused him to be thrown from his

horse to the ground! In this blinding light Saul heard a voice which called his name saying, “Saul, Saul, why

persecutest thou me?” Trembling with astonishment, Saul asked, “Who art thou, Lord?” The reply thundered

back, “I am Jesus, whom thou persecutest!”

In that moment Saul saw a vision that was to change his entire life! Everything was changed in the brilliance of

that light! His world was turned upside down — rather, right side up! His right, he discovered, was wrong; his

faith was unbelief; his earnestness was treason; his truth was error; his zeal was rebellion. Everything

suddenly turned topsy-turvy and he realized that this Jesus, whose name just a moment before had been an

epithet, an object of derision, of laughter, of scorn, of hatred, now suddenly was the Lord of Glory, the All Holy

One, the Altogether Lovely One, the Creator and Redeemer of the world! In that blessed moment Saul was

changed from the persecutor to a disciple. He fell to the ground a sinner, and rose a saint; he fell to the ground

a sighted man who was blind, and rose a blind man who could see! He saw the greatest sight in all the world!

He saw His God for who He really is. In that moment Saul bowed low before the God of grace and power; he

was brought to submission to Jesus Christ. It was after this that he testified, “But…it pleased God, who

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 4, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


separated me from my mother’s womb, and called me by His grace, to REVEAL HIS SON IN ME…” (Gal.

1:15). And through Paul’s life and ministry the church was established throughout the far-flung Empire, and the

course of history was forever altered. Skeptics down through the centuries have tried to explain that conversion

and the dramatic events it precipitated. But, precious friend of mine, there is no explanation other than the

SUPERNATURAL SOVEREIGN WORK OF GOD! That is our God! And I do not hesitate to tell you, my

beloved, that God is getting ready to move again! All over the world in this particular moment in history, the

Spirit of God is speaking to His apprehended ones concerning the imminent manifestation of the sons of God!

The trumpet has sounded — the appointed time has come! Elect saints in every nation under heaven have

heard the voice of the prophets, foretelling of this most awesome intervention of God’s power that is about to

sweep the earth and shake all nations!

We are now living in the most momentous hours anyone could possibly imagine! In fact, it is beyond the power

of human imagination to see and understand the greatness of the things that are happening all about us, and

to fully comprehend what God is doing so deeply within His people. There is an awakening among the elect of

the Lord that transcends human knowledge! As at a certain time of the year God puts it into the minds of

salmon to leave the vastnesses of the sea and start their long journey back to the river in which they were

born, so He is putting into the hearts of His chosen people the desire to ready themselves for the sonship He

has prepared for them from the foundation of the world! He is putting in their minds and hearts the very nature

and spirit of sonship, in preparation for their role as the deliverers and shepherds of the nations!

God has been using people in every generation and in every nation and place to whatever degree He has

prepared the vessel as a revelation of Himself. There has been that unfolding of His purpose, that flowing of

His life, that manifestation of Himself. Great and wonderful beyond description has been the moving of God

from age to age and from generation to generation! God has been using preachers and people in every

denomination and movement everywhere to whatever degree He purposed for that season and degree of

revelation. But there shall come the ultimate, the total, and complete revelation of Jesus Christ — not a narrow,

limited thing, not to get a number of people saved and blessed and healed and filled with the Spirit and used,

but the kingdom of God coming with power and great glory, as an expression and manifestation of God in its

total capacity with no limitations, with all the glory, all the power, all the might, all the majesty, all the authority,

so that nations will be swept into the kingdom of God, and the whole creation delivered from all the bondage of


A thousand, yea, tens of thousands, a mighty army has been touched by the fire from off the altar of God! A

vast company of king-priests has been set ablaze with the life and love and power of God that will cause the

nations of the world to turn to the living God! Too long men have occupied themselves in religious efforts to

embalm the spirit of yesterday’s revival, wrapping it in the grave clothes of ecclesiastical systems and securing

it in sepulchers that speak only of the past. We must watch that! If we are trying to perpetuate even the

Pentecostal or Latter Rain revivals we are missing God! Pentecost has gone the way of all flesh, and the Rain

is over and gone! Even now, a move of God of unprecedented and world-wide dimensions is in the making! It

is being formed in a people, in a sonship company that is becoming the embodiment and personification of all

He is! Ah, this will not be a revival of healing campaigns, evangelistic crusades, television programs, concerts,

bus ministries, coffee houses, or the building of church buildings, but the overflow of divine passion and power

from a people so consecrated to God that their minds, hearts, and bodies have been filled with HIMSELF!

Already bright clouds are gathering on the horizon, clouds of a multitude of witnesses to the deep and vital

work of God in their lives. The work of preparation has been long and meticulous, and it is now drawing to a

close. The celestial rivers are running full, and great glory is about to break forth upon the earth! In due time

the clouds shall burst and empty themselves upon the earth, and the river of life shall flow in mighty power

from the throne of God!

Let your heart be lifted high, for God is on the move, and this can be YOUR HOUR OF MANIFESTATION!

Only that will erupt and overflow from God’s people which has first been inworked by Father’s hand. Do not

belittle or depreciate this day when it may seem so little is happening in your midst. The accent of the Spirit is

not on the external works and gifts and manifestations in this hour; His concern is with the inner development

of the Christ life, the personal appropriation of all He is, becoming the essence and substance of His nature

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 4, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


and character. Right now the greatest service we can give to others is to die out to all our own ego-self that the

living of His life becomes its own declaration of all that He is and can do, to His glory and praise!

It is my conviction that all who treasure the beautiful hope of sonship will agree that the manifestation of the

sons of God is the next thing on God’s agenda for planet earth, and that it must be ONE HUNDRED

PERCENT THE WORK OF GOD. But it cannot be one hundred percent God’s work when there is still ninety

percent of us, or eighty, forty, ten, or one percent of us. If the expression of God that is coming will be “Jesus

and me,” then we will also give the glory to “Jesus and me.” But if it is Jesus alone, I may be the vessel, you

may be the vessel, but the manifestation and the excellency of the power shall be of God and not of us. So

much manifestation has been “God and us.” Our drive, our holiness, our spirituality, our faith, our commitment,

our dedication, our fasting, our praying, our ability, our wisdom, our strength, has been mingled with self. But

today the Spirit is saying that all our confidence in the flesh must go — Christ in us is becoming the totality of

wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, redemption, power and glory, and nothing of us. It is THE REVELATION

OF JESUS CHRIST! How can it be us when it is HIM? God shall now be glorified in and through us, by Jesus


I feel it in my spirit and we are seeking God and praying, crying out mightily unto Him, and waiting on God until

that full manifestation of all that God has purposed will come. We cannot continue on with the motions of the

old order, for it is a weariness to us. All over the world there are people who are seeking God like this! Many

have been drawn away and separated from all their former involvements and religious exercises, the church

systems of men, and the old ways of doing things, to wait for His NEW ORDERS! God is making choice among

us, reaching down in this hour and choosing those whom He has brought to weakness and nothingness,

predestinated for this Day.

Ah, He does not have to use us! We have heard His call and present ourselves before Him for His choosing. I

have a deep desire to stand among the company of God’s manifested sons! But let us leave the choosing to

God. And if God is pleased to choose us, we will give Him all the glory. And if He is pleased to bypass us and

choose others, there will be no recrimination in our spirit. We will say, “Lord, Thou art altogether righteous in all

things.” We are not grasping after the throne, like the mother of James and John, but we are yielding ourselves

unto God. In previous moves of the Spirit, God picked me up and used me and He said, “I am not using you

because of anything in yourself, but out of sovereign choice.” I saw other people that were more ready to be

used than I was, not used, and I asked God why, and He answered, “Out of my sovereign purposes I am not

using them.” That is why I do not criticize anybody who was not in the previous visitations, or in the word God

is giving us today. I know it was God who kept many people out, who shut them up and hedged them in to a

lesser thing in God, and God brought other people in. God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts! God

searches the reins and the hearts of all men! He knows us better than we know ourselves! He knows if there is

any wicked way in us that even we do not know! But He is going to use people! People like you and me! This is

not daydreaming or wishful thinking, neither are we deluded. God is ready to manifest Himself through all the

earth, so let us say, “Lord, let us be among those. We are available.”

To the above counsel I would add this word of admonition: No one has to strive to make himself a son of God,

for this calling was determined before the foundation of the world when the morning stars sang together and all

the sons of God shouted for joy. It is not a matter of trying to press (force) your way into something, but of

yielding to the sovereign dealings and the divine inworkings of the Father and fitting by His choice into His

glorious scheme. We are king-priests by the same oath that made our blessed Forerunner a priest forever after

the order of Melchizedek. The process has been long, the dealings have been severe, the disciplining has

been rigorous, but soon, O soon! shall the day for the showing, the uncovering, the unveiling dawn in all its

power and glory! The blessed sons of God shall be arrayed in order with the manifestation of HIS LIFE flowing

out from them!

There are no counterfeits in this realm, when God manifests reality. There are no phonies in this kingdom

realm of God! When the sons of God arise to bless the nations either you will “have it” or you won’t “have it.”

As long as we remain in preparation there is opportunity for men to proclaim themselves, to jump on the

bandwagon, to mouth all the right words and utter all the correct terminology, and appear to be of those

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 4, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


chosen to be sons. These “clouds without water” sometimes teach with flowery oratory, oozing with charisma,

and some even lay claim to already being manifested as the fulfillment of their message. Presumptuously

claiming that which they do not possess, they make their boasts, and many are deceived by their great

swelling words of vanity. But the day of manifestation approaches! The Day will declare every man’s work, of

what sort it is! There is a remnant in whom the Spirit of God is working a transformation. In due time God shall

manifest this many-membered son and their NEW STATE OF BEING shall utterly silence all the false claims of

carnal impostors. Conformed to His image, filled with His Spirit, the embodiment and personification of His

wisdom, nature, grace and power — no man will be able to counterfeit the reality of this new state of being,

and these shall redound to the glory of God. God starts this work, God works it out, and God brings it to its

conclusion; it is all of Him and that is why the flesh or any religious spirit cannot duplicate such glorious, divine


The revelation of Jesus Christ is yet to have its greatest stage! If you think creation was something — you ain’t

seen nothin’ yet! If you think it was the greatest of all times when Jesus Christ came into the earth touchable

and knowable, healing, delivering, teaching, touching, revealing the Father — you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! On the

day of Pentecost Jesus came back in the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues, prophesying, with signs and

wonders and divers gifts of power and glory, calling out His elect and forming in the earth a body for Himself —

but I tell you, you ain’t seen nothin yet! God has reserved the greatest manifestation of Himself through the

many sons He is bringing to glory!

The sons of God are marching forth: with Victory as their song.

No enemy or foe from North shall change their right to wrong.

For in their bosom is a seed more precious than fine gold,

And it shall be forevermore THE GREATEST STORY TOLD!

There is no need to speak against the things He hath revealed,

For unto babes and sucklings shall be made known His will.

Though they appear as “frail and weak” as some would say they are,

Yet their heart’s eye beholds the Bright and Morning Star.

And He hath burned within their hearts, a message to proclaim;

For every knee shall soon be bowed, all tongues confess His name.

The sons of God are marching forth — His banner to unfurl,

The greatest story ever told — shall be told all the world!

For in a lowly manger and a place of secrecy

His first appearing wasn’t known; all mankind could not see.

Then was the time when some could hear, those having ears, said He;

But…when He comes the second time — not in a borrowed stall,

But in a house not made with hands — He’ll be admired by all!

In flaming fire and with His sword, He shall eternally

Destroy the ones who know not God — who are His enemies.

The sons of God are marching forth — though it may seem to some

That in their battles they have lost, and have been overcome.

But doth His Word not even say…that though this be the case,

The pure in heart with victory, shall look upon His face.

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 4, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY


For in His presence they do drink — His blood from Calvary,

They know that He was born to die; but they were born set free.

And in His law both day and night, their thoughts shall ever be


Until the enemy of death, even death of Adam be

Acknowledged as a death undone, undone at Calvary;

Then shall the saying come to pass, “Oh death, where is thy sting?”

And then the song of Moses shall the saints begin to sing.

Thanks be to God which giveth us victory through our Lord,

He hath divided unto us His swift and terrible sword;

All things that unto Him belong: all things that He obtained;

We are His heirs, joint heirs we are — of us He’s not ashamed.

It is not for our righteousness He bringeth us reward,

But for His grace and grace alone, could any man afford;

And judgment shall be given to the Son of God, said He,

For He alone is capable of judging righteously!

I looked! And lo! A Lamb stood! Upon a mount called Zion,

And with Him were the children that are wonders and are signs;

And in their mouths was found no guile, His image they portrayed;

His Spirit led, they followed Him…His light was their array.

Oh! That the wonder of it all might be made known to thee,

That in the New Jerusalem no night shall ever be.

For in the Potter’s House…one pearl has groaned in great travail

Until His love is known to be THE ANSWER FOR THE WORLD!

— Charlene Appleby



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FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 5, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 1





“Teaching the things concerning the kingdom of God…”



If you believe in the traditional literalist interpretation of the book of Revelation, there are some serious issues

you are going to have to face. Teachers like Hal Lindsey and scores of others tell us that the whole book is

fulfilled in the brief span of 1260 days, or three and one half years. They tell us that in the days of the Great

Tribulation there issues a world-wide famine from which one billion people die, believers are martyred in

incredible numbers, a nuclear war takes place, one third of the world’s vegetation is destroyed, one third of the

world’s oceans are turned into blood, one third of the world’s drinking water is so polluted that to drink it kills

people, horrible locusts (maybe helicopters!) plague the world’s unbelievers for a solid five months, and then

200,000,000 Chinese communists, with perhaps Japanese allies, march on Israel, and on their way they kill

nearly one billion more people.

By the time these armies reach Israel, the world’s oceans have all been turned into blood, the world’s drinking

water, all of it, has been turned to blood, as the blood of a dead man; there is a world wide epidemic of ulcers

and skin cancers under a global heat wave. There is no fresh water to drink anywhere on the planet, and there

is going to be a great run on Coca Cola, but even the stores of bottled drinks give out. Then, while there is no

water, and no food, and no health, and no ability to work or earn a living, we’re going to have this great battle

of Armageddon involving 200,000,000 invading soldiers! Now the scene gets even more bizarre! With billions

dead or dying, with war and famine and disease and trouble and torment everywhere, if you take the mark of

the beast you are given the liberty to buy and sell! Buy and sell what? I ask. There’s no water, it’s all blood.

There are no trees, no grass, no agriculture; there is world war, devastating earthquakes, broiling heat, and

nuclear destruction; and while these 200,000,000 soldiers are attacking Israel, there are 200 pound hailstones

falling on them!

I’m not trying to be cynical, friends, but it seems to me that anyone with one eye and half sense could see that

the logistics of this scheme transcend absurdity — they are impossible! There is no geographical space for

200,000,000 soldiers with tanks, trucks, airplanes, supplies, and all the rest in the valley of Megiddo — not

counting the armies of Russia, the United States and their allies who are all supposed to gather there. Hear

me, my brother, and my sister— it ain’t going to happen! These armies can’t fight — there is no geographical

space in all of Israel for so many people to even stand properly. So we have a problem! When you calculate

the effect of all these events, if they are literal, and all happen at the same time during three and a half years,

you really have a contradictory, unreasonable, illogical, ridiculous absurdity. May the blessed spirit of truth help

all who read these lines to think soberly, and righteously, and spiritually about what is portrayed here!

The question follows — What do all these things mean? Ah, it’s all GOOD NEWS! Our heavenly Father is not

some kind of angry, vindictive, psychotic, sadistic monster who is grinning and kind and merciful for two

thousand years and then suddenly throws a temper tantrum, becomes vicious and vengeful, turning on that

portion of the human race that just happens to be living at that time, pouring out wrath and spewing forth

judgment that makes Adolph Hitler look like Santa Clause, and the Second World War appear as a church

picnic. IS THAT THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST? IS IT? Is that the revelation of the Lamb of God who

takes away the sin of the world? Is that what Jesus Christ is all about? Is that the final word of the One who so

loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son to redeem it? Is that the true, hidden nature of the One

who has presented Himself as Love, who has posed as the all-merciful, caring, compassionate, Saviour of all

men? Is it? Lynn Hiles calls preachers who peddle the foolishness I have spoken of above spiritual terrorists!

They scare people to death with a revelation that is supposed to be the unveiling of Jesus Christ! If that is the

unveiling of Jesus Christ, then please keep the lid on Him! In my younger years the things I heard taught out of

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 5, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 2

the book of Revelation would send tingles up your spine and make your hair curl. Thank God! Now we know it

is the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST, God’s wonderful, gracious, loving, redeeming, saving, transforming,

life-giving Son!

Christ is revealing Himself! The scriptures clearly reveal four stages in the revelation of Christ. First, He reveals

Himself to us. Then He reveals Himself in us.. Third, He reveals Himself as us. And finally, He reveals Himself

through or out from us. Those are the four dimensions of the revelation of Jesus Christ!

When Christ reveals Himself to us, He seems to us as an external Christ, the man Jesus who walked the

shores of Galilee, who died on a cross, was buried, rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven. In the

beginning of our walk in God there is a revelation to us of Jesus Christ, that He was God’s Son, born of a

virgin, that He lived and walked here upon this earth for thirty-three and a half years, was baptized by John in

the river Jordan, the heavens were opened to Him, the Holy Spirit came upon Him, the Father witnessed by a

voice from heaven that this was His beloved Son, and He went about doing good, healing all that were

oppressed of the devil, casting out devils, raising the dead, for God was with Him.

Jesus testified of Himself, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me”

(Jn. 14:6). Again Jesus proclaimed, “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go

in and out, and find pasture.” (Jn. 10:9) He is the Son of man and He is Jacob’s ladder, the bottom of which

stands upon the earth and the top of which reaches into the heavens and the angels of God ascend and

descend upon Him. He went to the cross of Calvary and there tasted death for every man. God raised Him

from the dead, thus declaring Him to be the Son of God with power according to the spirit of holiness. When

one encounters this glorious Christ of God, when we receive Him into our heart and life, our spirit being

quickened by His Spirit, in that blessed moment we receive a supernatural revelation of the life, reality, glory

and power of this exalted One and our redeemed spirit bows before Him in adoration and praise as we behold

with awe and holy reverence the divine mystery of God’s love, redeeming grace, and omniscient purpose in the

person of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. This is the beginning of the revelation of Jesus Christ to us!

Millions of saints, and thousands who now read these lines, bear unimpeachable witness to the wonder of that

magnificent moment when Christ the Lord was revealed to them! And I do not hesitate to tell you that I have no

time for those who would depreciate, lower, cheapen, detract from, belittle, minimize, discredit, or in any way

make light of this precious firstborn Son of God, the Captain of my salvation, the Author and Finisher of my

faith, the Forerunner who by Himself has opened up the way into the Holiest of all for every son of God to

follow! May He in all things forever have the preeminence, may His name be praised and exalted throughout all

ages, world without end! We owe everything to Him!

By the revelation of Jesus Christ in us we discover another dimension of Himself. We find experientially that

Christ is not out there beyond the Milky Way someplace — He is right here within our very own reality. Oh,

He’s out there alright — but not out there for us. God is everywhere, God is omnipresent, but He is not just

everywhere to us! We are the temple of God and the body of Christ! And it is there within that temple which we

are that we have truly learned to know Him as He is!

Then follows the revelation of Jesus Christ as us. You, precious saint of God, are a location where God has

chosen to break forth to express and manifest Himself in personality. You are an extension and projection of

the invisible God! He has integrated Himself into your life, not as a separate entity within your personality, but

in the union of life He has become the essence of being within you. Incredible as these words may appear to

some who read them, it was to Paul that the Holy Spirit gave the understanding of the transcendent

significance of Christ in his life, and this is what the beloved apostle said: “I am crucified with Christ:

nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.” (Gal. 2:20) When Paul explained, “Nevertheless I live; yet

not I,” he was setting forth by divine wisdom the fact that he lived, but the life within him was not his own; it

was, in very fact, the life of another, even Christ — the anointed Son of God! Can we not see by this that Christ

not only lived in Paul — Christ lived as Paul! The personality of Jesus Christ had now replaced and become

the personality of Paul the apostle. This, in my opinion, is the only true reincarnation in the universe! The body

of Christ is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ the Son of God! Behold what unspeakable honor this is, and

consider well what inexpressible, ineffable glory! Why should I seek any other reincarnation!

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 5, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 3

Finally, the revelation of Jesus Christ through us and out from us reveals us to creation as the Corporate Son

of God in the earth! The whole creation is standing on tip-toe, earnestly expecting and waiting with great

anticipation the manifestation of God’s sons! The sons of God are the sons of love, for God is love. The

manifestation of the sons of God is the full and complete expression of the love of God through a manymembered

body throughout the whole earth. Some today are trying to sell us a bill of goods, teaching that the

present measure of the expression of Christ in His people is the manifestation of the sons of God. Don’t buy

that bill of goods, my friend, for it will rob you of your inheritance. Some who have wearied with the waiting for

manifested sonship have watered it down, and would settle for something less, calling the measure of Christ

we have seen for two thousand years — sonship. I exhort the saints of God to be not deceived by that which

would entice you to sell your birthright for a mess of porridge! I tell you the truth, my beloved, when manifested

sonship comes on the scene the world cannot say, “No,” to it — they will not be able to resist the manifestation

of unconditional omnipotent love! Unconditional, omnipotent love is irresistible! It breaks down every barrier, it

climbs over the walls and goes in at the windows, it conquers every will and melts every heart. There has

never been such a people on this planet! For three and a half years there was one! But God is raising up the

life of His Son in a people in this new Kingdom Day. He is bringing this life to maturity in the sons of God!

When His wonderful work in His called out elect is complete, all phoniness will be gone, all hypocrisy will be

put away, all religiosity will be renounced and purged by the all-consuming fire of God, all self-righteousness

will be abandoned, all selfishness will be forsaken, all ulterior motives will be discarded, all gimmickry will

cease, every manifestation of the flesh and of the carnal, religious mind will forever disappear from the life of

each and every son of the Most High; the Lord alone shall be seen in that day in all of His unsurpassable

beauty, in all His boundless glory, in all His omnipotent power, through the transformed lives of the manifested

sons of God! Some disparagingly refer to these truths as “classical sonship.” Let me tell you something. I say it

kindly, but I say it with holy boldness and unrelenting firmness. That which they undervalue by this cynical term

“classical sonship” is, in all truth, the only true message of manifested sonship God has sovereignly and

supernaturally birthed in the earth! Every other edition I have seen has been altered, corrupted, distorted, or

diluted. We are at the hour in history when we must not settle for anything less!

All creation will respond to this universal outpouring of God’s love, goodness and grace. Every man that has

ever lived, does live, or shall ever live, will come into God’s great and eternal kingdom — sooner or later! The

furniture store says, “Pay now, or pay later.” We say, “Come now, or come later.” That will be the ultimate and

eternal accomplishment of THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST!


“The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him…” (Rev. 1:1).

This revelation was given to Jesus Christ and through Jesus Christ! The reality of sonship to God was first

revealed to Jesus, then in Jesus, afterwards as Jesus, and finally through Jesus. Now, unto the saints it is

revealed by Jesus within His body, and unto creation through His many brethren. The firstborn Son was given

a message for all the sons who would follow. Yea, He IS HIMSELF the message!

The origin of this revelation is God. God gave it to Christ — that is, God appointed and anointed His Son to

unveil Himself to mankind. This is the revelation of Jesus Christ that God gave unto Him from the time of His

birth in Bethlehem, on to the time when His mind began to understand as a young child, until He went forth in

His ministry at thirty years of age, until He died, rose, and ascended up far above all heavens as King of kings

and Lord of lords. This is the revelation that God gave to Him as the knowledge and understanding of the path

of sonship!

When Jesus came into the world He possessed a dual identity. In His spirit He was the mighty God and the

everlasting Father! But according to His flesh He was a man, made in all things like unto His brethren. When

Jesus was growing up as a boy in the understanding of who He was, He could have chosen one of two ways.

He could identify with His spirit, or He could identify with His flesh. Jesus was born in a difficult situation, for no

one knew who His Father was. I do not doubt for one moment that as a small child Jesus identified with His

flesh. He was just a little boy like all other little boys, and His parents were Joseph and Mary. But in the early

years God came to Jesus and gave Him something special in His understanding. It was an unveiling of who He

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 5, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 4

was! It seems clear that this unveiling began in His life somewhere before or around the age of twelve. From

that time, throughout the eighteen years of silence when we have no credible record of Him, Jesus was

awakened to His true heritage.

When Jesus was a boy twelve years old, He was taken up to the feast of Passover, and then for the first time

He saw the holy city Jerusalem and the temple of Yahweh on Mount Moriah. Young as He was, His spirit was

stirred as He walked among the courts of the temple and saw the altar with its smoking sacrifice, the priests in

their white robes, and the Levites with their silver trumpets. Though a boy, Jesus began to sense within

Himself that He was the Son of God and that this was His Father’s house! His heart was so filled with the

worship of the temple, with the words of the scribes or the teachers whom He heard in the courts, and with His

own thoughts, that when it was time to go home to Nazareth, He stayed behind, held fast by His overwhelming

love for the house of the Lord. The company of people who were traveling together was large, and at first He

was not missed. But when night came and the boy Jesus could not be found, His mother was alarmed.

The next day Joseph and Mary left their company and hastened back to Jerusalem. They did not at first think

to go to the temple. They sought Him among their friends and kindred who were living in the city, but could not

find Him. On the third day they went up to the temple with heavy hearts, still looking for their boy. And there

they found Him, sitting in the company of the teachers of the law, listening to their words and confounding them

with His questions! Everybody who stood near was surprised to find how deep was the knowledge and

understanding of this boy in the word of the Lord! His mother spoke to Him a little sharply, for she felt that her

son had not been thoughtful of His duty. She said, “Child, why have you treated us this way? Do you not know

that your father and I have been looking for you with fearful hearts?” “Why did you seek for me?” said Jesus.

“Did you not know that I must be around my Father — about His business?” They did not fully understand

these words, but Jesus was saying to Mary, “I know who my Father is, Mama! My father’s not Joseph. My

Father is God! It’s time for me to learn about my inheritance, my destiny!” From twelve years to age thirty He

learned. God gave Him an unveiling of Himself, revealing Himself to Himself.

“The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him.” These words should speak to every saint of God a

great truth — Jesus did not come into the world knowing who He was or what His purpose was — Jesus had to

be taught of the Father just as you and I have had to be taught! God gave unto Him an unveiling of His identity

and purpose. This unveiling came to Jesus so that Jesus could show it unto His servants. “The revelation of

Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him, to show unto His servants…”

We have thought that the revelation was given on the isle of Patmos, and indeed it was given to John for the

churches at that time and in that place. But this is the revelation that God gave to Jesus, and that was given a

long time before Patmos! It is the revelation of God in Christ, the mystery of godliness, when God was manifest

in the flesh. The revelation that was given to Jesus is the pattern for every son of God that is brought to His

glory! The same ministry Jesus had for three and a half years is the ministry of every manifested son of God!

His virgin birth prefigures the birth of the manchild! As He grew during His years in Nazareth in wisdom and in

stature and in favor with God and man, so we are growing up into Him in all things! His overcoming in the flesh

is the guarantee of our overcoming in the flesh! His triumph over Satan foreshadows the triumph of His many

brethren over every satanic thing! His wisdom, understanding, compassion, love, mercy, and power are even

now being wrought out in the life of every person who has received the call to sonship! As He went to the cross

so are we crucified with Him, so do we know Him in the fellowship of His sufferings, and so do we take up our

cross and follow Him! As He died, so we love not our Adamic life unto the death! As He rose from the dead, so

has He quickened us together with Him, so that we be risen with Christ; and so shall every son of God step out

of the mortality of this physical realm to put on incorruption and immortality! “For we shall not all sleep, but we

shall all be changed!” As He ascended up to His Father in heaven so has He raised us up and made us sit

together with Him in the higher than all heavens!

The same teaching and learning experience God sent Jesus through, is the same thing He now brings every

son through. The revelation God gave to Jesus is the revelation He is showing us! We must believe as a little

child to inherit the kingdom; we must go back to the manger and begin our journey into God. We must be born

of the virgin birth within ourselves, born of the incorruptible seed of the word of God which liveth and abideth

forever. As Jesus was born of a woman, Mary, so is the manchild being born of a woman, the church. Paul

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 5, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 5

said to some in the church, “My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you”

(Gal. 4:19). He said that he had come and impregnated into their virgin hearts the incorruptible seed of the

word of God, and through the spoken word Christ was conceived in them. But they had allowed someone to

come along and cause them to mis-carry, as they listened to a false word and began to fornicate with another

spirit. Paul came and cleansed them again with a spoken word and through that cleansing he brought them to

a place where they might conceive again, that the Christ-life might be formed in them. How great is the plan

and mystery of God!

This is the revelation that God gave to Jesus as He walked with His Father in the earth realm, gaining from day

to day and from experience to experience the understanding of who He was, why He was here, the power and

glory of the Father’s life in Him, and the mission and purpose He should fulfill as a Son. THIS WAS THE

REVELATION GOD GAVE TO JESUS! And now on Patmos Jesus gave this revelation to John to show unto

the churches the things that were to come to pass in the lives of all who would follow the Lamb to mount Zion!

The “things which must shortly come to pass” have nothing to do with supposed events in the outer world; they

have everything to do with the mighty processings and deep inworkings of God in His elect! They speak of the

outworking of sonship life, victory, and maturity in the lives of the overcomers — many sons brought to glory!

That is the reality that was to “come to pass,” to be raised up in the earth for the blessing and deliverance of all


Through His learning, His humbling, His sufferings, His disciplines, His obedience, and the revelation the

Father gave Him, Jesus attained to the glory of manifested sonship. Now in the book of Revelation we see how

we must be dealt with, how we must be humbled, purged of the beast nature, stripped of the spirit of the false

prophet, chastened until the flesh is subdued, instructed in all righteousness, taught, matured, and anointed

with the spirit of the Father until we find ourselves in the book of Revelation as the manchild caught up to the

throne! As overcomers, if we keep our works unto the end, we have wonderful promise and blessed assurance

that we will be given power over the nations to rule them with a rod of iron, even as He received of His Father.

There is the portion of the sons of God! Just as Jesus the Lamb is in the midst of the throne, having seven

horns and seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God, so shall we share in the glory of the 144,000 lambs

that stand with Him on mount Zion, having His Father’s name in their foreheads. The book of Revelation is the

revelation of the Son of God on the face of the earth, and the works that the Father wrought in Him to bring

Him to the end of His ministry and onward to death, resurrection, ascension, glorification and exaltation! THAT


Of our Lord Jesus Christ it is written, “Who being the brightness of His glory, and the express image of His

person…” (Heb. 1:3). The Amplified Bible renders this so beautifully, “He is the sole expression of the glory of

God — the Light-being, the out-raying of the divine — and He is the perfect imprint and very image of God’s

nature.” Christ is the DIVINE RADIANCE of the Father! You can grasp a beautiful picture of the Father, the

Son, and the Holy Spirit as you consider the sun of our solar system. The sun is the Father, the essence,

being, source and origin of all. But we do not see the sun! We see only the sun’s emanation, its out-raying. The

light and heat and energy that flood our earth are not the sun itself, but its radiance. And yet, the radiance is

the sun! It is the sun shedding itself, revealing itself! That is what Christ is to the Father, He is the Father’s

radiance, His out-raying, the Father shedding Himself, revealing Himself, imparting Himself! And then there is a

mighty working of the sun’s energy in our world. One of those many processes is known as photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants make sugar and starch from water and carbon dioxide, by

the power of sunlight! Can we not see by this that the sun figures the Father, the source; the Son is the

radiance, the outraying of the Father; and the Holy Spirit is the mighty working or energizing effected by the

light rays! The ONENESS of this is apparent, for the Father finds His expression in the son, and the Son IS

because of all that the Father IS. Then the Holy Spirit is the working, energizing, creating and transforming by

the power of the Father in the Son! And yet, all three are the very same God existing in three dimensions, for

who can separate what is essentially ONE? And then Jesus prayed for us, “So that they all may be one just as

You, Father, are in me and I in You, that they also may be one in Us.” (Jn. 17:21) (Amplified). The ultimate

expression of the corporate man is that we might SHOW FORTH HIS GLORY! Therefore our Father is “the

Father of lights (or heavenly luminaries).” Our destiny is to be celestial LIGHT BEARERS after His own kind!

This is the revelation of Jesus Christ!

FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE, Part 5, The Revelation of Jesus Christ [J. Preston Eby] ~ BIBLE STUDY 6

Let us explore a little further the things the Son received of the Father, for they are the things, which the Son

shows to His chosen and gives unto them. There are far too many to list them all, but as you read the Gospels

you should take note of how many times the Lord used expressions such as, “Thou gavest me” and “I have

received of my Father.” Notice how many times, just in His wonderful prayer recorded in John 17, He speaks

of receiving from the Father. “As Thou hast given Him power over all flesh, that He should give eternal life to

as many as thou hast given Him.” “I have finished the work which Thou gavest me to do.” “I have manifested

Thy name unto the men which Thou gavest me out of the world.” “Now they have known that all things

whatsoever Thou hast given me are of Thee. For I have given them the words which Thou gavest me.” “Those

Thou hast given me I have kept…and the glory which Thou gavest me I have given them.” This, and more, is

contained in just that one chapter! The Father gave Him power over all flesh. His followers and disciples were

given to Him by the Father. The Father gave Him the word to give to those the Father had given Him. The glory

He had was given Him by the Father, and He has given it unto us!

We also find that the life Jesus had was given Him by the Father. “As the Father has life in Himself, so hath He

given to the Son to have life in Himself.” (Jn. 5:26) The scriptures reveal that the kingdom has been given to

Christ. “And there was given Him dominion and glory, and a kingdom.” (Dan. 7:14) The Holy Spirit, the

promise of the Father, was given to Him, “Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having

received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, He hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear.”

(Acts 2:23) The love He manifested was not His own love, it was the love of the Father, “For I am persuaded,

that neither death nor life, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor

depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our

Lord.” (Rom. 8:38-39) The anointing He had was of the Father! “For of a truth against Thy holy child Jesus,

whom Thou hast anointed” and “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and power…” (Acts

4:27; 10:38). The omnipotent power and universal authority which He has now was also given to Him, “All

power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” (Mat. 28:18) Everything Jesus had and everything Jesus was,

was given to Him by the Father. It is all a part of that glorious revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto

Him, to show unto His servants!

Jesus Christ, the firstborn Son of God, received everything He had from the Father! Many scriptures confirm

that He received divine life from the Father. He received the living word from the Father. He received His

sonship anointing from the Father. He received His glory from the Father. He received His ministry from the

Father. He received His power and authority from the Father. He received His wisdom and understanding from….more the remaining writings PDF: or Microsoft Word = FROM THE CANDLESTICK TO THE THRONE can be Downloaded from the link

Go to Bro. J. Preston Eby website http://www.kingdombiblestudies.org/tablecontents.htm

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