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The Creative Word J. Preston Eby

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The Creative Word

A transcription of a message by J. Preston Eby given in Duncan, Arizona

Praise the Lord! With all these microphones and video cameras- I feel like we’re having a press conference! So I want to make a political statement: The Kingdom of GOD is within you. And you are the sons of the Most High GOD; the kings and priests of the Kingdom of Heaven. Hallelujah…

One thing that has came through very clear so far during these meetings is that GOD is awakening us to who we are. And to where we are. And as I meditated upon that, the Spirit of the Lord just quickened within me that He is also awakening us to why we are who we are, and where we are. I believe that we are aware in the Spirit that we are standing in one of the most significant hours in the history of Creation. There’s a trumpet sounding; there’s a sound throughout the land that we are in an hour of transition; in a time of change. And we are entering into a new order in the Kingdom of GOD. Now I’m not one of those that believes that there has not been any Kingdom of GOD on earth and that we are waiting and looking for the Kingdom of GOD to come. I don’t buy that. I believe that Jesus brought the Kingdom of Heaven into the earth. I believe that the Kingdom of GOD is within me. I believe that the Kingdom of GOD is within you. I believe that the Kingdom of GOD is in every man up and down the street. But I also believe that we are ready for a new stage in the development and the unfolding of the Kingdom of GOD.

Now we’re not here today because we are members of a mutual admiration society. We are not here to tell one another how wonderful, and how beautiful, and how special we are. I want to say to this morning that you are wonderful, and you are beautiful, and you are very special, in the Spirit of the Lord. But you see, we are only what we are and where we are because GOD has a purpose in that. And that purpose is not for us. You see we are not here today for us. We are here today because of Creation. How many know today that [it has been] two-thousand years since Paul penned those immortal words about Creation groaning and travailing, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of GOD? How many know this morning that Creation is still groaning, and still travailing, and still waiting? But you see, we are standing in a time of transition. It’s not that the Kingdom of GOD is getting ready to come; it’s not that there is a date on the calendar, and on that date we move out of church economy into Kingdom economy. But it is, that in the unfolding of His purpose, there is a new stage and a new dimension of greater and fuller and more glorious unfolding of the Kingdom of GOD in the earth. GOD is preparing a people in this hour; a government, an authority, a dominion in the earth to bring deliverance to Creation. The thing that GOD is doing in our midst is very important and tremendously significant.

Someone referred to the scripture in Colossians two, verses nine and ten; where Paul says, “In Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily…” Then let me ask you: Is Jesus in the Godhead or is the Godhead in Jesus? “In Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodilyand ye are complete in Him.” But that’s not all it says, “…ye are complete in Him which is the Head of all principality and power.” Now, somebody told me that brother Bill Green ministered a word on this- I believe it was him- somewhere; I didn’t hear that, so I don’t know what he said. But I can only share the little line that the Spirit has quickened [to me] out of this. Here’s how it came to me, that: “In Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily, and ye are complete in Him- which completeness is– head of all principality and power.” Can you hear that?

Now, we know that Jesus Christ is the Head of the Body. But I want you to see that “in Him dwelleth the fullness“, and “ye are complete in Him.” In that completeness is the Headship over “all principality and power.” In other words: He has raised us up and made us sit together with Him in the heavenly places, in the throneship, in the authority and dominion, in the greatness of that Kingdom. Hallelujah! He has given us seating within Himself.

Now what’s on my heart this morning to share with you is something that has something to do with the processes of the Creative Word of GOD, which brings the Kingdom of GOD to pass in the earth. [Repeat:] The processes of the Creative Word of GOD, which brings the Kingdom of GOD to pass in the earth.

There is one place where the apostle says of our Lord- of GOD- that, “He is before all things.” I want you to see in the Spirit this morning, the reality of GOD in the eternal dimension of spirit; that GOD is the Eternally Existing One. GOD is Spirit and He dwells in the dimension of spirit; in the dimension that is unique, special, and particular to His Identity-His Being, all that He Is dwells in that dimension of spirit and He is before all things. But I don’t want us to see that in a linear sense, that is- in the sense of a straight line; that here is GOD, and since we can’t comprehend eternity, well say GOD has been here [at this fixed point] for thirteen-billion-trillion years. He’s here [at this fixed point] and He’s never done anything. But one day GOD decides to do something. So He says, “I’m going to create a world. I’m going to bring forth a universe with stars, and planets, suns and moons and creatures of all kindsI’m going to do this.” And so at a certain point along that line, when we come to the end of a certain number of years; at that point, GOD creates things. So now we can say that at this point GOD did this and here [at this fixed point] is eternity, and from this point on is time, space, and the physical Creation. And we are viewing it in this linear concept of GOD being before all things. But that’s not what it is. GOD is before all things simply because He is the cause, the origin, the source of all things. And as I said in Alamogordo, it’s my conviction that GOD has always been a Creator. I don’t believe that there was some point along that line where GOD became a Creator. GOD has always been everything that He is.

So GOD, out of Himself, brings forth a Creation. That is what I want you to see this morning. We are going to share out of [what] has been stirring in my spirit; about the Creative Word of GOD, and how that Creative Word works in Creation; how it works in you and me; how It works in bringing forth the Kingdom of GOD upon the earth. Hallelujah.

Now then, GOD is before all things because He is the source, He is the origin of all things. Let’s turn to a scripture now in the Gospel of John, chapter one. Here we read about “In the beginning…” Now there have been many beginnings. Genesis states it, “Thy beginnings.” “In the beginning, GOD created the heavens and the earth.” Here [in the first chapter of John verse one] it says, “In the beginning…”, when we meet time, when we meet Creation; the thing that we meet there is the Word. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GODThe Same was in the beginning with GOD.” Here we have two items, and I’m not talking about two persons. But we have GOD, and we have the Word. The Word was in the beginning. “In the beginning was the Word.” Then we find that the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GOD. But the Word was in the beginning. Now what is he saying? Verse three [of the Gospel of John chapter one], “All things…”, now we know where GOD is. GOD was where? “Before all things.” In other words: It doesn’t matter if it’s this Creation, or the one-billionth creation that was before this one. Everything that ever has been, ever will be, is GOD’s. But GOD in the invisible dimension of His existence in Spirit. The eternal GOD; the Eternal Spirit, but now He brings forth things. So He is before things. “By Him…”- by Who? Well, by GOD but people say by the Word. How many remember Genesis? What did GOD do? “And GOD said, ‘Let there be…'”, “And GOD said…”, “And GOD said…”, “And GOD said…” And every day GOD said, until everything was brought forth. There is GOD in the eternal realm and now there are things- whenever it was. GOD was the Cause. But he says, “All things were made by Him…”, – that is, the Word, “…without Him was not anything made that was made.” It’s at the borderline of eternity and time- where we meet the Word.

In the beginning was the Word…”, “All things were made by Him…” There, where time and eternity- where spirit and matter meet, is the Word. That is where you meet the Word. Why is that? It’s because GOD, the Eternal Spirit, is projecting Himself out of Himself, to bring forth Himself in another dimension. Do you want me to say that again? GOD is projecting Himself out of Himself to bring forth Himself in another dimension. He does it by His Word. “And GOD said…” In other words: The projection of GOD out of Himself is His Word. The Thought of GOD, the Will of GOD, the Intent of GOD, the Energy of GOD, the Creative Force of GOD, the Authority of GOD, the Dimension of GOD; All that GOD Is- is in His Word. It’s in His Word! And that’s why the Scripture says in Romans 11:36, “For of Him…”, the Greek says, “…out of Him…”, and through Him, and to Him are all things..”- that is- as it says in the Greek, “…out of Him, unto Him and into Him are-” what? ALL things!

Now, if all you are is spirit- lets put it this way: You’re the Creator this morning. I want you to view yourself as the Creator. I’m the Creator this morning, but I’m Spirit. I dwell in the dimension of Spirit. But now I going to make some things, but there are no things. There is no thing. There is only me. I’m all there is -but I’m going to make something. What am I going to make it out of? I can’t reach outside of myself because there is no thing because I am before all things. See? So I can’t reach out and latch on to something that exists apart from me; I must take out of myself. “For out of Him, and through Him, back into Him are ALL things.” See? Now we’ve got the connection between things and GOD. But the process is that GOD projects Himself out of Himself to bring forth Himself on another dimension and GOD does it by His Word. And that is why the Word, “…by Him were ALL things made that were made and without Him was not anything made that was made.”

We are talking about the Creative Word of the LORD. GOD is a Creator.

How does He create? By His Word. How does He create by His Word? In that Word, all that He is is projected out of Himself to bring forth Himself into another dimension. That’s the crossing of dimensions. That’s why I said eternity and time meet in the Word. “In the beginning was the Word…” Hallelujah…

Every man has within him a creative nature. Children love to create. Have your children ever brought something to you; a picture they drew, something they made, something they did? That nature of creativity is in every man. That’s why we have artists. I mean- where does the picture come from? Somebody says, “Well it’s canvas, and it’s paint, and it’s a person that does it.” But I’ve had canvas, and paint but you wouldn’t want to see it! I had a guitar too, but you wouldn’t want to hear it! Where does the picture come from? It comes out of minds. It comes out of spirit. It comes out of that nature that comes from GOD, by Whom all things are created. It comes out of the Word. The Creative Word of GOD; the Word of GOD is the creative Instrument of Creation. It’s GOD’s Power of Creation. It’s GOD’s Process of Creation. And GOD has never created anything apart from the Word. “By Him were all things made and without Him-” was how many? Nothing! No things were made without the Word.

How many know this morning that you are a new Creation? Amen!? How did you become that new Creation? By the Creative Word of GOD! Hallelujah! A Word came to me.

Now lets notice how this works. Verse four [of the Gospel of John chapter one]- well lets read verse three again, “All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made. [4-] And in Him was Life…” -in the Word, “…was Life, and the Life was the Light of men.” He didn’t say the word ‘would be.’ The word [used is] ‘was.’ “In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men. Now lets see what’s in the Word. LIFE is in the Word. The Life of GOD is in the Word of GOD. If you’ve heard the Word of GOD, you’ve been touched by Life. That Life that’s in the Word is the Creative Energy of the Word. We are being born again not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible seed; by the Word of GOD that liveth and abideth for ever. Glory to GOD! Can you see that life is in a seed? Can you see that the Word of GOD is the Seed? We are not just born of the Word, we are born of the incorruptible seed of the Word of GOD! What did Jesus say? He said the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man that goes out and sow seeds. He gave several parables about the Seed; the mustard seed, the seed that fell on the different kinds of soil. He said that the seed is the Word of the Kingdom. The Life is in the Word. The Word is out of GOD, and the Life in the Word is the Creative Energy of GOD that brings forth GOD from another dimension. Man, I am about to explode! You say, “Brother Eby you’ve said that fifty times!” But that’s the way you teach; that’s where I am- in teaching.

But there’s a Seed. The Life is in the Seed. The Seed is the Word and when the Word of GOD comes to you -eternity, the fullness of GOD comes to you. The Power to change you, to transform you, to make you everything that GOD says that you are, is in the Life that is in the Word. Because when you plant a seed there is a germination and there’s a plant that comes out of that earth to reproduce the Seed- and that’s the Life. You know scientists have made seeds? They’ve analyzed seeds, they know all the chemical elements that make up a seed. They’ve compounded everything that’s in the seed, and they’ve planted the seed. The sun shone on the seed, the rain fell on the seed, and they cultivated the seed and nothing happens. Absolutely nothing happens! You know why? They had the dirt portrait of a dead word. How many ever heard a dead word? How many know that the letter kills? But the Spirit gives life! So you’ve got the scientist seed- that’s the religious seed; oh, yes it’s the Word of GOD-

I’ll tell you something about the tree in the middle of the garden. Some people think there were two trees there. I believe there was one tree; that is was the same tree but [there were] two aspects of that tree. We are born again of the incorruptible seed of the Word of GOD that lives. So what is the ‘Tree of Life?’ It’s Christ. It’s the Word in humans for Life. Now that’s the Word. But you see, you can preach out of this Book, the commandments of men, the doctrines of men, the dead letter of the Word- the Law, legalism, ceremonialism, form, mans interpretations and concepts about what it’s all about, and you can preach the letter of the Word. How many know that the Letter of the Word is the Word? Preachers get up every Sunday, and they say, “GOD tells me to preach the Word!” And yet there is no Life. How many know that there is no Life in the Law? How many know that Moses preached the Law? How many know that everybody that received that Law died? Was it the Word of GOD? It was the Word of GOD but it was the Letter of the Word; it was a Word without life. In other words: It was a Word stripped of Life, of Reality. It was not the Word that we are reading about here, it was the other side of the Word. The ‘Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil‘ is Law. How do you know good and evil? “By the Law is the knowledge of sin…”, “The Letter kills…” but it’s still a Word of the LORD, but the Creative Word is what we are talking about. “In Him is Life, and the Life is the Light of men.” That is why it is so tremendously important.

My first thought was- then GOD rebuked me for [it], “The reason I’m in Duncan is because I got caught in a web in a net.” I really thought that was going to be more [of an] inside [joke] than that- I knew Gary Sigler was here, and Elwin [Roach]. I’ll tell you why that is. I heard I was to be in Duncan before I even knew there was a meeting in Duncan! It was on the internet before I even heard about it! I said, “Yeah, what meeting?” You see we are here by Divine Appointment and we are hearing a sound. That sound is the Word and in Him is Life, and that Life is changing us. We are being born of that incorruptible Seed and we are being born of that Seed right while we are sitting on these seats. A sister testified the other night, how she came- I think it was last June, after years of drought in her spirit. She came in, the Word fell on her, and in Him was Life and that Life was the Light of her. She was quickened by that Word- that Creative Power, that Creative Energy of GOD in that Word.

Another brother came in sick and was healed not by the laying on of hands, not by prayers, but by the Word. When you come to the Word, you come to that converging point between time and eternity; between physical matter and the Divine Spirit. Where the two converge is in the Word. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with GOD and the Word was GOD. And in Him was Life and the Life was the Light of men.” That’s an Eternal Principal in GOD. So we are here by Divine Appointment, and GOD is sounding a Word, and you may say, “Well, Brother Eby, you’re not ministering along the line that’s being ministered.” But I’m here to share with you this morning that what has been ministered is what is changing you. Amen!? There is Life in that Word. You meet eternity. We talk about immortality, “Brother you better touch eternity.” It has to come out of Him. The only way that He can project Himself into your dimension, and bring Himself forth in that dimension, is by the Creative Power of His Word. Glory to GOD. I think we’re starting to get it together now…

All the way back in Genesis, we find that Adam was in Eden. And we know the story of how Adam and Eve partook of the fruit, and in that knowledge of good and evil, they ate a dead letter of the Word. They partook of the Law- the knowledge of good and evil. They chose to live under Law instead of Life. So they ate of the dead letter of the Word instead of the Spirit of the Word. And they fell into the knowledge of good and evil- in the sense of their nakedness- their shame, and the Scripture says that they heard the Voice of the Lord GOD walking in the garden. I want you to hear that. It did not say that they heard the feet of the Lord GOD shuffling along. They didn’t hear the tromping of His boots as He walked down Hallelujah Boulevard in the garden of Eden. They heard the Voice of the Lord GOD walkingThey heard a Voice walkingThat’s almost as strange as John on the isle of Patmos when he said he turned to see the Voice. It’s a Voice that can be seen. They heard the Voice of the Lord GOD walking when? In the cool of the Day. That word ‘cool‘ is an interesting word. It’s an interesting word because it’s used nowhere else in the Bible. One time; I don’t mean the [original Greek] word’s not used- it’s probably hundreds of times, what I mean is that in the King James version, it is the only time that word is translated ‘cool.’ They heard the Voice of the Lord walking in the cool of the day. But the word is the Hebrew word ‘ruwach‘ [#7306 in the Strongs Concordance-jw]- the ‘ruwach‘ of GOD is the Spirit of GOD. They heard the Voice of the Lord GOD walking in the spirit of the day. How many know that every day has a spirit? What do we mean by spiritWe mean that every day has an atmosphere. Every day has a sound. Every day has a chord. Every day has an expression. There is a unique sound- the atmosphere of the day.

Now what are we talking about here? Well, remember what day it was, it was the seventh day. There had already been six days. And in those six days, GOD had created and brought forth all the things of this Creation. It’s a wonderful picture because in those seven days we have the example and portrait of the Creative Process of GOD within us. What was the first thing that happened? The Spirit of GOD moved, or brooded, over the face of the deep, and GOD said, “Let there be light.” How many remember the day when the Spirit of the GOD brooded over the face of your deep, and GOD said, “Let there be Light.”, and the Light came on? Amen!? The Light came on and that was the beginning of your experience with GOD. That was your first day. How many know that you’ve walked in some other days that were fuller than that first day- greater than that first day? When we first opened our eyes, saw the Light, and came alive in that Light by the Word of GOD, we thought we had it all. It was the most wonderful thing that happened to us. Little did we know that it was our first baby step in the Kingdom of GOD.

So there are days. When you read about those days, there were different things brought forth in each one of those days. On one day, you have the waters divided. On another day you have green grass coming, the sun, the moon and the stars, and you have beasts, birds, and the creatures of the deep and all of these things. And at the end of all these things, at the end on the sixth day, GOD says, “Let Us make man in Our Image and after Our Likeness.” In each one of those days, if you would have been there- I’m talking now in a natural way, if you would have been there to see that Creation coming forth, there would have been an altogether different atmosphere an altogether different sound, chord, expression, sense, feeling, exhilaration, understanding- every day would have been different from the day before. No two days would have been alike. And everyone would have been in increasing glory because the glory of the new day would have been added to the glory of all the days before. Nothing is lost! There’s an increase.

Now then, all those days had come, and man had came forth- but the wonder of it is, that Adam’s first day- I’m saying this in the sense of a total day because Adam came forth in the Image of GOD at the close of the sixth day- his first day was the seventh day. Adam’s first day was GOD’s last day. That seventh day, Elwin [Roach] mentioned yesterday morning, how some Christians- Seventh Day Adventist, and others- believe that the LORD’s Day is Saturday. If you’re going to look at it from the Law standpoint of the Old Covenant, that’s right. Because GOD rested in that day; He sanctified that day; He hallowed that day. He called it, “My DayMy Sabbath.” It was the Day of the LORD. It was His unique day when all the fullness that He projected out of Himself by His Word, and brought forth of Himself in another dimension, was completed. “And the LORD rested in that day…” When you come into the LORD’s Day, it’s all done. Brother, you don’t enter the LORD’s Day until you have come to the knowledge that it is all done, and GOD did it ALL!

We’ve got a little heart in our office that I picked up somewhere when we were traveling, and it says on it:

Dear one,  I can do it Myself.  Love, GOD

I want to tell you that not only can He do it Himself, but He’s has done it Himself. Do you know what GOD said about the man in His Image? The only thing He said about man in His Image was, “Let them have dominion.” Do you think Adam had dominion in that seventh day? That’s a loaded question. Sure he did; Adam had dominion. “Let them have dominion…”- over what? Over what GOD had finishedGOD had done it. Now man is going to rule. So what does that tell me? It tells me that you can never rule and reign in the day of the LORD until you come to the conscious awareness that the work is finishedYou are reigning over what GOD has accomplished. In other words: You are given authority in that dominion, in that realm, over the work that GOD has done. We run out here and we struggle, we strive, we fight, we strain, we work, we sweat, and we toil trying to do GOD’s Work. We’re working for GOD? We’re doing GOD’s Work?- Oh my- my, my, my…. I’m doing GOD’s Work? “Dear one, I can do it Myself. Love, GOD.” Okay?

So Adam was not doing anything in the garden except exercising an authority, a dominion, a governership, a government, an order- over that which GOD had finished. O glory. GOD has finished the work. Now then, man rested in GOD’s Day. He rested in the accomplishment of GOD. Can we see that within ourselves today that GOD has accomplished the work?

You know I listen to the preachers, I listen to a lot of tapes from brethren all over the place and time. We visit different places from time to time and there is something I hear that is disturbing. It started disturbing me a long time before it became clear to me what the LORD was saying. And that is: The brothers say, “Well, you know, I’ll admit I still have problems. I still get mad. I still fly off the handle. I still think things I shouldn’t think. I still do things I shouldn’t do. But GOD’s still working on me.” And you say, “Brother Eby what’s wrong with that? Isn’t GOD still working on all of us?” Here’s the problem. I was listening to those same preachers twenty-five years ago and they were saying the same thing! And I’m not talking about people out there somewhere, I’m talking about Kingdom preachers! Men walking in the Sonship to GOD; every Sunday talking about everybody’s problems, about everybody’s weaknesses, and everybody’s difficulties, but [saying] how “Christ in you is able to give you the victory.” Then next Sunday it’s the same thing. I thought, “My GOD, isn’t anybody ever going to get that victory?” Like I said before, we are not stuck in eternal processings. How many lives are we going to have to have to ever get there? But if you are born to reign and to rule in the Day of the LORD, the first thing you must understand in the deepest part of your being is that GOD has finished the work. That’s why it says in Hebrews, “Enter in to My Rest.” That’s what Adam did, he reigned in the Rest of the LORD! He wasn’t trying to produce something, he was moving in the authority of GOD in that dimension GOD had already brought forth. Now that is the Power of the Word.

Where are we? Paul says we’ve been raised up and made to sit together in heavenly places. Have you ever noticed that the word ‘places‘ is in italics? That means, of course, that it’s not in the original [manuscripts]. The Greek for ‘heaven‘ is ‘ouranos’ [#3772 in the Strong’s Concordance-jw]. But in Ephesians, where Paul says that we’ve been raised up and made to sit together in Him in ‘heavenly‘ places- it’s another form of that word. It has Greek prefix ‘epi’ [#1909 in the Strong’s Concordance-jw]; actually the form of the word is ‘epouranios’ [#2032 in the Strong’s Concordance-jw]. But the prefix ‘epi’ means “super imposition; that which is imposed upon or put on top of.” Do you know what it means to “super impose“? “To lay on top of.” So it’s not ‘heaven,’ it’s ‘epouranios,’ in other words: It’s the heaven that is imposed on all heavens, or the realm above all heavens. It’s that which is higher than, it’s above all others, it’s super imposed upon, it’s not just one of those six days – it’s the seventh day. It’s the highest of all heavens; or above all heavens. And that’s where GOD has raised us up and made us sit together in Christ, in the higher than all heavens! How many know that He ascended up far above all heavens? You know what that means? He rose up into the seventh day far above all other days, where the labor is done, where the work is done. He ascended into a realm where everything was accomplished, and He reigns there! Hallelujah! He reigns out of a finished work. His authority is the authority of that which has already been done. Hallelujah! He is the Word. He brings forth that which is done into another dimension. In this dimension that is in us. Glory to GOD…

You know, we had an interesting experience this morning. I didn’t share this with my wife because she was a little upset about it, not at me. At five o’clock this morning, the phone rang in our hotel room. She stumbled out of bed, came around in the dark trying to find the phone. Answered it, nobody said anything, so she said “Hello?”, again. Someone on the line said, “Hello, Grandma?” She said, “You’ve got the wrong number.”, and hung up. Ten minutes later , [the phone] rang again. Nobody said anything this time. You know, it’s wonderful how GOD can reach out and find somebody; a scoundrel that may be drunk- they may be anything. But GOD can put His Hand on them, and make them call you at five o’clock in the morning and wake you up because He is going to talk to you. I got a lot of what I’m getting ready to say from five o’clock to six o’clock.

I went back to sleep; I laid there and the Lord just began to pour something into me- and not all of this is out of that [experience]. Let’s turn over together to the book of Hebrews. It’s amazing, one of the sisters came up last night and read this. I already had it on my heart, but I didn’t see clearly what the Lord wanted me to say out of it. That’s [what] came to me this morning after five [o’clock]. In Hebrews 10 verse 19, “Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest of all by the blood of Jesus. [20-] By a new and living way-” Hear that? “…a new and living way, which He hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, His flesh…”

Before we go any further; I know that we all know that in these three compartments of the tabernacle, there were three different kinds of life and there were three different kinds of order. And in the outer court, the sun- the external sun- was the light, but there was night. Because when the sun sank, the outer court was veiled in darkness. But then in the holy place there was the candlestick, and there was a flickering light in that realm, not a very bright light. But it was produced out of an indwelling, out of an oil that was in the candlestick [that was] producing light. It was not a perfect light because the wick had to be trimmed and the oil had to be replenished. There had to be a service to that candlestick in order to maintain that light. And I think we all know what that means. We’ve come through that time when our wick had to be trimmed, when we had to have ministry, and service to keep a supply of oil, to keep that light of GOD burning in our lives. That is the holy place. But you know, when you come into the most holy- into the holiest of all, the light of that realm is the Shekinah. It’s the very Glory, the very Presence, the Majesty of GOD over the mercy seat between the cherubim. And there is no night there. It’s an eternal lighting; it’s not dependent on anything. It’s not drawing from anything. It doesn’t have to be serviced. There’s no wick to trim, no oil to pour. No priestly ministry to maintain it. It is because GOD is. I’ll tell you something about that realm; It’s the realm of the Word. Because, do you know what GOD said He would do out of that realm where the Shekinah was. There was only one thing that He said He would do out of that realm. He said, “I will speak to you…” [GOD said] “I will speak to you from over the mercy seat between the cherubims.” Now not only was there a different kind of light, but there was a different order. The order in the outer court, of slaying of the animal, the burning of the sacrifice, the washing in the lavers- an all together different order than in the holy place where the incense was burned where the candlestick light illuminated, and where the table of shewbread [was]- see? A different order. You didn’t minister in the holy place the way you ministered in the outer court. And we’ve come through that in our different realms that we’ve walked in GOD- in the church systems. We were in the outer court where everything was salvation, that’s all we knew. And that’s where that consecration we were talking about comes in. Rededication we called it. Well, in one sense, if you have to rededicate you didn’t dedicate. But on the other hand, there is a legitimate thing of oil being added, of ministration being added to keep that light burning. We did that, we have done that. But you see, when you enter the holiest of all, there’s another order. It’s not either one of those [previous] order. It’s an eternal order, it’s an order of majesty, of glory, of power, of dominion. But above everything else, it’s the order of the Word! “I will speak to you from the mercy seat between the cherubims.” “I will speak…”, [repeat] “I will speak…” I tell you today that GOD is bringing us to that place as sons of GODWhere are ministry is by the Creative Word of GOD. Not by any of the in-part ministrations, and the spirit of another day but the Spirit of this day. This day has it’s own spirit, it’s own atmosphere. I love the sound, I love the expression of this day.

Now then, notice he says [in Hebrews 10:19-], “Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest of all by the blood of Jesus. [20-] By a new and living way, which He hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, His flesh…” He went through the veil. Where did He consecrate the way for us? Through the veil. And in relation to Him, what was that veil? His flesh. I want you to listen very, very carefully. Nowhere does it say that the veil is removed. The veil was rent. Jesus did not walk into the holiest of all with no veil. He entered in through the veil, He parted where it was rent and went through the veil. We don’t understand that veil because there is more than one veil. How many know that there is veil that is spread over all nations? That’s not the veil between the holy place and the holiest of all. All nations are not, right now, entering from the holy place into the holiest of all- [it’s a] different veil. What does GOD say He was going to do with that veil over the face of all nations? I will destroy it! I’ll remove it! It will be gone [then] the Light and the Glory of GOD will shine unhindered, unobstructed upon all the nations of the earth, and we have come to that hour!

Now see, the veil was not removed. What does he mean by the phrase, “His flesh.” We’ve talked about the “old man,” we’ve talked about the flesh, we’ve talked about His flesh. We’ve talked about our bodies- our flesh. What do we mean when [he] says, “He went through the veil, that is to say His flesh.” Are we talking about the “old man“? I don’t think so- the old man is dead. Your “old man” is crucified with Him. But we all have a physical being. And in that physical being there are infirmities, there are weaknesses, and there are problems in that physical being. Jesus had a body. He had a body like yours, like mine. He drank out of a cup, grew weary and slept. He became faint, and ate. He had a body with the weaknesses of the human body, just like you and I. But did He have an “old man“? I don’t think He did. Then, when we say that He went “through the veil“, we’re not talking about the “old man.” But we have a physical being. In other words: The converging point between eternity and time, between the eternal and the temporal, between spirit and flesh. That converging point where you meet the Word, that is the point where we meet what this thing really is all about. Because we have been born-again of the incorruptible Seed of the Word of GOD. And yet everyone of us, being born of that incorruptible Seed, that lives and abides forever, have glasses on. We prayed for how many sick people? Everyone of us drove a car, got on an airplane- we didn’t go through any walls, we paid [for] a ticket! We came, we got here, and we are sitting on pews because we have flesh. That Seed has been planted in flesh. That Seed has been planted in our earth. That’s where it is. What I want you to see is this. It’s very important that we recognize that GOD did not remove the veil. I hear preachers saying, “GOD removed the veil.” No, He did not remove the veil. He rent the veil, Jesus went through the veil and that veil was His flesh. What do we mean by that? If you say he removed [the veil] you’ve got problems. I’ll tell you why. There are two sides to that veil. One side is in the holy place and the other side is in the most holy place. Same veil but two sides. When Jesus consecrated this way into the holiest of all through the veil that is His flesh, it means that He penetrated through that veil of flesh on this side and passed through to the other side. Both sides are flesh. This side is this body, that side is the body He came out of the tomb [with]. And He consecrated this way for us through that veil from the flesh of this side to the flesh of that side. And I want to tell you something, He is the Forerunner, He consecrated that through the veil, but we’ve got to go through the veil. What it means is that we can penetrate that veil right while we stand on our two feet. Because the way into the holiest of all is through the veil which is the flesh. It means to penetrate out of this realm, out of this corruptibility, out of this natural man, into the realm of spirit, into the realm of the Majesty, Glory, and incorruptibleness of GOD! Hallelujah! And we just step from one [realm] into the other [realm]. He consecrated that way, and He did it in His flesh to make the way for us [so] that we can come through in our flesh! I’m not talking about that old flesh that sins, I’m not talking about that “old man,” I’m talking about this physical realm that made us get on an airplane, or drive a car to get to Duncan, Arizona! Amen? Now then, lets go on…

He says [in Hebrews 10:21-], “And having an High Priest over the house of GOD; [22-] Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water. [23-] Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; for He is faithful that promised. [24-] And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works; [25-] Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together…” Where are we? We are seated together with Christ high above all heavens. We are seated at the Right Hand of the Majesty- we are seated in Him. In the realm of dominion, [and] authority. We have come to the Day of the Lord, and that Day is an eternal day, but it’s not eternal to us in the sense that we comprehend it because we step in to it. But the Day is always there. We got on an airplane in Europe and we flew to El Paso, we were on our way for twenty hours and the sun never set. Do you know why? Because we were moving with the sun. We were moving in that day. And if you move in that day it never ends. If you cease to move in it, it will leave you. It’s an eternal day. And you get in that day, and you move in that day, and there’s no night there. Praise GOD. We’re in that Day of the Lord, and we are seated in Him. Here [in Hebrews 10] he says that He’s consecrated the way and with boldness- with boldness, we can enter in by the blood of Jesus. With boldness we can confess where we are, who we are, and why we are who we are where we are. With boldness! Because Jesus opened up the way.

Now then, we read [in Hebrews 10] verse twenty-five, and I think many times we read it very superficially, just as the translators translated it very superficially. Listen carefully. He says, “forsake not the assembling…”, now let me preface what I’m going to say. Do I believe in the assembling of the saints? Absolutely. Do I believe in ministry, the saints coming together to worship, and to hear the Word of the Lord? Absolutely. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be in Duncan. I’d be like my son, he’s in Puerto Rico. He said, “Dad, I can’t drive- you know, thousand miles of water- and there’s just no way that we can make it to Duncan. But I’m just going to have to bite the bullet, make the sacrifice, and go to the beach.” So I presume that’s where he is today…But you see, if I didn’t believe in what we know as the assembling of the saints, I wouldn’t be here, [and] you wouldn’t be here. Yet, does that mean that’s what this [verse] is saying? Notice the word “assembling.” It comes from the Greek ‘episunagw’ [#1997 in the Strongs Concordance- jw] It’s an interesting word. [This] is the only place in the New Testament where that word is used for anything realated to assembling in the church. The words assemble, assembling [that] are all the way through the New Testament, are from different words. Nothing to do with this word, totally unrelated. But do you notice that we have the same prefix here that we had on ‘epouranios’- heaven, ‘episunagw.’ I think you’ll recognize ‘sunagw”, the last half of ‘episunagw.’ It’s the Greek word for ‘synagogue.’ We know what a synagogue was, it was an assembling place where people of Israel, in Jesus’ day, met on the Sabbath, like our church buildings. The ‘episunagw,’ but the ‘epi’ makes it super imposed, it makes it higher. So what is [the writer of Hebrews] talking about? You know, preachers say , “Forsake not the assembly.” What they mean is, “You better be on that pew every Wednesday night, every Sunday morning, every Sunday night, [and] every time these doors are open. You better be there, and if you’re not, you’re forsaking the assembly.” Brother, you can use that and train a real faithful congregation. But is getting a hundred bodies together in the same room, singing a few hymns, preaching a little bit [of the] dead letter of the Word, going through some ritual, tradition, religious exercises, [and] soulish worship- is that the kind of assembling he’s talking about? No! He’s talking about the ‘epi’- the above synagogue! That’s how it should be translated. The synagogue above! How many know that you are citizens of the Jerusalem- where? Above! Not the one in Jerusalem, in Israel. Don’t go over there, you don’t belong there. You are in that Jerusalem that is from above. We’re talking here about that synagogue that is above. We’re talking about a gathering, in a realm, in a dimension of the Spirit of GOD. In the heavenlies the same place where we’re seated. He says, “don’t forsake that.” And the word ‘forsake‘ means “to leave behind in some place; to desert.” In other words: It means to recognize that your assembling is in the higher than all assemblies, in the heavenly city, in the above synagogue, in the realm of the Spirit of Mount Zion, in the heights of Mount Zion, you’re seated there. He says keep this in mind and the context of it is, by the blood of Jesus we have access to the holiest of all! He says know that you’re in the holiest of all, know that you’re seated in the highest heavens, know that your citizenship is in the Jerusalem above, and don’t ever leave that position! Don’t ever depart from it. Don’t ever fluctuate, keep your vision pure, keep your eye single. Hallelujah. Glory to GOD…


I’ll say this, then we’ll close. If we can catch a vision of that realm where eternity and time [converge], where you meet the Word, in Whom there is Life, and Whose Life is Light, and know that everything that is going to be done, is done by that Word. The work is finished, yet there is a Creative Word, it’s that Word that Adam moved in [on] that Day of the LORD, that Word of authority, of dominion, of lordship, of majesty, of the Image of GOD, the Nature of GOD, the Mind of Christ. He moved in that realm in the Day of the LORD, out of the finished work. He moved in that realm of the Creative Word. He heard the Voice of the Lord GOD walking in that day. Do you know why Adam hid himself? Because he was out of harmony with the Spirit of that Day. He had descended into another day, to the day of the knowledge of good and evil, the day of Law where many Christians are today, fallen down into that realm, out of union in the day that he walked in therefore, when he heard the Voice of the Lord GOD walking in the Spirit of that Day, he couldn’t relate to that day. And if you hear the Living Word of GOD, you’re not going to hear it with this [physical] ear. This is not the ear that you hear the Living Word of GOD with. That’s why Jesus always said, “He that hath an ear, let him hear.” He didn’t mean there were a bunch of earless people walking around. “He that hath an ear, let him hear.” I’ll tell you why. Sound is vibration. Vibration falls upon the ear, is transmitted to the brain, and is interpreted as sound. That’s how you hear sound. And I’m sure that you’ve heard the old question, “If no man is in the forest, and tree falls, does it make a sound?” Because sound is vibration. Is it just vibration does it have to be picked up and interpreted by the brain as sound to be sound?

What I’m saying is that sound reaches the ear, and is interpreted as sound. That’s how it works. But you see, things that fall on our natural senses, upon the ear for instance, is understood by the brain, perceived by the brain. And really, that’s where it is; it’s a natural phenomenon. Now then, when we hear the Word of GOD, we don’t hear it with this ear. Because if you hear it with this ear, it will go to the brain, be interpreted by that carnal mind and will be a dead letter. So the Word of GOD is only heard by the Spirit, then the Spirit transfers it to the mind and to the body in purity. Because the Word of GOD is pure. It is incorruptible, uncorrupted, unmixed, pure, divine, [and] holy. If you’ve got a revelation in your brain, it had better come from your spirit. Because in that Word is Life! And the Life is the Light, but it must come through the Spirit, and be passed on to the brain to the body. That’s why it is so important that we hear the Word of the Lord in this day. And what day are you hearing in? Do you hear the Voice of the Lord GOD walking in this day?

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