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The Voice in The Wilderness By Bill Britton

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The Voice in The Wilderness

 By Bill Britton 

 JESUS walked one day to the River Jordan where John the Baptist was preaching. At this time Jesus was about 30 years of age. Something definite, something tremendous was about to happen in His life. The time had now come for this thing to happen. The time for it to come to pass was ordained of God. No matter how much Jesus might have wanted this event when He was 12 years of age, or 21, or 25, or even 28 . . . He had to patiently wait until the fulness of God’s time. Then Jesus came to Jordan.


In order to fully understand the message that follows, you need to study the early life of Jesus. In the first chapter we found that Jesus was given for a sign, to point toward the Body of Christ, and as a pattern for that body of believers who should press their way into the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus. In God’s sight, that body of believers through the ages, form ONE BODY, with Jesus as the Head . . the Chief Corner Stone of the Temple. That one body of saints, the Sons of God, the Anointed Ones, along with Jesus their head, become God’s “Perfect Man” in the earth, the Son made after the pattern and conformed to the image of the lovely Son of God. And God will have a man in the earth made after His own image and in His likeness as He originally purposed and He will defeat Satan’s plan that began with the corrupting of Adam in the Garden of Eden. This Man, this Son of God, this Overcomer who shall inherit all things, is a many membered Body of blood washed, Spirit filled believers . . . anointed and dedicated to do the will of God.


Many many scriptures were given in the first chapter to confirm these marvelous truths. By taking note of the life of Jesus, from conception, His virgin birth, early childhood and the silent years, we could see the progress of the Body of Christ in our day, from the coming forth of the Kingdom truth, accompanied by great signs and wonders . . the immaturity of the early years, yet protected from the systems by the Angel of the Lord, the recognition even in childhood of the calling to Sonship, and the silent, yet growing years of this wilderness journey. And now we come to His anointing at Jordan’s River.


Remembering now that everything about the Life of Jesus is a pattern for His Body, let us look at the order of events that happen when Jesus came to be baptized of John ..


  1. There had been a prophetic ministry in the land for some time now.


  1. In the fulness of time Jesus was ready and came forth to meet his destiny.


  1. Jesus, the Pattern, was recognized by the true Prophetic ministry as God’s Son.


  1. Jesus submitted Himself to God’s ministry for this hour.


  1. In a figure, He died in Jordan’s water and rose again to a new realm in God.


  1. The heavens were opened unto Him.


  1. He saw God the Holy Ghost in a bodily shape.


  1. He received an anointing of the Spirit beyond what He had previously had.


  1. He heard the voice of God announcing Him as the Son of God.


  1. He was led by the Holy Spirit into a wilderness place where He battled Satanic forces hand to hand, face to face, and defeated and overcame Satan.   
  1. He began a 3 1/2 year ministry of love, life, and poser such as the world had never seen, not even from the greatest of the prophets.

 There was much more to follow, but this will be more than we can cover in this message. Before you go any further in the message, read the scriptures covering the Jordan experience. They are found in Matthew, chapter 3; Mark, chapter 1; Luke, chapter 3; and John, chapter 1. The truths contained in this message are found in the writings of Paul and other writers of the New Testament, as well as throughout the Law and the prophets; but the pattern is found in the Life of Jesus here in the Gospels.

 Before Jesus came on the scene, John the Baptist had been filled with the Holy Ghost and had been prophesying and preaching for some time. Notice that though John was the son of a priest and could have found a career in the Old Order, yet he did his ministering outside the walls of that traditional old City; outside the system of organized religion which had taken over God’s Temple; and outside the jurisdiction and fellowship of the religious leaders of his day who ruled God’s people with an iron hand. The common people heard John gladly, but the Scribes and Pharisees came only to mock and ridicule him as a strange “so called new order” fanatic . . . and to question him. Does this pattern sound familiar? It should. This is what has been happening in our land for over 10 years. While the Son grows quietly to maturity, God has a prophetic ministry in the land crying out for the people to prepare for the Kingdom which is now at hand. The leaders of religious systems have caused many of their followers to fear God’s prophetic ministry. But many feel the anointing that is upon this “Voice in the Wilderness”, and are coming out of the harlot systems into an acceptance of the Truth, getting prepared for the coming of the Son.


Then one day, quietly, unannounced, without fanfare.. He came. Mature. Ready. And no one knew Him for who He really was. Except John. And this came to John through the Holy Ghost. John had known Him as a cousin in the flesh, but knowing Him as the Son of God had to be by the Spirit. Although John was related to the Son, he was not the Son, and never could be the Son no matter how perfect he became, or how mature. It had to be a new and different ministry, anointed and indwelt by the living God in a way John never was. The prophetic ministry as we know it today is preparing the way, ready to recognize and announce the Sonship ministry. But there must be an act of the grace of God to bring forth the New Man. There are many substitutes and counterfeits in the land today making big claims . . . but be not disturbed’ my little ones, for the real, genuine, anointed of God is coming and nothing can stop it. Oh, it will come unannounced, quietly, with no fanfare …. recognized only by the prophetic ministry, and though announced by him, only those who have ears to hear and eyes to see will understand what John is saying. Those who have left the Harlot systems of the old order and followed God’s prophetic ministry will now have the opportunity to follow the Son of God. Notice how they leave John and follow Jesus. But some do not leave John, they have heard his words, but have not understood his message. He must die and pass from the scene, but the Son must increase more and more until He is glorified and sits upon the throne. Many of the saints who have been called out of the old order of sectarian, denominational system of religion and now are following God in a wilderness path, will know the Son when He appears and will enter into a new and wondrous ministry. Many will stay with what they now have, afraid to move on, not understanding the message that they themselves are preaching. This is not my guess work, this is the word of the Lord, for it is the Pattern.


The Son will not come before his time. You cannot bring it about by your affirmation of faith. You can see by the Spirit some of the great and precious truths that shall break upon the world with His coming. But you cannot force God to move before He is read!,. No matter how much in one accord the disciples got into during the first nine days in the upper room, they could not force the Holy Ghost to fall until the proper time came, the time prophesied in the Law. And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, the Holy Ghost fell and no power on earth or in hell could stop Him from coming. No matter how much Martin Luther prayed, or how hard he preached, he could not bring about a restoration of the feast of Pentecost, only what God had brought him forth for . . the restoration of the Passover, salvation by faith. At the turn of this century the Holy Ghost fell, Pentecost was restored, and all the religious leaders in the land could not stop it from spreading across the world. But no matter how hard those first generation of Pentecostal believers tried, they could not bring about the blowing of the trumpets. God has a time for everything It is now time for the Son to appear on the scene of action. And just as Jesus came in the fullness of time to Jordan, just so shall the Overcomer, the Body of Christ come forth in due time.. and no amount of unbelief or opposition shall stop it.


Notice how Jesus submitted to the prophetic ministry of John. John’s ministry of water baptism was far inferior to that ministry which Jesus had, and John knew it, but before Jesus received His anointing of power, He submitted to John’s ministry. In another chapter on “THE KINGDOM OF GOD”, we go into detail on this question of submission. Submission is a very important thing for the Son to learn. Eph. 5:21: “Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God. ” I Peter 5:5: “Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility. ” One who is to receive such glory, such power and authority as we are destined to receive must be clothed with the very humility of Christ. This takes a submitting to one another, yes, submitting to God’s ministry for this hour. Even though it is a limited ministry which shall decrease and pass from the scene, yet we must submit to it.


Down into the waters of chilly Jordan Jesus went. He could not do this by Himself, it took placing Himself in the hands of God’s prophet, it took God’s ministry for that particular hour to put Him under. Dear ones, you have the privilege of staying within the seeming safe confines of the old order religious system if you wish. But you hear me today, and you hear me well. . that old order of Pharisaical religious leaders will never bring you to Sonship. You must come outside the gate, to Jordan’s stormy banks? submit to this strange new order which God has anointed for this hour, then and only then can you fully follow the Pattern. “Yea, my people, thus would the Lord thy God speak unto thee. . I have called unto thee, I have caused my trumpets to be sounded abroad in the land, but thou hast not heard my voice nor heeded my call, for thy mind has been filled with the thoughts of evil men. For I see thee that thou hast given thy mind to follow after the evil imaginations of ungodly men, yea, thou sit in the counsel of the ungodly. For thou hast given thy mind to follow the cunningly devised fables of those wicked men who make up the evil stories in those books and magazines that thou dost read, yea, dost thou not sit to be entertained and think upon those things created by the imaginations of sinful men who make up the programs and write the stories that thou dost watch on television? And does not thy soul tingle with excitement and move with the rhythm of the ungodly songs which thou dost hear on the radio, songs that have been born in the lustful hearts of the wicked? Yea, is it any wonder that thy mind cannot understand the mysteries of God, that thou art fearful of the Truth, and thou hast been led astray by blind leaders? For thou art the lawful prey of false prophets, the willing victim of the enemy of thy soul. Cleanse thyself, my people, come thou apart and meet with me, and I shall show thee that which I have prepared for thee. And I shall show thee the Way, and shall create thee after the image of thy God. ” Oh, glory to God! Hallelujah!


Down Jesus went into the chilly waters. In a figure, He died and rose again into a new realm in the Spirit. Not a natural literal death this time that came later, but a death to self, a complete submission to the will of God. When He came up from this complete submersion into the will of God, things began to happen And when you have followed him into a complete death to self, a burial of the old carnal nature, completely, when you have quit sitting in the counsel of the ungodly and stopped filling your mind with the thoughts of carnal men and filled your mind with the Word of God, and received the mind of Christ . . then you will arise to a new place in God, a new realm in the Spirit . . and things will begin to happen. The Gospel records all tell us that the very first thing that happened when He came up out of the water was that THE HEAVENS WERE OPENED UNTO HIM! The significance of the wonderful and tremendous thing that happened to Jesus when the Heavens were opened to Him is contained in another chapter “THE OPEN HEAVENS.” Many things happened here at the River Jordan, it was a great day in the life of Jesus, and is very significant in the growth and maturity of the Overcomer. Here Jesus saw the Holy Ghost in bodily shape, and He received an anointing which started Him out on a ministry which has never yet been duplicated. The chapter on “THE TWO WITNESSES” from the book of Revelation takes up here and shows how the Body of Christ will follow the Pattern and shake the entire world, yea, even the heavens also shall be shaken by a ministry like His.


But let us consider just now the two principal characters here at the River Jordan. First, John the Baptist .. . prophet of God: and his cousin, Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God. Here we find one man, John, introducing and preparing the way for another man, Jesus. Actually, Jesus has been around ever since John was six months old. . but He was not yet mature, not ready to be manifested. Even during the days of John’s prophetic ministry, Jesus was there, not recognized by even God’s people, but growing to maturity. Now both of these men are Patterns, or signs of that which God is doing in these last days. Just as one man, a prophet, precedes and introduces one man, the Son, just so in these tremendous days in which we live, a group of saints, a prophetic ministry, precedes and introduces the group who enter into Sonship. John the Baptist is a type of that group of saints who are sounding forth the Trumpet call to prepare the way of the Lord, to prepare your heart for Sonship. These saints are revealed in the Bible as the Elijah ministry, and as the Moses ministry or “that prophet.’ Jesus, of course, is the Pattern for the Overcomer, that group of saints who attain to the High Calling of God and come forth to destroy the works of Satan, the Kingdom which overcomes and destroys every earthly kingdom, principality and power, and puts all under the feet of the Body of Christ.


Let’s look at John, this Voice in the Wilderness, for he is so much like us today. His father was ~ priest, he was born within the Old Order of the ecclesiastical system of his day. He was once a part of that city, Jerusalem, which is, of course, a type of the Bride of Christ, the Church. But the Pharisees and Scribes and the wicked High Priests took over in Jerusalem and began to rule over God’s people in their own greedy way. They laid down laws and rules which they themselves could not keep. Spirituality almost disappeared from the City, the Church. But not quite. God had reached inside the walls of that legalistic system and laid His hand on a young man, and called him into a prophetic ministry. This prophet began to speak the Word of the Lord. He began to hear from heaven, and to see the purpose and plan of God. But he had to leave the City, get outside the jurisdiction of that wicked system and its power mad leaders.


Now friends, I realize that in John’s day there were some good priests still in Jerusalem, honest, sincere men who wanted things to get cleaned up. But they thought the best way to do this was to work with the religious leaders, stay in the system, and try to reform it. It cannot work, then or now. Today there are many good honest ministers who realize that the religious system as we known’ now is wrong and divides God’s people. But they don’t know what to do about it. John knew what to do. He got out of the City, went into the desert, got a revelation from God and began speaking the Word of the Lord to anyone who had ears to hear. Many stayed within the walls of the City and never heard John’s voice in the wilderness. Their leaders told them that he was a fanatic and that he was dangerous. Their hearts were full of fear because of what they heard about this “new move”, and they never got out to hear the message of John. But many did. They came by the hundreds to the River Jordan to hear from God through the mouth of His prophet. Some heeded the message, some did not. Some followed John in his wilderness walk and some returned to the orderly system of Jerusalem…the City of God in the hands now of a man made ecclesiastical priesthood.


Oh, my dear friends, can you not see how plainly God has made the pattern, how clearly He has painted the sign, how loudly He has sounded the trumpet call? Will you continue in the slavery of a twice dead, plucked up system of denominational bondage while God is calling for warriors to enter His glorious Army of the Overcomer? Time is so short, your opportunity is running out. . pray earnestly, fast, seek God until He touches your life with His divine anointing and calls you into this glorious Body. And then be faithful, let no temptation move you from the purpose of God in your life, to conform you to the image of His Son, Jesus. Don’t let the devil tell you it can’t be done. Let God be true and every man a liar. The fact that no man has yet reached that place of perfection in Christ does not disannul His promise and His plan. He said it, and that’s enough for me. When I look at myself, I know that it is impossible. But when I look at Him I know beyond doubt that nothing is impossible. So I just stop looking at myself, keep looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith, and know that by the grace of God I am what I am, and that He will make me what He wants me to be as I yield to Him. Glory to God!


“Yea, for the Lord would sound a warning to His people; Have I not sent forth the trumpet call into all the land, and called unto my people to come out of Babylon? But ye say, ‘Lord, this is not Babylon, this is Jerusalem, your own fair city, your beloved.’  But I say unto you that Jerusalem has become a Babylon and my true Jerusalem which is born from above has fled from behind her bloody walls. For that which is made by hands is not my City, for my City is not made by hands. But that which you see, that which you call Jerusalem, has been made by the hands of men and I will have none of it. Yet my mercy is extended unto those within her walls and my blessings are spread abroad But my warning is unto you, my people . . Come out of her before she falls, for she shall fall, and great shall be the fall of her. Does not your history tell you that I sent men to destroy Jerusalem of Old, and all that were within her were lost. But those who had fled her gates and escaped her walls were spared. I warned them by my prophets, but they would not listen, they scorned my voice and mocked my servants and they wept in the hour of their just reward. Come out from among them, my people, come into the wilderness with my servant John. Ye shall not die, for I shall feed thee there and give thee drink. Yea, for rivers of water shall flow in the desert and ye shall know that I am God, and that I am the greet Supplier. Trust not in that which ye can see, nor in that which bath been from time past, but trust in the Lord thy God which leadeth thee in a straight and a narrow path, upward and onward to everlasting victory. Thus would the Lord speak unto a people bound with fears and doubts. Cast thyself upon Him who loves thee.” Glory to God, hallelujah! People, listen to the voice of the Lord Jesus as He speaks in the deep of your heart. Study the Word of God and He will guide you into all Truth.


Thou Art My Son

 Jesus came up out of the water, dripping wet, the river water mingling with the tears that ran down His face. And how He prayed! Those pious country folk, standing on the river bank along with the well dressed religious leaders from Jerusalem could not remember when they had heard a prayer like this young man prayed as He stood there in the water with John the Baptist.

 Then a strange thing happened to Jesus. (Luke 3:21 22) As Jesus prayed, the heaven was opened, and the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, “Thou art my beloved Son in Thee I am well pleased.”

 Have you never wondered WHY the voice spoke directly to Him, informing Him of His Sonship? Did it ever occur to you that God was bringing forth a milestone in the earthly life of Jesus of Nazareth. Nothing happened by accident in the life of Jesus. Every detail was ordained before the foundation of the world. This was a momentous day in His life, and great things were happening in Heaven and earth. This was …. in fact, the great day of…



 For thirty years Jesus had been in subjection, in His immaturity. For years he had been growing, physically, mentally, and spiritually, waiting for this day of Adoption, or “placing as a full grown mature Son. ” Galatians, chapter 4, tells how that the heir, (though he is Lord of all) still has to be treated as a servant and others in the household while he is a child, in his immaturity. So it was that Jesus, in fulfilling the pattern for His Body, had to go through the same process. And it was in reality, not a hypocritical sham or token. This all actually took place, and were very real events in the life of our Lord.


A Jewish lad, the firstborn of his father, was tenderly cared for and watched over   not only by his father, but by all the servants as well. For they knew that this one would someday inherit all his father’s possessions and become their master. But in this care there was involved a discipline. The child was not given all his father’s authority, nor was he allowed to have his own way or choose his own course. He learned to do as he was told, to be obedient even to those of less stature than he was to be. CLARKE’S COMMENTARY has this to say of Gal. 1:1 …. “Though he be appointed by his father’s will, heir of all his possessions, yet till he arrive at the legal age he is master of nothing and does not differ from one of the common domestics.



 The great humility of our Lord Jesus was marked by the manger in which He laid as a babe. It was no accident. It was all part of the pattern, and was very real. He was just a tiny baby born of a simple peasant girl, amid the smells and noise of a barnfull of animals. He did not lie there in robes of diety, thinking of all the ramifications of this great Plan of the Ages that was being brought forth at this time. No, beloved, all this had been stripped before He left the portals of glory. He is now clothed in the humiliating garments of His humanity. He thinks of nothing that any other baby would not think of. He was a very real baby. He does not have the intelligence to save Himself from Herod’s fury, but is completely dependent upon God. In fact, speaking prophetically through the Psalmist in Psalms 22 of this very time, He said to the Father:


“Thou keptest me in safety when I was upon my mother’s breasts. “This takes nothing away from the glory that belongs to our Jesus. It only adds to the luster of His brightness to realize the Depths to which He went to redeem us and give us a pattern of Sonship. His humility was real and honest. His discipline was as stern and Strict as any Jewish boy. Hebrews 5:8 says “Though He were a Son,……yet learned He obedience by the things which He suffered,” or by the discipline which He endured.



 Except for the lack of sin and the Adamic nature, and except that He was born of God and was diety being manifested in human flesh, the boy Jesus was just the same as any other boy. His young mind hungered for knowledge, and He daily learned more about God’s Word and the promise of a coming deliverer, a Messiah. He was a strange one all right, to the world, for He did not have a complaining, grumbling nature, and He joyfully and obediently fulfilled His duties and tasks as instructed by those to whom He was subject. He was an example, a pattern, of what God’s intentions were for children of this human race. He was the firstborn of a new creation, a new race of people, a people free from the corrupting influences of this Adamic nature. He was the sign of our inheritance!


He did not grow with a great sensational fanfare. Movies were not made, nor was a diary kept of his every word and action as a boy. He was just a boy. In submission. Being taught, and disciplined. Can God grow ? Who can teach the Almighty ? Yet this boy grew, and has taught. In His immaturity the heir was no different than the servant, tho He be Lord of all! Born from above, seed of the Father, yet walking in humility. Not knowing fully who Hewas, but a growing consciousness that He was a child of destiny. Then the day of Adoption, in Jordan’s muddy waters, when the Father spoke to Him. “Thou art my beloved Son”. So this is why He is different. Placed as a mature Son. Ready to take His place alongside His Father in the work of redeeming mankind. Along with this voice came an appearance. He saw the Holy Ghost in a bodily shape. This was the first time He had, in His flesh, seen God. And the Spirit descended upon Him, and remained. There was an anointing that came upon Him, above and beyond anything that humans have ever experienced as yet. All this was because He was…



 I feel the tug in my heart to go to the River Jordan. It is something I cannot explain in words that make sense to the ordinary Christian. It is just that I know that God is drawing me to a place of laying down my life, my self nature. This is something that is true of all those who are called into this High Calling of God, to be conformed to the image of the Son of God. Jordan represents death, in baptism there is a burial of all that remains of the self life. In the coming up out from the water there is a resurrection into His divine life. The Word of God is clear. I know I shall see Him, and shall hear His voice declaring our Sonship. I hunger for the fulness of the inheritance, the anointing of the Spirit without measure. This, too, came at Jordan.



 At Jordan Jesus laid down His own life and gave Himself into the hands of the Father in such a way that He became a vehicle of expression for God. God may reveal His might and power in the hurricane or the lightning. He might express His creative ability in the physical universe. But only in Jesus, His Son, could He truly reveal and express His own divine nature. So the Son, as a human laid down His own rights, His own thoughts, His own will, and became a visible means of expressing that which was divine, that which was invisible. Now man can see what God is really like. He has one to truly represent Him, one to express His love and compassion and wisdom and humility, as well as His authority and dominion in heaven and earth. Here He has one like Himself, in His own Image, and He is publicly placing Him as His Son.



 The true nature of Jesus must be manifested to the world. To them He is invisible, they will not read the Bible to learn about Him. Their thoughts are continually on other things. But He seeks a Body in which He can eternally express His own Nature. They are very close to His heart. He is wooing them, drawing them, bringing them to a place of laying down their own lives and partaking of His divine nature. For you see, this Body is a corporate body, it is made up of a multitude of chosen saints. Those willing to come into His own Image. This is a difficult road. For you cannot take your old life or self into this. You must become a vehicle of expression for the living Christ. Many today are willing for God to give them power and anointing and authority so that they Night express their owls desires and ambitions. Many are willing to sacrifice greatly in order to bring their own ministries to a place of great prominence.  But this is not the case with the Body. This is a laying down of our own lives, that we might manifest the life of Jesus in this mortal flesh.



 We are now in a time of discipline, child training, Learning. Learning obedience, and humility, Growing in obscurity, not even knowing ourselves, the full extent of our growth, or how near mature. Forget those who boast of their maturity, who tell of their Manifested Sonship. They are impostors, voices of the flesh. Acts 5:37, tells us that at the very time that the Baby Jesus was lying in the manger, immature and helpless, there was another from Galilee who thought that he was the deliverer and persuaded much people to follow him. He perished, and his followers were dispersed, having missed the reality of what was hidden in the womb of that little virgin of Galilee. They had not heard the voice of the angel, as did Salary, nor were they overshadowed by the awesome presence of God. So they were deceived when one came offering sonship without the Cross. Those who are coming into true Sonship will not have to announce their arrival. The Father will speak with a voice “from the excellent glory, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased,” (II Peter 1:17). The day of Adoption is surely coming. Be patient, children, grow in God, and then let Him speak for you.



 “Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him …. ” (John 1:33) This was the word that came to John the Baptist as to how He would know the Christ when He came. The Spirit anointed and used other men. But where the Spirit came upon Jesus, it remained. Because He was the Pattern for a body that shall dwell under an anointing that abides. The anointing of the Baptism in the Holy Ghost is a glorious experience. It is the firstfruits of what comes upon the Body. But it is only the firstfruits, and God never intended for us to be satisfied with the firstfruits. Israel came to Kadesh Barnea, on the edge of Canaan. From there they sent in twelve spies to spy out the land Numbers 13:20 tells us that it was “the time of the first ripe grapes”. And they brought back a sample. It was good, yes, very delicious. But it was only a sample of the first ripe grapes, and God did not intend for them to subsist the rest of their lives on these samples of the firstfruits. They were toga in and possess the land. Make a permanent thing of these fine vineyards and harvests. God’s desire is for you to have the very best, not a sample.



 “It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments”. (Psalms 133:2). Here is a description of the anointing of the High Priest, with emphasis on the precious ointment. Notice .. . the same ointment not a different or cheaper kind, but the same ointment that came first upon the Head, ran down over the entire Body. Glory to Jesus! What a promise! Jesus, our High Priest, and Head of this priestly company, was anointed of the Spirit without measure. He had wisdom, understanding, discernment, as well as authority and dominion over the works of Satan never before experienced by mankind. He was anointed with a precious ointment. But God is not using a cheaper kind on the rest of the Body. The same divine anointing of the fulness of the Spirit that came upon Jesus shall come upon the entire Body, until every enemy shall become His footstool.


This anointing does not come upon babes in Christ, as does the Baptism in the Spirit, for the “beard” speaks of a full grown mature Son. This anointing comes at the time of the Adoption,    at our Jordan. Gifts are given to God’s children who are willing to receive …. on His terms. And God’s gifts are surely wonderful, no doubt about that. But this anointing that we are speaking of is not in the “gift” realm For gifts are in part whether they be revelation gifts such as Knowledge or speaking gifts such as Prophecy. But that which is in part shall be done away with. When? When that which is perfect is come. Not when we go to heaven, but when that which is perfect comes to us here. And come it shall! Nothing shall hinder, for it is in the eternal purposes of God. Jesus, the Pattern has established it, and He cannot fail.



 With the complete death to our own self life and our own wills at Jordan comes the Adoption and an appearance of our God. For He shall appear unto His own and confirm to their own hearts this eternal relationship unto Himself. The Amplified New Testament says in Heb. 9:28 ” Christ. . . will appear a second time, not carrying any burden of sin nor to deal with sin, but to bring to full salvation those who are eagerly, constantly, and patiently waiting for and expecting Him. ” At His appearance there shall come a FULL salvation, a complete deliverance from every earthly bondage and demon oppression.

 Some are saying that He has already appeared to them. In spirit. They have seen Him by faith. But this is not enough. Notice that Jesus saw the Holy Ghost “in a bodily shape”. He physically, literally, actually saw something. Beloved, we are dealing with realities; not fantasies. It will take reality to deliver this world from the bondage of death and corruption. And this is the task reserved for the full grown Son. The world wants, and needs, reality. Strife, hatred, war on every side. They need something that will give them peace. Something that they can see has changed your life.



 From the Adoption at Jordan, Jesus entered a ministry for three and a half years that destroyed the powers of hell, and shook this world to its very foundations. He is the Pattern. Looking unto Him, we see our course set before us. “Be of good cheer,” He said, “I have overcome the world.”


Can you feel the tug of the Spirit pulling you to Jordan? Are you willing to go beneath the chilly waters, to die to all of your own ways? Consider carefully, for there is no turning back.



 Galatians 4:4 indicates clearly that there was a time element involved in the appearing of Jesus at the River Jordan. He could not decide to go at His own whim, or when He thought He might be ready. “God sent forth His Son. . . ” This shows plainly the will of the Father in the time chosen for the Adoption. So it is today.: There are those who tell us it is unbelief to wait on God for this, that we must press our way into it by faith. And we are surely pressing toward the mark. But the fulness of God’s plan will only come in the fulness of God’s time. Be of good cheer, He is not late!



 There is a prophetic ministry, speaking at the mouth of the Lord, calling for a deep rooted repentance. This ministry is laying bare the secrets of our heart, and laying the axe at the root of the tree. As Jesus submitted Himself to John, so must we come to a place of submission in this hour, that we might taste the glorious fruits of full victory. Press in, saints of God, there is much yet ahead! We are just getting ready to come out of our immaturity. Sonship, full sonship, is God’s plan for the mighty Body of Christ. Lift up your voice and praise Him that He has counted you worthy, and expect to hear His voice saying unto YOU .. . “Thou art my beloved Son, in thee I am well pleased!


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