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Just What Do You Mean… God is Love? J Preston Eby
(J Preston Eby Writing –

Free Gospel of the Kingdom Christian Bible Studies

“Freely ye have received; freely give, MATTHEW 10:8”

I would encourage you to check out writings to other ministries that are strengthening the Body of Christ. Below are many writings for your enjoyment.  reconciliation of all mankind understanding. We believe all realms are ordained by the LORD & he use them according to his purpose of the ages. Please remember that these ministries do not agree on all points of doctrine and teaching. They are here in a spirit of unity to share what they feel the Lord is saying to them. These sites are Ministries as a service to the Body of Christ. Enjoy!! Hallelujah!

“As one kingdom brother said, R. Jackson


A collection of articles by people who are seeking the Glorious Light of Father God and want to share the spiritual truths with you. We no longer desire to be or do anything but the will of the Father. Please read the articles with an open heart and let the Spirit talk to the Seed that is inside of you and inside of all men. If you find something that you don’t agree with, go to the Father and ask him to open your eyes to the truth. It is his will to give you understanding or not to give it. God is drawing his Sons from all walks of life, Christian or not, he is drawing them from all the different congregations. It is hard for people to understand, if a glass is full to the brim, you cannot put any more in the glass, no matter how hard you try. If you are full of certain teachings you have no more room for the Father to show you new truths. Always be open and be still and listen to His voice that is inside of you. If you find that you cannot agree with these writings, then leave the site and ponder what you have read and then come back at another time. There is no one that Father God does not love, and when the time is right he will open your eyes to all things.”